Do volunteer to support the V8 Marquee at MG100 in June

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June 2023

As usual the V8 Register will have a large marquee to welcome fellow MGV8 enthusiasts and friends with refreshments and plenty of tables and chairs where they can sit and chat in comfort. All MGV8 enthusiasts will be most welcome. Our refreshments are provided free to visitors to the V8 Marquee by a team of volunteers who enjoy the opportunity to support the welcome and refreshments provided for fellow members in the V8 Marquee.

Each day we will have a roster of volunteers who have offered to provide their support for a couple of hours. Your supporting the roster will be very welcome - just send in the form below with an indication of the day(s) and time(s) you feel you would like to volunteer to cover the refreshments table.
Only four slots to fill - volunteer now

You can see the roster online -
An example is alongside - it's updated frequently. Roster

How do I volunteer for a roster slot?
Volunteer using a convenient
online form.

or you can

Contact the V8 Chairman, Tony Smith,
to discuss any aspects or issues related to volunteering to support the V8 Marquee. Contacts

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Notable MGV8s on display by the V8 Marquee

Meet fellow V8 enthusiasts at the V8 Marquee

Enjoy tea, coffee & homemade cakes

Walter Kallenberg will be over from Germany
What's involved as a volunteer on the V8 Marquee roster?

Making tea and coffee using an electric hot water cylinder (urn) and offering slices of homemade cakes. Supplies of milk and sugar will be available together with cups for coffee and tea and card plates and forks for the portions of cakes from around 10am to 4pm.

If you or a partner are able to provide a cake that would also be most welcome too.

One other task will be refilling a large water carrier and bringing it back to keep supplies going for the hot water cylinder/urn. The tap is close to the V8 Marquee.

An example of the roster for volunteers supporting the refreshments in the V8 Marquee