MGBGTV8 Anni Parade Lap
Few tickets are available

It's a rare opportunity to drive at a modest speed round the GP Circuit at Silverstone in a well organised group of MGV8s behind a course car, so you will see the circuit from a driver's viewpoint, including the long run down to Stowe Corner. You can have a passenger with you. The marshall driving the course car will ensure the modest speed is observed and the spacing allows you to follow the line through corners. A commentator will provide useful information on the MGV8 models and on your car during the Parade Lap.
Posted: 230601
A few tickets are available for the MGBGTV8 50th Anniversary Parade Lap at lunchtime on Saturday 10th June 2023 at Silverstone

Some last minute rearrangement of the bookings has released a few tickets for the rare opportunity to join a Parade Lap round the GP Circuit at Silverstone. If you are a current Club member with an MGBV8 or RV8 and wish to try and get a ticket for this event, contact Peter Ellis now!

The remaining tickets are available on a "first come, first buy" basis. Contact Peter Ellis to secure a ticket. Contact & Bookings