Registering an MGV8 with the V8 Register
Register your MGBGTV8, Costello MGV8, MGBV8 Conversion or MG RV8 with the V8 Register now using this convenient online form. The full services and support available from the V8 Register are available to MGV8 enthusiasts who are registered with the V8 Register and are current members of the MG Car Club in the UK or with a recognised branch or affilitate of the Club overseas.
Please feel able to contact the V8 Webmaster to discuss any aspects or issues related to the form or your membership of the V8 Register.
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  MGBGTV8 Costello MGV8 Conversion V8 Roadster RV8
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MGBGTV8 format: GD2D1 NNNN G


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