Shortage of Elm burr halts production of gear knobs

Posted: 230417
A supply of gearknobs in Elm burr were originally produced by an RV8 enthusiast Terry Starkey and were and continue to be very popular. In making new batches he gradually found sourcing elm burr became difficult and then sadly he passed away. Stuart Middlemiss took over making the gearknobs and on contacting him he has said "I'm afraid I had to give up the supply of the gear knobs some time ago, owing to the scarcity of burr elm of a high enough quality. Shortly after, Roger Moran managed to find a small block of elm burr and had just a few gear knobs made but then he too encountered the same problem. It's a great pity it became too difficult; the gear knobs meant a good deal to Terry Starkey and after he died, I enjoyed keeping it going for him really. The odd one occasionally comes up on ebay, where someone has sold their RV8 perhaps so posting a "wanted" advert on the V8 website might find one".

Members who would like to try and find one available for sale can post a "wanted" advert on the V8 Spares for Sale & Wanted webpage - information on posting a "wanted" advert. More

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