Autocar magazine: 50th anniversary of their testing the MGBGTV8 at its launch in 1973

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Photo credit: Autocar
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John Fry reports that the MGBGTV8 is featured on page 19 of today's issue of Autocar magazine! John says "the photo and and praise of car on it’s 50th Anniversary of being tested by the magazine in 1973".

Autocar says "our resident experts Steve Cropley and Matt Prior are getting fired up about V8 powered MGBs".

John Fry has the rare press car Green Mallard 0124 with the registration plate HOH 920L which featured in the roadtest in the August 1973 issue of Autocar magazine. Later in 2015 the car was driven by Quentin Willson for an episode of a 13 part series of one hour programmes on Channel 5. More