Engine oil choices for Rover V8 engines

Which Oil?

Choosing the right oils & greases for your vintage, antique, classic or collector car
. This book by Richard Michell gives classic and collector car owners the information necessary to make an appropriate and safe choice of lubricants from the vast and sometimes overwhelming range available today.

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See some of the key pages in the book made available on the publisher's website. Copies of those sample pages are available in our convenient document so they are easier to read.
Sample pages from Which Oil?

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What choices of engine oil are fellow V8 owners are using in their engines?
Peter Konkel (MGBGTV8 Damask Red 952) from Wisconsin USA posted a note on 19th November 2022 on the V8 Facebook Group seeking "opinions on as to what oil fellow V8 owners are using in their engines. Not necessarily the brand but viscosity and whether it has high zinc content. I currently use a 20W50 high zinc content conventional motor oil but I worry about initial engine wear at startup. To offset this I will turn the engine over until oil pressure is built up and shows on the gauge before starting the engine. My MGBGT V8 is unmodified, completely original and I live in a cold climate with the engine started infrequently during the frigid winter months. The car is not stored in a heated garage but it is very dry with no moisture worries. Any thoughts most appreciated".

You can see the responses from fellow V8 Register members on the V8 Facebook Group thread. Thread

Engine oil choices for Rover V8 engines
This is a frequent query from MGV8 enthusiasts, particularly new MGV8 enthusiasts, so what are the issues and views of fellow V8 members. There is a Technical Topics webpage on engine oil choices.
Choices & Information

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Which Oil?
Choosing the right oils & greases for your vintage, antique, classic or collector car by Richard Michell.
Book published by Veloce

If you own a classic, collector, vintage or antique car, you face the problem of choosing the appropriate modern lubricants to use for its engine, gearbox, final drive and chassis. The original owner's handbook, if you have one, is probably of limited use as the lubricants it lists are probably no longer available. Even if you have some good information, you still have problems: are modern oils suitable? If yes, which ones? Even within a single brand there may be five or six different oils sold for apparently the same purpose. If no, then why not? What characteristics are unsuitable, and where do you turn to obtain an appropriate oil?

This book gives all owners the information that will allow them to understand the lubrication needs of their cars, and to relate those needs to modern lubricants. You will be able to make correct and safe choices, or to seek out appropriate specialised lubricants if necessary, using step-by-step instructions. Answers are also given to many of the most commonly asked questions about suitable oils for classic cars.
> Deals with a problem faced by every owner of an older car.
>No comparable publication.
> Author is experienced and completely independent.
> Brings clarity to a topic where much confusion exists.
> Covers all lubrication needs, not just engines.
> Gives simple step-by-step techniques to choose correct, safe lubricants.
> Includes a necessary mix of theoretical and practical information.
> Devotes a chapter to answering the most commonly asked questions.
> Applicable to all cars of all eras.
> Will help you avoid a potentially expensive wrong lubricant choice.

Sample webpages from Which Oil? on Veloce website

Sample pages from Which Oil?