V8 AGM 2023

Any other business
Any other busineness items received from fellow V8 members for the meeting will be released below.
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V8 Secretary, Ian Quarrington. Email

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Peter Berry. More
Keith Belcher. More
John Cumming. More
Peter Ellis. More
Ralph Hardwick. More
Julian Holmes. More
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Ian Quarrington. More
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Notice of the V8 AGM 2023
The V8 AGM 2023 will be held in the V8 Marquee at the MG-Triumph 100 meeting at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday 11th June 2023 at 1.00pm. The formal notice of the V8 AGM 2023 posted on the V8 website on 7th March 2023 is below. It also appeared in the April 2023 issue of Safety Fast!.

V8 Register AGM
Date: Sunday 11th June 2023 @ 13.00
Venue: V8 Marquee, Silverstone Circuit

1. Apologies for absence
2. Approval of the V8 AGM 2022 minutes
3. Matters arising
4. Chairman's report
5. Treasurer's report
6. Secretary's report
7. Scribe's report
8. Editor of the workshop notes report
9. Events/Tours coordinator's report
10. Report on forums & website
11. Registrar's report
12. Spares representative's report
13. Election of officers & committee members
14. Any other business

Nominations for V8 Committee posts and any AOB topics to be sent to the V8 Secretary, Ian Quarrington, by 5th May 2023.

Any member who wishes to attend the V8 AGM 2023 but does not wish to pay for entry to the MG-Triumph 100 meeting at Silverstone, please contact the V8 Secretary for details of arrangements for our providing temporary access to attend the V8 AGM.
Documents available here

Set of V8 Register accounts for 2022 and V8 Treasurer's report.
Balance sheet
Profit & loss sheet
V8 Treasurer's report


V8 Chairman (Tony Smith). More

V8 Secretary (Ian Quarrington). More

MGV8-50 events (Julian Holmes/Peter Ellis/Victor Smith). More

V8 Scribe (Peter Berry). More

Workshop Notes Editor (Peter Ellis). More

V8 Events/Tours Coordinator (Ken Clayton). More

Rebuilds & Restorations (Ralph Hardwick). More

V8 Facebook Group Admin (Julian Holmes). More

V8 Registrar (Victor Smith/Dugald MacNeill). More

V8 Website/V8BB Admin (Victor Smith). More

V8 Spares/Technical (Clive Wheatley). More