Technical information and support
MGBGTV8 & MGBV8 ConversionsMG RV8

MGBV8 technical support and information
We have a successful series of V8 Workshop Notes available in PDF format on a memory stick with spares & service information. Other useful documents too.
V8 Workshop Notes
& Detailed index
MG RV8 technical support and information
We have a successful series of RV8 Workshop Notes available on a memory stick with spares & service information.
RV8 Workshop Notes & Detailed index
Certificate of Conformity&& Reimporting an RV8

Manuals for the MGBGTV8
An outline of the essential manuals and handbooks for the MGBGTV8 is available online.
Manuals for the MGBGTV8
Manuals for the MG RV8
Outline of the RV8 manuals and handbooks is available online together with details of where you can get a full set of manuals on an RV8 Technical Information CD.
RV8 manuals index & RV8 wiring diagrams index
V8 rebuilds
Illustrated reports of the restoration of an MGBGTV8 by Barrie Jones provide a photo record which will be of interest to many members. See the 35 fascinating reports. V8 rebuilds
See also Restoration books
MG Rover - Service Insight - MG RV8 Technical Reveal
A 22 minute video introducing owners to the RV8 model. Video
Technical tips, listing of MGV8 specialist parts & service providers and spares for sale & wanted
Technical queries and support
If you have a technical query, contact a technical member on the V8 Committee with knowledge of your model or your type of technical query. V8 Committee contacts
Technical tips
Links to many Technical Tips released on the V8 website are available on this webpage. More
See members' rating of the top V8 and RV8 modifications. More
See also Top tips for new MGBGTV8 & RV8 enthusiasts. More
V8 spares and servicing specialists
The V8LIFELINE is a listing of spares and service specialist traders based on reports from fellow V8 members of V8 specialists providing good quality maintenance and spares services for V8 enthusiasts. V8LIFELINE
V8 spares for sale
Our adverts for spares for sale and wanted are a useful way of finding spares. Occasionally a member sells off their collection of spares too. More
Information Gateways
See our Information Gateway with links to useful information on many topics raised frequently by V8 enthusiasts. More
Technical support on the V8 Bulletin Board
Post a message on the V8 Bulletin Board so fellow members can contribute their advice or suggestions on technical queries.
V8 Bulletin Board
Biofuel issues and concerns with classic MGs
Since the introduction of ethanol in motor fuels in the UK and overseas there have been concerns over the effects of biofuel on older cars, particularly classic cars.
See our biofuels information gateway
Search tips
Our tips for searching the resources of the V8 website for information on a query you have. Using a "key word or phrase" search you can track down a great deal of information. Tips
Buying an MG?
See our website with support and information in our guides and checklists. Buying and Selling an MGV8 & V8 Helpline
Specialist RV8 website
An excellent and useful website run by Jim Dolbel (Woodcote Green 1705) in Australia is well worth a visit at