BBC weather forecasts for the UK online cover the next 24 hours, the next 4 days and a video of their latest TV weather presentation on screen. You can select a local area (your home area or a place you plan to visit) for the forecasts and then you also get a scrolling local weather headline too. Forecasts
V8 rating = 8/10
metcheck forecasts online provides 7 day weather forecasts for the UK with an informative display for each day with 3 hour intervals showing temperature, UV, rain amounts, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, speed of gusts and a pictorial display showing cloud, rain and sunshine. Forecasts
V8 rating = 8/10 forecasts online provides a 7 day weather forecast for the UK with informative daily displays with 3 hour intervals showing average temperature, wind speed and direction, air pressure, rainfall, cloud cover, snow forecast, storm chance and a pictorial forecast showing cloud, rain or sunshine. Forecasts
V8 rating = 7/10
Met Office forecasts online provides a 5-day forecast with a UK weather map alongside with four display options - weather, wind, temperature and UV - plus a weather warnings map. You can select a local area (your home area or a place you plan to visit) for the forecasts. Forecasts
V8 rating = 6/10
Mountain Weather Information Service provides detailed online weather forecasts for mountain walkers in the Scottish Highlands, Lake District and Snowdonia showing a proper weather map with wind, rain, cloud, sunshine and visibility information and temperatures, including the freezing level. The forecast also provides similar information for the next two days and an outlook. Forecasts
V8 rating = 10/10
Two websites for weather forecasts when travelling outside the UK. More
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