Watch the roads for potholes when driving a classic car

Many classic car enthusiasts will be longing to get their car out from a Winter layup and enjoy driving it again. But this year so many roads are in a poor condition with some really ugly potholes that could damage suspension components. So watching the road carefully so you can avoid them, particularly when travelling at speed, even modest speeds, will be essential.

See some pothole photos

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Photos; Victor Smith
Pot hole fund increased
In the Spring Budget on 15th March 2023, the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the previous £500m pothole fund will be increased by £200m (+40%) to help local authorities cope with a serious problem for road users. All drivers are aware of how the problem with potholes has increased in recent years so this boost to the pothole fund will be very welcome and particularly by classic car drivers. See our prompt report on the Spring Budget Statement 2023. More