Volunteering to support the major MG-Triumph 100 event at Silverstone

Jim Andrews, a leading volunteer on the MGLive! Committee planning and managing the event, is welcoming volunteers to help with setting up the infield facilities and signage
for the Club's major annual event at the Silverstone Circuit.

You will have seen in Safety Fast! that the event will be on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2023.

Support the V8 Marquee
Do offer to take up a one or two hour slot on the volunteer roster to keep the V8 Marquee running well over the weekend. Just contact the V8 Chairman, Tony Smith, who will welcome your support. One enjoyable role is working on the refreshments stall in the welcoming V8 Marquee where we offer tea, coffee and homemade cakes for fellow V8 members and their friends. The V8 Marquee has tables and chairs to rest up and chat with fellow V8 enthusiasts.
Contact Tony Smith: email

Photo credits:
Silverstone from above: MG Car Club website
MGV8s parked: Victor Smith

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Jim Andrews is seeking volunteers
Each year an enthusiastic band of volunteers helps set up the infield at for their Club's successful major annual meeting at Silverstone. Jim will welcome any fellow Club members to support the "team of infield volunteers" who set up all temporary facilities in the centre of the Circuit.

The principal infield volunteer tasks remain unchanged covering:

Thursday 8th June - Site set up

Friday 9th June - Site set up

Saturday 10th - Traffic routing and parking

Sunday 11th - Traffic routing and parking and site clear up

The tasks involve setting up display areas with temporary fencing units, signage guiding members into the central area and to key areas like Register marquees, moving tables and chairs from delivery trailers to the various marquees for refreshments and for the Main Club & Registers' marquees. One major set up task will be the MG display areas including the MG 100 Timeline (an impressive row of MGs from the 1920s to 2023 along the Copse Runway) and more. The heavy work like erecting marquees is carried out by specialist contractors.

Benefits for volunteers
As a "thank you" for their volunteering and contributing to the preparations for the large event, volunteers will receive a free ticket for the event. The free ticket allocation for volunteers is the same as previous years:

> For a half day volunteering you will receive a day ticket for the event.

> For a day or two half days volunteering you will receive a weekend ticket.

The ticket booking arrangements for volunteers will be the same as last year. Jim Andrews will advise you of the Promo Code to use when applying for your free tickets.

Jim says "Please advise me of your availability as a volunteer and your choice of tasks you would be willing to support, plus your Club membership number to assist Club Office administration. Your volunteering will be valued a great deal as support for a true, members' motor club. I do hope you can assist us in June and help make the Club's major MG Centenary event a real success".

Jim Andrews
Contact: jimrhoda@btinternet.com