Mystery solved over the Indian restaurant in Knowle for the V8 Curry 2023!

Many members who have often joined the V8 Curry evening in February each year may have been puzzled why the information webpage went into state of suspense in December 2022 but the good news is the confusion has been cleared at last - the V8 Curry 2023 will be held at The Lloyds restaurant in Knowle. Alongside is a an extraordinary tale of what had happened.

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Posted: 220110
An extraordinary tale
Following our learning the organisers of the MG-Triumph Spares Day had announced the event would return to its usual venue at Stoneleigh Park show ground on Sunday 12th February 2023 plans were made and announced of a return to the Lloyds restaurant in Knowle for the V8 Curry 2023. For the last couple of years the organisers of the Spares Day had announced their show would be moved and held at Telford, but on two occasions it was was later cancelled.

For the V8 Curry 2023 Ian Quarrington volunteered to organise the event at The Lloyds restaurant in Knowle where many enjoyable annual V8 Curry evenings had been held before. It's a spacious restaurant in a former Lloyds Bank building (see above) and provides delicious curry dishes. But then in December we saw online that The Lloyds restaurant in Knowle was only offering takeaways. So then Ian and Paul Plummer began searching for an alternative Indian restaurant in the Solihull - Knowle - Stoneleigh area. That involved a series of visits to the area and dinners at various restaurants found in the area.

Over the recent weekend Ian and Paul visited the last of the restaurant they were checking which happened to be in Knowle and found it did not have a large dining area to take a party of V8 members, but as they came out the curryhouse they walked across to The Lloyds restaurant and low and behold it was alive with customers in the dining room! Ian says "we discovered that if you type in "Lloyds Indian Restaurant Knowle" into your computer, you will get a false advert which shows the right restaurant but the wrong phone numbers. If you call a number on that website you will get a takeaways restaurant with a similar name but on the other side of Birmingham! I believe I have found the source of the confusion which stacks up with the conversation I had with the staff at The Lloyds restaurant in Knowle yesterday evening. You can imagine the surprise Paul and I had with this discovery. Paul Plummer has kindly helped me with several visits to the area for our search for alternative venues and was sharing the curry with me yesterday evening". What this research for an alternative Indian restaurant must have done to Ian's waistline can only be imagined - well maybe not!

The good news is the planned V8 Curry 2023 is now back at The Lloyds restaurant in Knowle. If you would like to join the event then just give Ian Quarrington a call to let him know, and whether you will have any guests with you, and he will add you to the bookings list. Ian says "I have made a booking with the restaurant for between 12 and 25 people for Saturday February 11th February 2023, arriving 18:30 to eat at 18:45. I have committed to letting the restaurant know how numbers are progressing but they say they only need to know exact numbers by the Thursday 2nd February prior to the evening in case they need to order in additional supplies". Call Ian on 07769 856101 or send him an email