Thief steals Twister memory sticks sent to overseas members
Alongside is a photo of the package that reached our V8 member in Australia - you can see the empty plastic bag is still stapled to the inside back of the "greetings card" which we use to deliver the memory stick and peovide physical protection for the Twister in transit. Top right in the photo you can see the envelope opened by the recipient, but note the envelope flap was taped down firmly with several strips of tape and then two blue airmail stickers stuck on top. The odd thing is the Australian member could see no signs of entry via the flap or elsewhere on the envelope. The jagged cut along the top edge was made as our fellow member cut open the envelope hoping to find his set of V8NOTES on a Twister. Sadly it had vanished!
Posted: 171105
Three reports of stolen Twister memory sticks from airmail large letters sent to overseas members
An extraordinary development over the last four weeks has been the theft of Twister memory sticks with sets of workshop notes each sent to three overseas members. When they arrived by airmail the members in Spain, Canada and Australia found, on opening their Large Letter containing a stout "greetings card" inside which was stapled a small plastic bag containing the Twister, it had vanished! How the thief got into the Large Letter is a mystery because the envelope showed very little sign of having been opened. Clearly it was a determined thief - but why on earth would a scumbag like that want to steal a small memory stick from an airmail package?

As each airmail item was going to an overseas members located in a different country, the suspicion is the theft from each airmail item was carried out in the UK as those airmail items went through the Royal Mail postal system in the UK. Has anyone seen this type of theft before?
The V8 webmaster is now creating an online system to send the set of workshop notes as an online files download.