All alloy replacement wheels are in demand

All-alloy look-alike replacement wheels compared with the original Dunlop composites for the MGBGTV8. 210614 More

New all-alloy Dunlop composite look-alike replacement wheels for the MGBGTV8. 160722 More

Posted: 230419
Clive Wheatley reports the 15" all-alloy look-alike wheel he sourced many years ago as a replacement for the original 14" Dunlop composite wheel has been selling strongly recently. A new supply of 24 sets of the wheels was sold rapidly and a further supply was ordered which Clive says should be available in 7 to 8 weeks.

Replacement look-alike wheels are 15" because when Clive invested in making them the demand was from the MG conversions and upgrades market. At that time MWS, the classic car wheel restorers, were providing a restoration service for the original Dunlop composites. Later MWS ceased doing so. If you have a set of original Dunlop composites in a bad way see the options. Link