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MGBGTV8 prices
Condition, particularly bodywork, is the major factor determining prices. There is still a premium for chrome over rubber bumper which has been seen for many years but condition is seen as more important these days. Prices range from £6,320 for a Condition 3 to £22,600 for a Condition 1 with more for an Exceptional or Concours example.
Market and price review
MG RV8 prices
Prices depend very much on condition, body colour and specification. Prices range from £14,700 to £20,515 with more for an Exceptional or Concours example.
Market and price review

Because of the Covid disruption to the market, the review and price guide are at best an indication rather than a guide.

These are indicative prices for the six months to May 2021 based on an analysis of our Pricewatch volunteers' reports of MGV8s seen for sale in adverts in various publications, through online sites and listed for auction. Traders' prices are usually slightly higher than private sale pricing from their professional preparation, aftersales service and any warranties traders provide. See our note on the limitations of our data collection and analysis used to produce these market reviews and price guides. Caveat
MGV8 market and price review
See our market review and price review and our updated price guides above.

How many cars were produced in each colour?
See our analyses for the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 colours.
What are the condition categories?
Condition 1 is generally excellent, Condition 2 is sound but needs cosmetic attention and Condition 3 is running but in need of restoration. We also monitor "Exceptional" cars too. See our explanation of the condition categories. More
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