V8 Bulletin Board access

This note provides information on changes made to the link to the V8BB on the homepage of the V8 Website. The change has been necessary to try and deal with a growing number of false applications for V8BB access. The illustrated note alongside describes the changes made to the link to the V8BB on the homepage.

Posted: 230711

False V8BB applications & freeloaders
About 2 in every 5 applications received use a false Club membership number - like "12345" or 100000 or even "1" (so presumably they must have known Cecil Kimber) and many use a lower case name. The application process is not automated so false or speculative applications from freeloaders are rejected.

False or speculative applications for V8BB access
They are a regular problem the V8BB Admin has to deal with. Whilst most false or speculative applications are clear to see, a few need detailed examination . It's frustrating because Access to the V8BB is clear - it is available as a membership benefit only to current members of the MG Car Club who have also registered an MG V8 with the V8 Register and have been accepted as a V8BB Registered User. Our volunteer who also has similar problems with checking applications to join the V8 Register Facebook Group.

Changes to the V8 Website link to the V8BB
What we have done this morning is make a change to the V8 Website homepage - the link to the V8BB via the grey roll-over button on the LHS of the strip of buttons across the top of the V8 Website now goes to a V8BB information webpage setting out the eligibility and application requirements so that information will be seen by anyone trying to access the V8BB via the grey roll-over button "V8 Bulletin Board".

To get to the V8BB all registered users will now need to do is click the blue V8BB logo, or the link below the logo, on the information webpage. That link goes straight to the V8BB.