V8 Website has recovered!

After the loss of the webhosting and email service for two and a half days (early Saturday 4th until 12.20pm today Monday 7th) there has been no response to three calls to the "technical support" team at the service provider. The service was still down in the early hours today (Monday 7th), but the good news is that after two and half days of no services we have found both the webhosting and email services are working again just after noon today. Sadly no contact from the service provider to follow up our report the webhosting was down or later to confirm the service had been restored.

Posted: 230106

V8 Website problem
Since Saturday many members have contacted the V8 Webmaster reporting they could not see the V8 Website on their PC or iPad. On finding the V8 Website was down early on Saturday morning the V8 Webmaster contacted Naastar (the webhost and email services provider) to report that on trying to reach the V8 Website a report bounced up saying "server not found" and also the email service had ceased too.
The first call at 6.30am on Saturday 4th to the "support team" at Naastar took a wait on the first call of 20 minutes (which was then abruptly disconnected ) followed by a second call that was answered after a wait on line of 15 minutes. The call handler simply gave the V8 Webmaster a ticket number for the problem saying "technical support" will be in touch with you.
After waiting for two and half days with no webhosting or email services or a response from "technical support", today (Monday 7th) the V8 Webmaster called at 8.10am and the call handler responded saying the issue will be followed up. With no response by 9.10am the V8 Webmaster called again and the call handler responded the "issue will be raised again". With no response from "technical support" at Naastar by 12.10pm today the V8 Webmaster called the "support team" again and the call handler suggested he could call another number to follow up the problem. On calling that alternative number the support responder had no information of any progress on restoring the webhosting service for the V8 Website or restoring the email service. But during a pause in the call, the V8 Webmaster saw on a screen both services appeared to be working again! The frustration of having the webhosting and email services down and no contact from the "technical support" team has been dreadful.
So for fellow V8 members who were baffled as to why the V8 Website was out of action for two and a half days that is what has happened. Time to discuss our webhosting needs with an alternative provider after 21 years with the present provider?