Options with corrosion on Dunlop composites
The original wheels fitted to the MGBGTV8 model were a composite wheel with an alloy centre (with ten raised trapezoidal cut outs) mated to a chromed steel rim. Over time the recess, where the inner edge of the steel rim is attached to the alloy centre, can attract rust and if it's not controlled that corrosion can develop to an extent the wheels are in a sad state and need refurbishment. So what are the options with Dunlop composites in need of refurbishment or more serious restoration? Options chart

So what options are there today for an enthusiast with Dunlop composites in need of refurbishment? Here we look at the current situation and what options are available.

See full article with information on the origins of the composite wheels fitted to the MGBGTV8. More

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What options are available if you have corrosion on Dunlop composites wheels?
Preventative measures to avoid rusting of the chromed rims
This has to be a vital first step and
aims to try and avoid, or at least minimise, corrosion of the steel rims by keeping them clean of road film, using regular but careful polishing of the chromed areas to keep any rust from forming and also by spraying the chromed areas with WD40. Water Dispersant #40 or WD40 was developed for the US space agency NASA and works because it has a greater affinity for metal than water which means it can, and does, displace any water and allows the oil in the mix to form a waterproof coating on the metal. WD-40® Multi-Use Product protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. More

Complete restoration service for V8 Dunlop composite wheels
Renowheel offer this skilled process - their restoration involves splitting the wheels and marking each one as they split them so they go back together exactly as they come apart. They usually out-source the rechroming of the steel rim to S & T Plating in Bristol where they are heavily copper coated and rechromed, normally at a cost of £250 per rim plus VAT. The typical cost of splitting a Dunlop composite wheel, removing corrosion and rechroming the steel rims, refurbishing the alloy centres and then reassembling and balancing the wheel as part of the restoration service is currently around £500 a wheel plus VAT, so £600. If the wheel has been refurbished before it will be subject to an inspection to assess if the wheel could be restored again. More
MWS - for many years a very professional and good quality refurbishment service was available from Motor Wheel Services International (MWS) near Slough. Sadly they decided they could no longer offer that service as the work had become very difficult. They had to disassemble the wheel, splitting the steel rim from the alloy centre, examine the rim to assess its condition, clean off all corrosion, rechrome the rim and then reassemble the wheel with new rivets. Balancing the reassembled wheels could take up several hours. NEWS
Refurbishment of Dunlop composite wheels by Solent Wheels
This option does not involve splitting the rim and alloy centre but grit blasting the wheel to bare metal to remove corrosion from the chromed steel rim, then repairing any kerb damage, filling any areas where corrosion has been removed and then applying the self-etching primer which is baked in a low bake oven, then the wheels are flattened down to create a smooth surface. The wheels are top coated and lacquered with a durable Polyurethane silver coloured paint and clear coat. The result is a smooth, polished finish which is durable, lasting for many years. These refurbished wheels can only be distinguished from the original chromed rims from a close inspection.
It's not an original chrome finish but it looks very good and at around £65 to £75 a wheel is very good value for money. See our illustrated report with a link to the Solent Wheels website. More
Buy a set of new all-alloy Dunlop composite look-alike wheels
This is increasingly seen as a practical and affordable option. In mid-2014 the leading MGV8 parts and service provider, Clive Wheatley, sourced a supply of new all-alloy wheels that look very close to the original steel and alloy composite wheel. At the time Clive was working with a specialist wheel manufacturer in the West Midlands to produce a good quality lookalike wheel, the specialist refurbishers were still offering a service for original 14” Dunlop composites. So Clive Wheatley’s new supply of all-alloy wheels were made in a 15” size and aimed principally at the MGV8 Conversions market because the 15” size was attractive as they enabled a larger front brake calliper to be fitted and the Hoyle front and rear suspension upgrades too. More
Advertising for a set of used Dunlop composite wheels in good condition
Adverts on the “Spares Wanted” webpage on the V8 Website have produced results in the past as a number of current and former V8 owners have had a set or individual Dunlop composite wheels for sale. Spares for Sale or Wanted adverts
Replacement Minilite wheels
The original Minilite wheel, made in magnesium, was probably the most successful competition wheel in the 1960s and 70s, winning races and rallies on a variety of different cars. Now the same wheel is being produced in an affordable aluminium alloy to that original design. Manufactured in the UK, Tech Del Minilite wheels are low pressure die cast, pressure tested, batch x-rayed and machined using the latest computer controlled equipment.

Although Minilite wheels were originally designed for racing and rallying, their good looks ensured that they were soon seen on road cars as well. They are available today for a wide range of historic and classic cars - style is never out of fashion.
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