What's involved in a major rebuild of an MGBV8?
It's a topic which is either a pressing concern for some V8 enthusiasts where major work is needed on their car or a source of natural interest for many other members. It is not often you see an MGBGTV8 undergoing major work with parts of the bodywork revealed where rust has been at work! So here we have links to a series of major rebuild or refurbishment projects carried out by fellow members with plenty of work in progress photos that reveal what's involved. They are quite an eye-opener and very interesting!

Sadly when the MGBGTV8 model was built in the 1970s the rust protection on the bodyshell and panels was very poor, often with a simple paint spray.
Over the years many enthusiasts have tried to slow down the corrosion with regular applications of Waxoyle in the hollow sections and known rust traps, but very few cars will not require major refurbishment or restoration at some stage with replacement panels or cills.

These examples illustrate the scope of work involved. They have been followed with great interest and provide a very useful insight into the work that can be required when undertaking a rebuild or a V8 conversion.

V8 restoration references More
Close up photos of six areas of a concours MGBGTV8 More
Hi-res digital image of the MGBGTV8 engine bay from pub 2962/A More

Restoration of an MGBGTV8
Lorraine Noble-Thompson is having the MGBGTV8 she purchased in 2022 thoroughly restored with a change of body colour to Aconite, one she particularly likes and feels suits the car.

Restoration of an MGBGTV8
David Smith is making progress with his thorough restoration of his MGBGTV8. He has a V8BB thread running since March 2020 and also his own blog with illustrated updates.

News of members' restoration projects welcome
Send photos and reports. Email

Restoration of an MGBGTV8
David Smith's next project is a chrome bumper MGBGTV8 in Aconite with Autumn leaf interior with a genuine 55,000 miles. He is running a blog with photos and comments on the progress of his rebuild. Well worth visiting.
See a note at the start of the rebuild.

MGBGTV8 Conversion in progress
Chris Bound says "I am recently retired and now indulging in the hobby that I haven’t had time for until now. I have my MGBGT in one garage and my 3.9 EFi V8 in another on a test rig. I am attending to all the necessary brake and suspension upgrades". More

Restoration of an early MGBGTV8
Mike Breedon bought an early Factory MGBGTV8 (Blaze 0115) at an ACA auction at Kings Lyn. It is in a dreadful, neglected state and a major restoration is necessary. Mike has decided not to opt for a reshell but extensive work on the badly corroded shell. Auction

MGB V8 Roadster restoration
Jack Spencer is pleased to be driving his restoration which was completed earlier this year. More

Restoration of reshelled MGBGTV8
Roger Powell bought this restoration project and reports " he is "getting stuck into restarting the resto of the MGBGTV8 abandoned in the 1980s having been rebuilt into a brand new V8 shell". See his reports. More

New MGBGTV8 rebuild project
Ian Frankland has a restoration project he could work on and says "though it will be a while before I hear the V8 sound. I have some MOTs and can see it's done well over 100,000 miles". See his initial report. More

Restoration of a V8 Roadster
Ralph Hardwick is carrying out a V8 Roadster Conversion with a Heritage shell, Hoyle suspension front and rear with a 3.14 differential, an RPI built 4.0 litre V8 engine with a Vitesse gearbox and FiTech fuel injection. More

Restoration of a V8 Roadster
Peter Nixon is restoring a V8 Roadster and has got to the point where the car is one colour throughout, just the doors, boot and bonnet to do now. Two pack primed throughout, new panels, the underside stone chipped, then final paint in Pageant Blue.

Restoration of an MGBGTV8
Michael Pancheri restored his MGBGTV8 with a change of colour from Teal Blue to Neon Blue and sent in a photo report showing the progress of the work prior to the car going to the paint shop. More

MGBGTV8 has a rebuild
Peter Ellis originally purchased his MGBGTV8 in 1980 and used it as everyday transport for two years. He
sold the car in 1994 when the bodywork was starting to show signs of needing some major surgery but repurchased it in 2008 and began a major rebuild. See his brief report. More

Restoration of an MGBGTV8 in Glacier White
Paul Rutherford finally got round to restoring the chrome bumpered Factory MGBGTV8 he purchased from Barry Sidery-Smith back in May 1988. He had never driven the car on the road as the bodyshell was very badly rusted at that time. See his reports. More

Early pre-prod MGBGTV8 awaiting a restoration in Portugal
Alberto Cruz has a major restoration of an early pre-prod MGBGTV8 coming up. See a report from Victor Rodrigues. More

Major restoration of a V8 Roadster with step by step reports
Following a major restoration of an MGBGTV8 previously owned by Dugald McNeil, Mike Macartney bought another MGV8 for restoration, a V8 Roadster conversion. Mike has been sending in regular reports of the restoration - just over 150 reports. More

Regular photo reports on the restoration of Damask 0450
Barrie Jones found a V8 parked behind a garden shed in April 2008 and during his restoration sent in a series of reports of the progress as a photo record which will be of interest to many members. The series proved fascinating for many members. More

Photo report on rebuilding a Factory MGBGTV8, Bracken 1012
Bryan Ditchman's rebuild with the bodyshop Moonface in Hampshire and PJ Wood in Buckinghamshire is an interesting case study. This Factory V8 had been Bryan's everyday transport for many years and was a well maintained high mileage car averaging around 10,000 miles a year over its life. More

Refurbishing the bulkhead shelf on an early Pre-Production Development V8
Clive Wagerfield acquired a Factory Pre-Production Development V8 (Glacier White 0096) from Norman Ward in 2008 and set about refurbishing the car. Here he provides a pictorial record of his work on the bulkhead shelf in the engine bay. More See Clive's reports of MGBGTV8s at risk. More

Nut and bolt restoration of a Factory MGBGTV8
Dr Chris Ward recalls “in November 2013 I was fortunate enough to trip
over an original one owner chrome bumper V8 in Glacier White with 59,000 miles on the clock just needing some TLC but I soon decided to carry out a nut and bolt rebuild with some minor modifications." More

MGBGTV8 rebuild nearing completion
Peter Newman says the restoration is now 80% complete with just interior and bright bits to do. Not added up yet but think I have spent around £9,000.00 on parts so it's becoming an expensive rebuild! The car was used in Classic Car magazine 1998 to go up against the new MGF see photo above. Sadly I had to change the colour from Tundra green and Ochra interior as it just didn't work for me, so now it's now Damask red with standard Black interior. I am trying to complete the car by the end of May 2015 but with all restoration projects the car is fighting with me all the way with very poor quality new parts and nothing seems to go together straightaway. More

Frost Body Roller or "Spit"
Frost Auto Restoration Techniques in Rochdale in Lancashire offer a body roller which is quickly and easily fitted so the frame can be tipped over to allow you to rustproof the underside, do steel plate work, weld or repair mechanical parts such as suspension, brake pipes or exhaust systems while standing upright in comfort and safety. Work in better light - no dirt in the face or eyes while cleaning or rustproofing and no risk of welding burns. Maximum weight 2,500 kilos. Suitable for use with 4 and 5 stud wheels. Adaptors available for 3 stud and knock off wheels. Frost
Other forms of "spit" are available - the device above is used by a repair specialist in Cornwall.

V8 Roadster in Primrose
Steve Clarke says "my car comes with a good photographic build record too but nothing as complex as Mike Macartney's series of rebuild reports". See more photos of this attractive V8 Roadster conversion. More

Machine Mart folding 1 tonne engine crane is ideal for use in home workshops and garages, where space is at a premium. The four stage extending jib offers an excellent lifting range whilst long legs with heavy-duty castors and wheels ensure stability. Supplied complete with a lifting hook which can be used with a wide choice of slings (available separately) , the CFC 100 engine hoist also boasts a top quality hydraulic pump and ram assembly with convenient side access, great for helping you steady the load whilst raising/lowering. They also do a load leveller with a 500kg maximum capacity. Engine crane

Standard HAMER Lifting Platform
It's used for DIY vehicle repairs has been steadily developed and refined over the past 10 years to produce a safe, simple, efficient and reliable means by which weights of up to 2.5 tonnes (5500 lbs) can be elevated up to 1.98m (6' 6") high - for the extended height version, or up to 1.32m (4'4") for the standard version by a series of manual arm movements. There are no electrical or hydraulic components, no cables or pulleys, no running costs and an absolute minimum of maintenance. Furthermore it is free standing, easily assembled, powder coated for outdoor use / flood damage limitation and can even be dismantled and stored away neatly when not in use. Hamer car lift

Rebuild of a damaged RV8 with a replacement shell
Ben Demitriou has just sent in some photos of the finished RV8 rebuild project saying, I love it! Thanks for putting me in touch with Clive Wheatley for the possibility of a replacement shell". It's good to see an RV8 saved through a rebuild. More

Rebuild of a Factory MGBGTV8 in Teal Blue
This rebuild of MGBGTV8 Teal Blue 1002 formerly owned by Dr Jack Armstrong in West Yorkshire is being undertaken by MG enthusiast Togzie Ali in Sussex. More

MGBGTV8 "barn find" photos. More