Serious fire in Baldock

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Statement from Brown & Gammons MG

We are open and fully trading. Sales, Service and Parts are all operating as normal.

However we are devastated to advise that on the evening of Tuesday 11th July there was a serious fire in Baldock town industrial estate. This has affected many, many local businesses and our thoughts are with them all. As we understand it, no one has lost their life or been injured in this incident.

Brown and Gammons do have a storage warehouse at the site that has been damaged, very probably totally destroyed, but at the moment we are unable to access or assess it. We as a business are fully open; sales, service and parts sales are all operating as normal. We are lucky in that the impact to our day to day business in minimum, as the unit was used for bulk parts storage mainly.

Our gratitude goes out to all the Emergency Services that attended and continue to attend the incident. Their bravery and service is amazing, and invaluable to our community. And our thoughts go out to all the many local businesses that have been devastatingly affected by the fire.

Louise Jarvis