Low mileage RV8 seen for sale with a body colour change

The listing of this RV8 has been put back on the catalogue for the H&H auction at Duxford on on Wednesday 20th September 2023.

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Posted: 230829

This exceptional RV8 in Flame Red was owned by a longstanding V8 Register and Club member who sadly passed away last year. Following his death the car went to a new owner and it was recently seen listed for the H&H auction at Duxford on Wednesday 20th September 2023. Following a critical online post concerning the original colour of the car it no longer appears in the current auction listing on the H&H website. See update alongside

Bodywork colour of this RV8
Our RV8 records show the car was produced late in the production run as Woodcote Green 2022 and exported by the Factory as a Japan spec car and then later reimported to the UK. You can see from the VIN plate above that the colour code for the bodywork paint is "HPE" which is the code for Woodcote Green and not Flame Red. We understand that before our fellow V8 member owned the car a former owner had some minor work carried out to repair a bump on one of the wings and at that time he had the body paint colour changed to Flame Red. See our information webpage on RV8 colour codes.

Condition of the car
This RV8 was very carefully maintained by our former V8 member and it was retrofitted with an EZ EPAS system and Spax shock absorbers from Clive Wheatley together with a rechipping. It has a valuable personal number plate. We understand the mileage following reimportation is given as 13,200 miles but we have seen no information on the "mileage" covered in Japan before the car was reimported that would give an indication of the aggregate total mileage. The 33 MGX registration plate was a personal number our former V8 member had on the car. From the online adverts and auction listing we have seen it still appears to be on the car being offered for sale by a new owner.

Value of the car
As far as the value of the car is concerned, the value of an RV8 in an exceptional condition but with a body colour change from Woodcote Green to Flame Red is an interesting question. Our regularly updated 6 monthly RV8 Price Guide and Market Review, based on a careful analysis of "spots" of cars seen offered for sale by our Pricewatch team, has shown that the:
> Premium previously seen for the rarer "Other Colours" over the more numerous RV8s in Woodcote Green has been reducing over recent years and is now often minimal. The condition of the car, rather than the earlier preference for "Other Colours", appears to have become more important for buyers.
> Low mileages still seem to be an expectation in the market mainly because RV8s when reimported from Japan have often been seen with around 20,000 to 25,000 miles from use in Japan and then often modest use in the UK. This has tended to encourage the market to expect low total mileages on RV8s offered for sale in the UK, so much so RV8s with mileages over 40,000 or 50,000 were seen as "high mileage RV8s" and less attractive as a purchase. For a model close to 30 years old even modest annual classic car use of 1,500 to 2,000 miles would see a total today of 45,000 to 60,000 miles.
See our RV8 price guide.

Looking at this RV8

Whilst this car has had a bodywork colour change, reported to be a good quality respray, it has also been well maintained and has had several popular upgrades - an EZ EPAS retrofit, replacement Spax shock absorbers supplied by Clive Wheatley and it has been re-chipped - plus it has had a low mileage in the UK. Whilst we are not aware of the "mileage" whilst in Japan, in all likelihood that was low too. The price estimate range £20,000 to £25,000 seen on the H&H auction listing seems reasonable (subject to a physical inspection of the car of course). Our most recent updated guide for a Condition 1 RV8 is around £21,000 and if this car were to be seen as Condition 1 Plus then possibly up to £25,000. The question is what discount, if any, might a buyer feel is necessary with an RV8 with a body colour change, particularly a change to Flame Red, a rare "Other Colour" in terms of the small number produced in that colour by the Factory. Only a buyer active in the market will reveal that.

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