V8 Umbrella for collection at Gaydon
UK buyer
"Storm Grade" Umbrella with V8 logo
For the MGBV8-50 Anniversary we are working with ACE, our specialist regalia and clothing supplier, to get a supply of a storm grade umbrellas. What we have found is the UK post and packaging cost including VAT is likely to be at least £5.99 which will take the total price of a V8 Umbrella for a UK buyer to over £40.00. An opportunity of avoiding that P&P cost will be to hand over umbrellas to members attending the MGV8-50 event at Gaydon on Sunday 20th August 2023. So to enable us to place an order with ACE for a first batch of the umbrellas for Members who want to buy one for collection at the Gaydon event, we have a pre-order system.

Pre-order your Storm Grade V8 Umbrella now
Deadline for pre-orders for this special offer is Friday 21st July 2023

Special offer - Member price
for collection of an umbrella at Gaydon on Sunday 20th August 2023 will be only £34.95 each including VAT.

Posted: 230713

As the number of pre-orders has been very low we have not been able to place an order for a batch of V8 umbrellas for the Gaydon event on Sunday 20th August 2023.

Update: 2307223

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