British Motor Heritage body plant at Witney

Visit to British Motor Heritage
Article in Safety Fast! in December 2022
by Colin Grant with photos by Andy Knott
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BMH Body Plant at Witney
The availability of MGB bodies from BMH was a key factor in the low cost RV8 development and production project back in the early 1990s and today it is an essential source of replacement bodyshells and other key components that help V8 enthusiasts maintain their MGBs or MGBGTV8s. Here we have a report of a visit to BMH Witney in 2003 made as part of the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the V8 Register in 1978. Report

Where has British Motor Heritage come from?
British Motor Heritage was established as a limited company in 1975 as part of the former British Leyland group to support owners of British classic cars by putting genuine components back into manufacture using original tools wherever possible. In 2001 British Motor Heritage was acquired from BMW and since that time it has been run successfully as an independent and privately owned company. See our article on how the ownership of the company had changed by 2003. More & More

Visiting the British Motor Heritage body plant at Witney
It's an experience of contrasts - the plant is on a modern industrial park on the western outskirts of the Oxfordshire town of Witney and is housed in a modern building, but once inside the production hall you face a time warp. Component parts, panels and bodyshells are assembled by an experienced workforce using assembly jigs and tooling together with traditional handcrafting skills used when the bodies were assembled back in the sixties and seventies but the plant is very much an operation producing good quality products much needed by classic car enthusiasts today. More & BMH videos

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Photos of bodyshell assembly from a visit to BMH Witney
More & More & BMH video

Illustrated note on assembling an MGB wing
Les takes a part finished wing from the stack for the next stage of the assembly of the part. He has the essential skills needed for making and finishing the complex wing units. More & BMH video