Tips for using the search options on the V8 Website and V8 Bulletin Board
Powerful custom search options are available on the V8 Website. When you have a query on a technical matter or are about to post a message on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking fellow members' views, it's worth using the custom search options to check out what information is already available in the workshop notes series, in articles and in news items on the V8 Website and in earlier postings on the V8 Bulletin Boards. The powerful Custom Search facilities search only the content of the V8 Website or the V8 Bulletn Board. If you have not tried using the seach option it's worth doing so - the V8 Webmaster regularly uses searches to trace material on the V8 Website!

Top tips for new MGBGTV8 and RV8 enthusiasts
We have two sets of top tips which are essential reading for new MGBGTV8 and RV8 enthusiasts.
MGBGTV8 tips

RV8 tips

New visitor to the V8 Website or V8 Bulletin Board?
There is a guide to the V8 Website which provides a useful introduction to the V8 Register's websites.
New visitor's content guide

Searching each Workshop Notes listing and index
There are two ways of tracing information in the two workshop notes series - you can review the contents listing for each series or download a copy of the detailed index to each series.

Review the contents listing
Use these links:
V8NOTES listing
RV8NOTES listing

Search the detailed index
A regularly updated detailed index is also available where you can look up topics online.
V8NOTES index
RV8NOTES index

Searcing the V8 Website content
Just click the Search V8 Website link in the top of the homepage and then type in the key words for your search in the search box.

Useful links to items available on the V8 Website usually pop up.
Searching the V8 Bulletin Board archives
You can type in the key words for your search in the search box - "Search this forum" - above the "Topics" panel with all the threads on the V8BB Messages webpage and and then all the earlier postings with that key word or words will pop up on display. The example below was searching for "overheating" to see if any earlier threads had covered difficulties with overheating.

This search option is available to visitors to the V8BB. V8BB