MGV8-50 Event at Gaydon
Sunday 20th August 2023

Download and print off a copy of the detailed 3 page timetable & programme with a site map to guide you to the layout of the Gaydon site and Museum building.

Access Pass - do print off a copy of your Access Pass and one for your guest(s) and bring it/them with you for access to the two Meeting Rooms and refreshments on arrival.

Bookings list for the Gaydon Event

Information on the Gaydon Event and a booking form

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Timetable for the Event at Gaydon
Outline of the timetable below - see full timetable

10.00 -
Entrance to Gaydon site opens so V8 members can enter and park up.

10.00 -
Main entrance to the Museum opens where you can by a ticket to enter the Museum and visit the display & cafe.

11.00 -
Meeting Room 1 opens to members and their guests with an Access Pass with refreshments on arrival, with an opportunity to meet fellow V8 members and visit traders' and Club Office stands.

11.30 -
Presentations in the adjoining Meeting Room 2 begin with a range of technical and MGV8 anniversary topics.

- Closing comments from the V8 Chairman Tony Smith

15.45 -
members leave both meeting rooms so they can return to their parked MGV8s and leave for home.

16.00 -
Gaydon site closes
Programme of presentations
Outline of the programme below - see full programme

Don Hayter's talk in 2002 on the concept and development of the MGBGTV8
Victor Smith & David Knowles

1973 Motor Show MGBGTV8s

John Davies

MGBGTV8 & RV8 modifications & upgrades
Julian Holmes

Current restoration of a rubber bumper MGBGTV8
Roger Powell

Review of a notable car - an MGRV8GT
Peter Kuruber

Recent restoration of a chrome bumper MGBGTV8
Lorraine Noble-Thompson

Looking back at the V8 with the test PAS system
Tony Smith

Interim update on the MGV8 price guide & market review

Victor Smith & Keith Belcher