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Wednesday 12th September 2023
NEWS: new venue for the Club Council meeting & AGM

Sunday 10th September 2023
Wanted: original Lucas 35D8 (41394 spec) points distributor

Thursday 7th September 2023
NEWS: looking forward to Friday at the Goodwood Revival

Tuesday 5th September 2023
V8 Spares for Sale: don't miss clearance sale of MGBGTV8 parts

Monday 4th September 2023
NEWS: MGV8-50 Anniversary photo report from Thomas Klein

Sunday 3rd September 2023
NEWS: preliminary information on V8 North Lakes Tour 2024

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Saturday 2nd September 2023
NEWS: ULEZ access for DVLA registered "Historic" cars
NEWS: drivers buying "Historic" cars to avoid ULEZ charge

Friday 1st September 2023
V8 Spares for Sale: MGBGTV8 Gearbox - SOLD
V8 Spares for Sale: MGBGTV8 air filters & claws - SOLD
NEWS: Flame Red RV8 back on the H&H listing for Duxford

Tuesday 29th August 2023
Pricewatch NEWS: RV8 in Flame Red seen for sale

Monday 28th August 2023
Memorable quotes: Paul Johnson & Donald Rumsfeld

Friday 25th August 2023
Members at MGV8 display on Abingdon Market Place
NEWS: Autobesity is a growing problem!

Thursday 24th August 2023
More MGV8-50-Anniversary photos
NEWS: AWC "MG100 Not Out" event in Abingdon
NEWS: huge price uplift of a recently auction MGBGTV8

Wednesday 23rd August 2023
MGV8-50 Anniversary at Gaydon report & presentation slides

Tuesday 22nd August 2023
NEWS: MGV8-50 Anniversary RV8 photos from Barry West
NEWS: MGV8-50 Anniversary photos from Gavin Bailey

Monday 21st August 2023
NEWS: photo reports on the MGV8-50 Anniversary events

Thursday 17th August 2023
Online bookings ended for MGV8-50 Anniversary events

Wednesday 16th August 2023
RV8 for Sale: RV8 in Nightfire Red reduced to £16,500
NEWS: John Fry recommends getting Autocar this week
RV8 for Sale: reimported low mileage RV8 in Nightfire Red
MGV8-50 events this weekend - book now

Monday 14th August 2023
NEWS: 60 new Club members with an MGV8 in 2023

Thursday 10th August 2023
MGV8s for Sale: another chomre bumper MGBGTV8 sold
MGV8s for Sale: chomre bumper MGBGTV8 sold

Wednesday 9th August 2023
NEWS: photo volunteers needed for MGV8-50 events

Monday 7th August 2023
NEWS: Napier Railton Special fired up at Brooklands

Saturday 5th August 2023
RV8s for Sale: RV8 in Woodcote Green with PAS
NEWS: timetable & programme for MGV8-50 Event at Gaydon
NEWS: informal MGV8 gathering at the Metropole Hotel

Tuesday 1st Augst 2023
RV8 for Sale: first production RV8 in Le Mans Green
MGV8 for Sale: CB MGBGTV8 in Bracken with online auction
MGV8-50 Anniversary Event at Gaydon - book now

Wednesday 26th July 2023
MGV8s for Sale: chomre bumper MGBGTV8 in Harvest Gold

Monday 24th July 2023
NEWS: chrome plating set to be banned

Sunday 23rd July 2023
Rebuilds: David Smith makes more progress with his V8

Saturday 22nd July 2023
Update on " Storm Grade" V8 Umbrellas

Wednesday 19th July 2023
RV8s for Sale: RV8 in Woodcote Green sold in 12 days

Tuesday 18th July 2023
Replacement RV8 headlamp dust/access cap

Monday 17th July 2023
NEWS: new workshop notes released
MGV8-50-event at Gaydon - now 131 bookings

Friday 14th July 2023
Post Abingdon event this weekend in Leicestershire
Pre-order a "Storm Grade" Umbrella with V8 logo now

Thursday 13th July 2023
Book now for MGV8-50 event at Gaydon on 20th August
Post Abingdon event this weekend in Leicestershire
Pre-order a "Storm Grade" Umbrella with V8 logo now
NEWS: B&G statement on a serious fire in Baldock

Wednesday 12th July 2023
Reimported RV8 in Woodcote Green reduced to £15,500

Tuesday 11th July 2023
V8 Spares for Sale: exceptional bundle of used and new V8 parts
V8 Spares for sale: Dunlop composite wheels sold
NEWS: changes to access to the V8 Bulletin Board

Monday 10th July 2023
MGV8 part wanted: MGB bonnet with bulge

Saturday 8th July 2023
V8 Spares for Sale: original MGBGTV8 gearbox now £950

Thursday 6th July 2023
RV8 for Sale: reimported RV8 in Woodcote Green

Wednesday 5th July 2023
NEWS: enthusiast trying find MGBGTV8 (PBO 409M)

Monday 3rd July 2023
Two sources of thin wall spark plug sockets in the UK

Wednesday 28th June 2023
MGV8-50 at Gaydon in August : bookings now at 112

Tuesday 27th June 2023
RV8 for Sale: reimported RV8 in Woodcote Green
NEWS: MGBGTV8 in Brooklands Green in USA

Monday 26th June 2023
RV8 in Nightfire Red sold promptly

Monday 19th June 2023
NEWS: Post Abingdon Weekender event in Leicestershire
NEWS: MGV8s at Thirlestane Castle classic car show
Parade Lap photos from John Lakey

Sunday 18th June 2023
Parade Lap photos from Martin Ashby
NEWS: 47 new Club members with an MGV8 in 2023
Restoration report: MGBGTV8 (Aconite 0870) at Thirlestane
MGV8s alongside the V8 Marquee
Parade Lap photos from David Worthington
Parade Lap videos from Mike Lane

Tuesday 13th June 2023
RV8 for Sale: reimported RV8 in Nightfire Red with EPAS

Monday 12th June 2023
Photo reports on the events in the week before MG 100
Photo reports of the V8 activities at MG-Triumph 100

Sunday 11th June 2023
MGBGTV8 in Tahiti Blue sold promptly

Sunday 4th June 2023
V8 for sale MGBGTV8 in Tahiti Blue
V8 spares for sale: set of MGBGTV8 brake discs

Thursday 1st June 2023
NEWS: few tickets available for MGBGTV8 Parade Lap

Wednesday 31st May 2023
NEWS: photo reports on MG100 event at Gaydon

Tuesday 30th May 2023
NEWS: photo report on MG100 event at Gaydon last weekend

Monday 29th May 2023
NEWS: remember special rates at Mercure Walton Hall Hotel

Saturday 27th May 2023
RV8 for sale: low mileage, UK spec car in Nightfire Red

Friday 26th May 2023
V8 AGM 2023: notice, agenda, nominations & reports
V8 Spares: for sale cast iron exhaust manifolds & shrouds
V8 Spares: for sale gearbox with OD, propshaft & cross member

Wednesday 23rd May 2023
V8 Spares: wanted Dunlop composite wheel or a set

Saturday 20th May 2023
V8AGM Sunday 11th June 2023 nominations & reports
NEWS: V8 Shop closed until 1st June 2023

V8 Webmaster is away on the hills.

Sunday 14th May 2023
Problems with memory sticks sent by airmail to Europe & Overseas

Saturday 13th May 2023
NEWS: 50V8-display at show in Austria

Wednesday 10th May 2023
NEWS: let us have your views and comments on price guide

Monday 8th May 2023
NEWS: updated MGV8 Price Guides & Market Reviews

Friday 5th April 2023
NEWS: book & buy your tickets now for the anniversary events

Tuesday 2nd May 2023
NEWS: notes on a Twister to Europe/Overseas suspended

Friday 28th April 2023
Wanted: thin wall V8 spark plug socket

Monday 24th April 2023
NEWS: V8 AGM nominations by 5th May 2023

Wednesday 19th April 2023
NEWS: all alloy look-alike V8 wheels update
NEWS: wanted - MG RV8 Windscreen Glass
NEWS: for sale - MG RV8 Air Con Evaporator Unit

Monday 17th April 2023
NEWS: 35 new Club members with an MGV8 in 2023
NEWS: shortage of Elm burr halts new gearknobs

Sunday 16th April 2023
NEWS: new smart motorways cancelled

Saturday 15th April 2023
Volunteer to support the V8 Marquee at Silverstone in June
NEWS: only 4 one hour volunteer slots to fill

Wednesday13th April 2023
V8 parts wanted: replacement V8 gearbox & spare found
NEWS: have you see an MGBGTV8 with the VRN "HFF 416"?

Tuesday 12th April 2023
NEWS: former owner is looking for an MGBGTV8
Sold: MGBGTV8 in Glacier White sold in 20 days

Monday 10th April 2023
Memories of a visit to Rousham House in 2017

Sunday 9th April 2023
Volunteer to support the V8 Marquee at Silverstone in June

Saturday 8th April 2023
NEWS: further bookings for Dog House lunch halted

Friday 7th April 2023
For Sale: Factory chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Bracken

Thursday 6th April 2023
NEWS: only 7 places remain for GP circuit Parade Lap
For sale: original Sicura MG Anniversare watch from 1975

Wednesday 5th April 2023
NEWS: 32 new Club members with an MGV8 in 2023

Sunday 2nd April 2023
NEWS: agreed value insurance policy renewals
NEWS: formal notice & agenda for the V8 AGM 2023

Friday 31st March 2023
Get an Information Sheet for your MGV8

Thursday 30th March 2023
V8 Anniversary events - guide to getting your tickets

Wednesday 29th March 2023
Volunteer to support our Club & V8 Anniversary events

Tuesday 28th March 2023
V8 Idle Moment: Quentin Letts has an eye on politicians
MG-Triumph 100 event at Silverstone - volunteers needed

Monday 27th March 2023
NEWS: watch out for potholes in your MGV8

Saturday 25th March 2023
NEWS: V8 Supper on Saturday 10th June 2023 cancelled

Thursday 23rd March 2023
Important - deadline for buying a Parade Lap ticket
V8 Spares Wanted: gearbox or key parts

Tuesday 21st March 2023
NEWS: Post Abingdon Weekender event in July

Monday 20th March 2023
Important - deadline for buying a Parade Lap ticket

Wednesday 15th March 2023
NEWS: report on the Budget Statement 2023 today

Monday 13th March 2023
Preview of the Budget Statement on Wednesday

Saturday 11th March 2023
MG-Triumph 100 event at Silverstone - volunteers needed

Friday 10th March 2023
NEWS: UK photo ID for voting from 4th May 2023
NEWS: formal notice & agenda for the V8 AGM 2023

Thursday 9th March 2023
NEWS: don't delay, buy your MGV8 Parade Lap ticket now

Tuesday 7th March 2023
NEWS: how to buy tickets for the Parade Lap at Silverstone

Monday 6th March 2023
V8 Spares Wanted: RV8 sun visors

Sunday 5th March 2023
V8 Spares for Sale: set of 4 Dunlop composites

Saturday 4th March 2023
NEWS: only one space left for MGV8 Display in Abingdon

Friday 3rd March 2023
Exceptional UK spec RV8 in Le Mans Green for sale

Thursday 2nd March 2023
"Tax disc" as reminder for VED, insurance & MOT renewals

Wednesday 1st March 2023
NEWS: new range of V8 Regalia launched

Monday 27th February 2023
NEWS: Silverstone Auctions results for four MGV8s

Friday 24th February 2023
NEWS: more views on reassessment of MOT exemption

Wednesday 22nd February 2023
NEWS: DfT reassessment of classic car MOT exemption

Monday 20th February 2023
Rebuild progress report 7 for MGBGTV8 (Aconite 0870)

Sunday 19th February 2023
Rebuild progress report 6 for MGBGTV8 (Aconite 0870)

Saturday 18th February 2023
NEWS: WW2 spy plane at Sywell Aerodrome

Friday 17th February 2023
50V8 - frank verdict of Motor Sport on their MGBGTV8 road test

Thursday 16th February 2023
50V8 - at last an MGV8 - Motor magazine review of the MGBGTV8

Wednesday 15th February 2023
50V8 - look what's gone into the MGBGT V8 - Autocar review

Sunday 12th February 2023
NEWS: two new 50V8 events in the week before MG & Triumph 100

Friday 10th February 2023
50V8 - Police Review magazine in 1973 was keen on the MGBGTV8

Thursday 9th February 2023
50V8 - video clip of a BBC report on the 1973 Motor Show
50V8 events: see update on bookings

Monday 6th February 2023
GOOD NEWS: V8 Webiste is up and running again!

Friday 3rd February 2023
50V8 - memorable MGBGTV8 launch advert
NEWS: "raffle-style"competition for classic cars

Tuesday 31st January 2023
50V8 - marketing brochures for the MGBGTV8

Monday 30th January 2023
50V8 - MGBGTV8 launch photos from BL

Saturday 28th January 2023
NEWS: don't miss booking for the V8 Curry on Sat 11th February
50V8 - press release for the MGBGTV8 launch in August 1973

Friday 27th January 2023
50V8 - Don Hayter recalls how the V8 was conceived & developed

Thursday 26th January 2023
50V8 - an Australian MGB Buick V8 Roadster in 1967

Wednesday 25th January 2023
NEWS: glass of the grape can be great for the gut!
Rebuild progress report 5 for MGBGTV8 (Aconite 0870)
NEWS: information on A46 closures near Stoneleigh

Monday 23rd January 2023
New workshop notes delivery system for overseas members

Friday 20th January 2023
Rebuild progress report 4 for MGBGTV8 (Aconite 0870)

Thursday 19th January 2023
NEWS: bookings for the MGBGTV8 Parade Lap at Silverstone
Strong bookings for MGV8-50 weekend 19th & 20th August 2023

Tuesday 17th January 2023
NEWS: thief stealing airmailed Twister sets of workshop notes
NEWS: don't miss a place on the MGV8 display in Abingdon
NEWS: don't miss lunch at the Dog House pub
NEWS: strong flow of bookings for MGV8-50 at Gaydon

Sunday 15th January 2023
Specal ticket arrangements for the MGV8-50 event at Gaydon

Saturday 14th January 2023
NEWS: visit to Rousham House on Wednesday 7th June
V8 Spares Wanted: set of original Dunlop composites

Friday 13th January 2023
NEWS: MGBGTV8 50th Anniversary parade at Silverstone
NEWS: "Live Draw" competition run for an MGBGTV8
NEWS: track day calendar for 2023 released by MGoT

Tuesday 10th January 2023
Update: Veloce 40% discount offer ends in 14th January 2023
NEWS: four MGV8s listed at Silverstone Auctons on 25th Feb
NEWS: mystery solved over restaurant in Knowle for V8 Curry 2023!
NEWS: V8 Curry arrangements made at Knowle
Visits to the BMH Body Plant at Witney

Monday 9th January 2023
NEWS: a BCV8 MGBGTV8 photo is on the MSUK yearbook

Saturday 7th January 2023
RV8 spares wanted: RV8 Heater Blower Motor

Friday 6th January 2023
NEWS: rare MGB 1 registration plate up for auction

Thursday 5th January 2023
1973 - a tough time to launch the MGBGTV8

Wednesday 4th January 2023
MGBGTV8 - the MG with effortless performance

Sunday 1st January 2023
Technical Topic: Which Oil? book for a Rover V8 engine
NEWS: MGV8s at New Years Day meeting at Brooklands

Thursday 29th December 2022
RV8 for Sale: exceptionally low mileage UK spec RV8

Wednesday 28th December 2022
NEWS: Club motorsport programme for 2023 announced

Tuesday 27th December 2022
Memorable MG Route: over the pass to Applecross

Boxing Day Monday 26th December 2022
30RV8 Anniversary: MG RV8 Road Test by Chris Goffey
30RV8 Anniversary: MG RV8- two minute review by Quentin Willson

Saturday 24th December 2022
V8 Idle Moment

Friday 23rd December 2022
NEWS: fuel prices stay high for Christmas

Thursday 22nd December 2022
RV8 for Sale: well maintained reimported RV8 with a new hood

Thursday 15th December 2022
NEWS: update on bookings for MGV8-50 Events weekend

Monday 12th December 2022
Another V8 Idle Moment: three lively Santas
V8 Idle Moment: new on-tap beer launched

Saturday 10th December 2022
RV8 temperature gauge earthing issues solved

Wednesday 7th December 2022
NEWS: Silverstone Classic gets a new name for 2023

Tuesday 6th December 2022
NEWS: MGBGTV8 at Barons auction did not sell
NEWS: pre-production development prototype MGBGTV8 for sale
NEWS: MGBGTV8 on LeJog 2022

Sunday 4th December 2022
Acccess Pass bookings for MGV8-50 display at Abingdon
Bookings for Buffet Lunch at Dog House pub
Access Pass bookings for MGV8-50 event at Gaydon