From time to time the V8 Webmaster is sent amusing contributions from members - most often from Alan Kingwell who seems to be a magnet for such material! - so we felt other members might find some of them entertaining too. We turn away more than 60% of the material sent to the V8 Webmaster but for those with politically correct sensitivities, please return to the homepage now!

Eastleigh Airport is a pleasant spot, until .

Alan Kingwell has sent in this one - do make sure you have your volume turned well up before you click start for this interesting video clip.

Another low flying case
Kev Lillywhite sent this video clip just to prove that we can still fly lower and faster than anyone else! Turn your sound up well. (5.9.06) Harrier

Any further contributions to the series will be welcome.
Dangers on US roads
Video sent in by Roger Cooper. 200516. More

The next generaton don't forget
An amusing video clip. 200504 More

Some girls are hard to impress
An extraordinary video clip. 200405 More

Barry Cryer quote
Telling at this time. 200504 More

Remake of The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Amusing and timely. 200502 More

Exercse daily in the lock down until . . .
What a big effort this lady is making! 200428 More

Need for bog rolls in Bournemouth
Photo seen in the Sunday Times along with Newsman's cartoon. 200308 More

Has someone farted in Milton Keynes?
Someone took drastic steps to protect themselves on the platform at Milton Keynes station. It seems to be worrying a couple of people nearby! 200308 More

If Russia did Brexit

Mike Russell has sent in a video clip of a Russian standup Konstatin Kisin talking about Russian influence on Brexit at a "Comedy Unleashed" event.
200113 More

OUCH . . . that is going to leave a mark
Ron Gammons has sent in a collection of clips . . . ouch! 200113 More

Rod Liddle spots an official Christmas card

Seen in the Sunday Times today. 191222 More

"Not a V8, but a good advert!"

Richard Fairclough has sent in this item saying it's not a V8, but a good advert!
191204 More

"That says it all!"
A photo spotted by Keith Belcher. 191118 More

First luxury sedan powered entirely by batteries
Mario Kloostra has sent in this video clip. 191117

Creating a Brexit embuggerance

Quentin Letts has some insightful but humerous phrases in his regular column in the Times newspaper which capture so much of what was seen in Parliament recently. Yesterday was another amusing example. 191022

Could be the underlying attraction of MGBs?
Nic Houslip found this card and wonders if this could be the underlying attraction of MGBs? 191014 More

Mr Squeaker loses his voice - peace breaks out in the Commons
Humour can so often shine a light on life and Quentin Lett's political sketch column in the Times has had some colourful descriptions of proceedings in the House of Commons and particularly of the Speaker, John Bercow. 191007 More

What's next?
Nic Houslip has sent in an item saying "a brilliant little item from Mario Kloostra for V8 Idle Moments". 190611 More

Wine of the month
Nic Houslip has spotted an exceptional wine at his local wine merchant. 190604 More

Clocks go forward on Sunday 31st March
Nic Houslip has spotted a good reminder. 190311 More

Flight turns back - there wasn’t water for teas and coffees!

Nic Houslip has sent in this news item in the Daily Mirror!. 190215 More

An unusal vehicle in the US
Nic Houslip has sent in this video clip with the results of an unusual retirement project. 190215 More

It is not always obvious what they mean
A dashboard report seen by Chris Hunt Cooke. 190205 More

Modern technology
Nic Houslip has sent in an interesting video clip. 180726 More

Spitfire does a low pass
Spitfire passes overhead near Lee-on-Solent, possibly filming for a programme like Top Prat with a car on the track. 180722 More

New generic name for Viagra
Nic Houslip has sent it this news item. 180626 More

Lexophile competition results
Derek Lyons has sent in these results from a competition. 180306 More

Quotes to raise a smile and recall
Ian Quarrington has sent in some quotes to cheer your Monday morning. 171120 More

How do court stenographers keep a straight face?
Nic Houslip has sent in a few choice exchanges in court. These are from a book called "Disorder in the Court" and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place. 170825 More

Golfing friends meet up over the years
A telling tale. 170804 More

Speed control in Canada
An imaginative way of achieving speed control. 170708 More

What religion is your bra?
Nic Houslip came across this useful guide. 170705 More

Test your reactions
Nic Houslip has spotted a website where you can test your reaction times. 170216 More

Making the dead horse great again!
Possibly a topical contribution. 170119 More

Difficulties with software
A young woman experiencing difficulties with software on her computer submitted the tech support message below - presumably as a joke. Then she got a reply which was way too good to keep to herself. The tech support people's advice was hilarious, seemingly from a genius! 170103 More

Flat packed!
Mike Maude-Roxby has contributed this amusing video clip. It's a 5MB download. 161211 More

Bake Off
With Berry gone, Bake Off has hit soggy bottom - see the punchline from an Evening Standard article. 160923 More

Landing an Airbus A318 at London City Airport
It's still a wonder to many how a large jet airliner can land at a relatively small airport like London City in Docklands. This link has been sent in by Godfrey Dennis. 160916 More

Sky dive without a parachute
Mike Dunlop has sent in a link to a hair raisng event. 160916 More

Where did the word "Olympics" come from?
Mike Lane's research reveals how the word came about. Where does he find these tales? 160707 More

Fed up with unwanted calls?
If you receive an unwanted called offering a claims service or a prize draw there is a simple way of making sure you don't take a further call from the number. Simply go into your call log and if the number is shown (sadly not in all cases) then give the number a name like Pest 160706 where the "160706" is the date! Then the next time they call you will see Pest on the screen and have the pleasure of killing the call. You could also use the name Scumbag 160706! More

Video: On-Board for the fastest-ever recorded lap at Goodwood
During the 73rd Members’ Meeting Nick Padmore, driving a Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder set a new record lap time of 1:18.2 in the Bruce McLaren Trophy race. The subject of the lap record at Goodwood does cause confusion from time to time. It is generally considered that the lap record set before the circuit closed in 1966 is the official one, and that was set jointly by Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart in 1965 at 1:20.4. To date, any records set since the circuit’s re-opening in 1998 have been known as ‘Revival records’, although those who christened them as such clearly didn’t forsee the advent of the modern Members’ Meetings. So, what to call the ‘Revival’ record now that it’s been set at the Members’ Meeting? 160121 Video

Fed up with unwanted calls?

Alan Rennie has a method for dealing with scumbags with unwanted calls. Maybe not original but effective. 160118 More

German idea of some hot stuff in the pitlane!
An amusing clip sent in by Mario Kloostra in France. 151229 More

Reassuring quotation from John Betjeman
Seen in the tea room of a John Lewis store. 151221. More

David Plant has sent in some photos saying "Sunday night's sunset. They don't get much better". 151104 More

Blues singer Ruth Brown singing a racy tune - "If I can't sell it, I'll sit on it"!
Victor Smith says "I saw the blues singer Ruth Brown one evening at Ronnie Scott's club in the mid 1990s and she sang this song with her deep voice and wonderful rhythm. I was with an Australian colleague, Sam Farrands now in Hong Kong, and somehow he managed to get the manager to let us meet her in the dressing room. What a lady, full of charm and a deep love of jazz singing - a real natural. I have tracked down several clips of her singing this racy song which starts with her saying - I own a secondhand furniture store . . . and then the fun starts from there. There is another link to the lyrics." Sadly she died in 2006. Clip & Lyrics & Lifetale 151022

Vulcan has a nose wheel problem at Prestwick
Ian Quarrington has sent ina link to some extraordinary footage with ATCcommunications included. 151001 More

"Corvette Heaven" commercial - best advert
Mick Dunlop has spotted this advert. If you are thinking of getting an MGV8 it might help! 150318 More

An AA mechanic has been branded a 'hero' after fixing a broken down Land Rover - with a POTATO!
Barrie Jones has spotted a report in the Western Morning News of Mario Papademetriou, 59, who managed to mend the 50-year-old motor's failed ignition system by strapping a potato to the engine with cable ties and screws. 150220 More

Memorable One liners
Sent in by Peter Beadle. 150219 More

Self loading Indian style
Nic Houslip has sent in this link to a clip of how an excavator can be loaded on a truck. 150115 More

Getting a Lynx helicopter down on the deck in heavy seas
A topical clip sent in by Godfrey Barnes leaves you rocking in your chair. 150112 More

Cleaning the aircraft on display at RAF Cosford
David Heaton has sent in a link to a BBC Shropshire news item on 8th January 2015. 150110 More

Riding the Cuillin Ridge on Skye by bike!

A simply crazy thing to do but a stunning film. 150103 More

A Senior Trying To Set A Password
A member has sent in a tale of how a "senior" computer user tried to establish a passowrd with some frustration! 150102 More

Wild Ride in San Francisco
NicHouslip says "This will fast become a Bay Area favourite to watch as a 652 BHP Ford Focus races, spins and jumps through some of San Francisco's toughest streets in and out of street cars and ends up on a large barge in the Bay going under the Bridge. It's a Ford promo driven by one of the best drivers ever for this type of racing. You will NOT believe what this guy is capable of in SF. You will recognize the landmarks as he zips by, spinning circles and getting great "air" over the steep hills of the city. Just a real fun video to watch for those familiar, or not, with SF". 141217 More

Collection of idle moments
Chris Hunt Cooke has sent in 10 idle moments. 141217 More

Typhoon - a ride with the best
Nic Houslip has sent in a link to a video of some low level flying in Wales and the Lake District in a Typhoon based at Coningsbury. 141216 More

Ultimate V8 enthusiasts' drink
Malcolm Roots has seen a V8 drink. 141201 More

F1 truck driving
Chris Hunt Cooke has spotted this video clip 141127 More

One of the best dead pan acts for a while
David Stonehouse has sent in this video link. 141115 More

Speed trap scam
Roger Cooper (MGB Register) has sent in a speed trap scam he has seen saying "I love this!". But is is true? More

Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town I've ever seen
Sadly country music singer George Hamilton IV, a fixture of the Grand Ole Opry and frequent visitor to the UK, has died of a heart attack age 77. Abeline was one of his most popular numbers. Alan Rennie says "this track with the backing of a V8 burble is simply wonderful on a gentle drive home as dusk approaches". 140918 Abeline & Daily Telegraph report

Two Lancasters flying together
Roger Cooper (MGB Register) has sent a useful link to a series of video clips of these two Lancasters. It's quite a sight flying over the patchwork of fields of rural England. Just click "skip advert" and off you go. 140829 More

Road to basecamp - near madness
Mike Russell has sent in a link to a video clip of another cliff edge road. Quite why the passengers don't get out and walk I shall never know! 140828 More

A different kind of landing
Ron Gammons passes on a link to a video clip of an unusal landing. His contact says "a classic wheelbarrow landing! I’m surprised the nose gear didn’t fail. It looks like it turned out OK. Change of trousers was probably needed for all on board, especially the cockpit crew". Video We have subsequently heard from Stephen Slater of Kingpin Media that "the trees and buildings sort of give it away. Classic Microsoft Flight Sim X topography. . . ".

An alternative to a nursing home
James Loch has sent in a tale of an alternative to a nursing home as you grow older. I am not sure if they take a classic car too. We hear Mike Lane is looking into it! 140724 More

Unseen Donald Campbell speed record footage restored
Unseen family footage of Donald Campbell breaking the land and water speed records in 1964 has been restored to mark the 50th anniversaries of those records. See this BBC South Today report. 140723 More

Two Lancasters flying at airshows in 2014
Nic Houslip has spotted last two remaining Lancasters are flying with the BBMF at a series of events this year. It is probably the last time this will ever happen as the second Lancaster is based in Canada and is over here for the Summer. 140629 Display info on the BBMF website

Harrier recovers from "gear-up" emergency
Alan Kingwell provides this useful link to a video clip. 140624 More

Rules is Rules!
Malcolm Venables has spotted this item and says "I came across this the other day and thought it might be appropriate for V8 Idle Moments. Having done some consultancy work in the US I can quite believe this one!" 140522 More

F1 pit stop comparison between the 1950s and today
Mike Dunlop has spotted these clips. 140425 More

Mike Hawthorn driving a preview lap on the Le Mans track in a Jaguar in 1956!
Mike Dunlop has spotted this video where Hawthorn provides a commentary as he does a lap. The public have access to the track and cars are on the road in both directions with bicycles too. Quite hair raising but what a pleasure. 140325 More

Case for a paperless world
Mike Lane says "It has been said that paper is dead . . . it’s only 39 seconds so please watch it all. The the irony won’t be lost on you". 140325 More

New toilet door lock
Mike Lane has spotted this door lock is in high demand! 140325 More

How an Englishman brings on passion in a woman!
Mike Lane contributes this amusing item. 140314 More

Different diaries

Chris Hunt Cooke has sent in this interesting study. 140220 More

BL quality control video
David Heaton says "I came across came across this BL training video on YouTube the other day – I thought members might be interested. Its quite long but its fun to play “spot the TV actors still working”! 140219 More

Actual exchanges between pilots and control towers

Gordon Hesketh-Jones has spotted these old gems.

Easy battery test
Peter Beadle has spotted this simpe test for AA and AAA batteries. 140202 More

C-17 lands at the wrong airfield
See a clip of the large airforce aircraft landing and then how they got it out of the small airfield. 140130 More

Any excess baggage?
Contribution from Mario Kloostra in France. 131206 More

Phone call from the boss - "is everything OK at the office?"
Gordon Hesketh-Jones has spotted this one. 131027 More

Kenny Everett remembered
So typical. 131027 More

Memories of Tim Birkin
Ron Gammons has sent in this clip which catches the style and sound of the period. 131002 More

Male-Female communication conundrum
John Targett has sent in a link to a video clip which highlights the technical- emotional intelligence gap. In many ways the video hits the nail on the head! 130902 More

Incredible feat of concentration & strength
Nic Houslip has sent in a link to a video of something that takes a human to the limits of coordination, concentration and steadiness of hand and eye. 300601 More

American flying a PR Spitfire
Tracking down an American pilot who crash landed a PR Spitfire. 130531 More

Sign seen at an MG workshops
Mike Lane has sent in a photo of an amusing notice at Beech Hill Garage. 130528 More

Recognising airline staff
A contribution from John Targett in the US. 130522 More

Lost cause
Contribution from Gordon Hesketh-Jones. 130504 More

We all think of the Titanic as having been a BIG ocean liner. Well, until now. Compare the Titanic with the Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship. 130429 More

How to start an outboard motor
A short clip spotted by Nic Houslip. 130404 More

Italian auction
An extraordinary outcome. 130404 More

First class thinking
How to handle a difficult airline passenger. 130315 More

A lap of le Mans with Mike Hawthorn
Frank Morand has sent in a link to a film from 1957 with Hawthorn on a preview lap. 130313 More

Horse meat jokes
They are circulating! 130215 More

Fastest selling car accessory
Chris Hunt Cooke has spotted a useful accessory. 130208 More

Supermarket promotion on petrol & burgers
Mike Dunlop reports "a leading supermarket is now giving triple points on your Club Card for all purchases of petrol & burgers with a promotion called "Only Fuels & Horses"! 130121

Only B-29 Strato Fortress still flying
Nic Houslip has sent in a link to a video of the only flying B-29 Strato Fortress in the World. 130109 More
Helicopter landing on an offshore patrol vessel
Ian Polley has sent in a video clip a Lynx Mk.80 of the Royal Danish Navy attempting to land on the offshore patrol vessel Ejnar Mikkelson (P571) in heavy seas. 130108 More

Jubilee flypast from the cockpit
Alan Kingwell says " forwarded to my fellow military enthusiasts - the air station is RAF Valley. Be patient, the shot from the ground appears at the end." Turn the sound off - most enthusiasts would prefer cockpit sounds rather than the soundtrack distraction used here. 130107 More

Fiscal cliff explained
Derek Lyons has spotted an explaination which focuses the mind. 080113 More

Panoramic view from the Shard in London
From 310m (1,007ft) up on the new building in London called the Shard you can traverse 360 deg and see London as never before. 130104 More

Valentino Rossi pulls off a miracle
A sensational final lap - it came out of nowhere. You are witnesing a rare gem. 130102 More

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