Parade Lap for the MGBGTV8 50th Anniversary

The Parade Laps behind two Course Cars were an opportunity to see the Grand Prix circuit from the driver's viewpoint and at a modest speed. It was enjoyable aiming for the lines through each corner and touching an apex on Woodcote and Stowe corner. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the experience, particularly as there were two laps!

Martin Ashby has sent a couple of photos - one looking behind from his MGBGTV8 and the other looking ahead with David Worthington's MGBGTV8 in full view at Copse Corner. Photos

John Lakey, passenger with Tony Smith, has sent in photos on the Parade Lap. Photos

More photos welcome - if as a spectator or participant in the Parade Lap you have some photos, do send them to the V8 Webmaster. More

Updated: 230618
Posted: 230610

Parade Lap from David Worthington's MGBGTV8. More

Mike Lane's video clips: Clip 1 & Clip 2

MGBGTV8 (Harvest Gold 1089) coming out of the long complex of corners - Luffield and Woodcote - and then onto the old Pit Straight with the start and finish line for the Club's race meeting over the MG-Triumph 100 weekend.

Grand Prix Circuit (3.66 miles) with the old Pit Straight above, Copse Corner on the left and Woodcote Corner on the right. At the top of the diagram is Stowe Corner at the end of the long downhill Hanger Straight.

Assembly area for the Parade Lap in the BRDC car park

Rear view with Julian Holmes' reflection alongside

Luffield Corner - touching the apex before Woodcote Corner

Woodcote Corner - heading towards the old Pit Straight