Development of the MGBGTV8 at Abingdon - Don Hayter's recollections
For V8 enthusiasts, Don Hayter speaking on how the MGBGTV8 was conceived and developed at the Abingdon Factory in the early seventies was fascinating as it revealed how the design genius and engineering skills of a dedicated team combined to create a classic MG sportscar. The V8 was brought into production on a very modest development budget at a time when the dead hand of BL seemed determined to eliminate the initiative, flair and independence of the Abingdon design and development team and its ability to create new models of the MG marque. Well over the years since the launch of the V8 in August 1973, many V8 enthusiasts have wondered "how did they get the V8 package into production on such a tight budget and limited enthusiasm from the parent company BL? "

It is an enjoyable car and most V8 enthusiasts recall how on first driving a V8 how they found it such an extraordinary car in terms of driving pleasure and response with the smooth V8 power.

Don Hayter spoke at a meeting of V8 enthusiasts at Sandford near Abingdon in February 2002 along with Geoff Allen, his former colleague at the Factory who was in Rectifications Department for best part of 27 years. Their recollections of the development and production of the V8 are fascinating.

Well for those who could not be there, a transcript of the interesting session is available to members of the V8 Register on a Twister memory stick in PDF format. With this 23 page transcript you will be able to follow Don's recollections and the lively questions from the V8 enthusiasts present as though you had been there!

The Don Hayter Talk 2002 comes as a transcript.

See a copy of the transcript

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Don Hayter, a thoughtful engineer and engaging speaker on his recollections of a career at Abingdon. (Photo: Victor Smith)

Don Hayter at Silverstone in 2003 with his V8 Roadster Conversion, Brooklands Green 4003. (Photo: Victor Smith)
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