How did the motoring press receive the MGBGTV8 in 1973? More

MGBGTV8 at the 1973 Motor Show at Earls Court with a link to video reporting on the show. More

"Window dressing" at the Earls Court motor show. More

Costello MGBV8 articles - Ken Costello saw how the combination of a Rover V8 transplant in an MGB would transform the car. More

An early MGB V8 conversion in Australia in 1967 with a Buick V8, many years before Costello and the Factory took up the idea. More

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MGBGTV8 Official Press Release Pack 1973. The press pack contains a comprehensive 19 pages of press release documents and offical release photos marked 'Confidential, not for publication until 15th August 1973'. More & Press touch-up photo

Memorable MGB adverts in the 1970s. A collection of the adverts.
& More

Marketing brochures for the MGBGTV8. Copies of the brochures used throughout the V8 production period. More

BL the first UK motor manufacturer to produce cars fitted with bumpers made from the totally new Bayflex system. Bayer advert

MGB story recounted with many video clips from interviews and adverts. Contributions from John Thornley and Don Hayter ending with the promotional video "Reborn" for the launch of the RV8 in 1992. Almost 55 minutes. More

British Motor Heritage Body Plant at Witney has produced a fascinating short video showing how an MGB front wing is assembled. More

MGBGTV8 model profile - a concise profile of the model with a facts summary panel. More

Police spec MGBGTV8s. More

Unmarked MGBGTV8s used for speeding patrol duties - report in Motor Sport, March 1997. More

News of a Police White MGBGTV8. More

MGBGTV8 servicing data AKD8470 issue 2nd July 1974. More

Buying an MGBGTV8 - see our 6 page comprehensive review of the model, authoritative buying guide and useful information. Guide & More links

Development of the V8 at Abingdon
Don Hayter’s recollections. Talk in 2002

Recollections from Cedric Talbot of his time at the MG Plant. More
Look back over articles and other publications on Factory MGBGTV8 and MGBV8 conversions
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