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Volume 1

Part of this note concerning the RV8 alarm transmitter has an important warning about ensuring the batteries in the transmitter are renewed regularly. You can view this note on this website as RV8 alarm transmitter.

1. Headlight units

Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) provides a workshop note which highlights you can get headlamp glasses rather than the entire headlamp unit. This note has a tip which will save you money when replacing a cracked headlamp glass. (Sep 99)

2. Door mirrors
Bryan Ditchman
A cautionary note on removing and replacing the RV8 door mirrors.

3. Water pump
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman's (Caribbean Blue 0265) researches have identified a supplier who will service water pumps avoiding the cost of a new unit. A useful tip on where you can get a water pump overhauled to avoid the cost of a new one. (Sep 99)

4. Hose and pipe clips
Bryan Ditchman
In this workshop note, Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) sets out the fruits of his research into the clamps and clips used on the MG RV8. It is a comprehensive checklist of the various hose clips on an RV8. (Sep 99)

5. Water hoses and breather pipes
Bryan Ditchman
Another checklist, this time of the various RV8 hoses and pipes.

6. Hydraulic hoses, cylinders and repair kits
Bryan Ditchman
Another checklist of hydraulic hoses, cylinders and repair kits with the Rover part number cross referenced to the Lockheed part.

7. Petrol tank, fittings and hoses
Bryan Ditchman
A useful workshop note from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) which highlights the need for ensuring your RV8 fuel tank is protected from rust. (Sep 99)

8. Windscreen washer jets
Bryan Ditchman
With replacement washer jets NLA, this useful note suggests a substitute part and how to get at it for replacement.

9. MG RV8 toolkit
Bryan Ditchman
A checklist of the contents of the toolkit with their Britool codes, is set out below. Replacement tool rolls are available, see also Notes 63, 72, 73 & 78. (Sep 99). To view this note, RV8NOTE9.

10. MG RV8 road wheels
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) provides this note highlighting important differences between the road wheels and centres of early and later cars. (Sep 99)

11. Aerial replacement
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) has lost two aerials, broken off by overhanging twigs from overgrown hedges in the narrow lanes he uses in Hampshire. He feels the aerial would be better placed on the offside wing but prepared this workshop note for normal replacement. (Sep 99)

12. Dashboard fascia removal
Bryan Ditchman
This useful note is based on Bryan Ditchman's (Caribbean Blue 0265) experiences with getting behind the dashboard and sets out the stage by stage procedure, with some cautions for the unwary. (Sep 99)

13. Wiper blade adjustment
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note on a check all RV8s enthusiasts should make.

14. Clutch master cylinder cap
Bryan Ditchman
A suggestion for an essential addition to the RV8 toolkit - a Zyliss Strongboy jar and bottle opener.

15. MG RV8 wheel corrosion
Bryan Ditchman
Another useful tip from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) which will help MG RV8 enthusiasts keep their wheels in good shape. (Sep 99)

16. MG RV8 exhaust system
Bryan Ditchman
A short tip from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) on the importance of keeping a drain hole in the exhaust system clear. (Sep 99)

17. Leathercare for the MG RV8
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note with tips on leather care treatments.

18. Dirty gearknob
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note with a tip on cleaning up a grubby gear knob.

19. Throttle pedal resistance
Bryan Ditchman
With the smooth power available from the RV8 engine, it can be irritating to have a lethargic pickup response from low speeds. This note from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) explains how to check and cure that situation. (Sep 99)

20. Hood rattle
Bryan Ditchman
A short note with a tip to remove an irritating rattle.

21. MG RV8 performance upgrade
Bryan Ditchman
For those RV8 enthusiasts who wish for a smoother response, improved torque and economy, Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) suggests you contact RPI International Limited in Norwich. Their kit is available without the need for a single spanner inside the engine compartment. (Oct 99). See RV8NOTE21.

22. Windscreen
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) had to remove his windscreen to cure water leaks and has produced a comprehensive note on the exercise which will be of interest to MG RV8 enthusiasts. (Oct 99) RV8NOTE22

23. The boot
Bryan Ditchman
For the enthusiast, Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) suggests removing the spare wheel, carpets and back board just to find out what is under and behind. (Oct 99)

24. Change points in the design and technical specification
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) has produced a detailed table of key production change points for the MG RV8 which will be an invaluable reference for all RV8 enthusiasts. (Oct 99)

25. Areas of rust and corrosion
Bryan Ditchman
Rust and corrosion are concerns for any classic car enthusiast. Here Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) sets out a checklist of RV8 parts which he finds rust easily. (Oct 99)

26. Inlet manifold gasket
Bryan Ditchman
A short note with a tip on sourcing parts.

27. Sill tread plates
Bryan Ditchman
A cautionary note on sill tread plate removal and a tip.

28. Starter motor
Bryan Ditchman
This note from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) resulted from a repair to his starter motor. With about every fifth start there was no cranking, so under the car he went to investigate! Bryan provides a tip on where to get a starter motor serviced. (Nov 99)

29. Fuel pump, filters and fittings
Bryan Ditchman
This short note from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue) highlights the need for care when removing the fuel pump as the mounting unit is no longer available. (Nov 99)

30. Seats and trim panel removal
Bryan Ditchman
A note which suggests you do your homework before working on the RV8 seats and trim panels, as some items are awkward and the fixings very tight.

31. Brakes
Bryan Ditchman & Roger Parker
A useful note on the front and rear brakes on an RV8. You can view this note as RV8NOTE31.

32. Shock absorbers
Bryan Ditchman
A note with a tip on how to get your shock absorbers serviced for 25% of the cost of a new set.

33. Hang on to your old parts!
Bryan Ditchman
A note with a plea to hang on to all old parts which have been replaced through maintenance or following failure.

34. Air intake mesh
Bryan Ditchman
A note with a tip which will be of interest to MGBV8 enthusiasts too.

35. Headroom
Bryan Ditchman
A note with a tip of interest to six foot enthusiasts!

36. Exhaust rattle
Bryan Ditchman & Roger Parker
A note on a possible remedy for fixing loose heat shields.

37. Filler plug spanner
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note with a suggestion for an additional spanner for the RV8 toolkit.

38. Front wheel bearings
Bryan Ditchman
A note highlighting the two front hub bearing assemblies used on the RV8 production.

39. Reimporting an MG RV8 from Japan
Ron Armstrong
A note on what needs to be checked and changed.

40. Rear wheel bearings
Bryan Ditchman
A note on rear wheel bearing replacement.

41. K&N filter maintenance
John Barnes
A note reminding RV8 enthusiasts this filter can be serviced and should not be replaced during routine services - this could save you a tidy sum!

42. General corrosion related issues
Roger Parker
A further note on some areas to watch for rust problems.

43. Noisy fuel pump
Roger Parker
A note on possible causes for fuel pump noise and how to cure them. RV8NOTE43

44. Air conditioning
Roger Parker
A brief note for members with Japan spec RV8s who are thinking of retaining the AC systems.

45. Electronic fuel injection systems
Roger Parker
This note sets out some useful information on the RV8 fuel injection system.

46. Stiff hood operation
Roger Parker
A brief note on the need for lubrication of the 32 joints on the RV8 hood.

47. Sheared hood pivot repair
Roger Parker
A note on dealing with a seized hood frame pivot point.

48. Alternator replacement
Roger Parker
A note describing a fault experienced with an RV8 which was traced to the alternator and how it was diagnosed and solved.

49. Tips for attending the annual 24 heures du Mans event
Victor Smith
A note providing tips for planning your visit to this annual endurance motor race together with some map extracts. You can view this note, which is also V8 Workshop Note 214, as RV8NOTE49.

50. Clutch slave cylinder
Ian Lloyd
Following a clutch slave cylinder failure, Ian was duly informed by his local Rover garage that the part was NLA! This note is probably one of the most useful - the part is still available but under another part number which you will need to quote as the RV8 parts list may show it as NLA.

Volume 2

51. Torque settings
Bryan Ditchman
A note listing the torque wrench settings for the RV8.

52. Gearbox mountings and cross member
Bryan Ditchman
A useful note which highlights the differences between the LT77 gearbox on the early cars and the R380 fitted from VIN0644.

53. Hood backlight replacement
Bryan Ditchman
A step by step guide to replacing the backlight.

54. Steering rack removal and maintenance
Bryan Ditchman
A note relating an investigation of play in the steering and how it was cured.

55. Tonneau covers
Bryan Ditchman
A note with useful tips on using the full tonneau.

56. Battery management
Bryan Ditchman
This note is essential for enthusiasts who leave their RV8 garaged for periods. Fitting an automatic battery management conditioner ensures your battery is kept topped up. You can see this note on this website as RV8NOTE56.

57. Fascia instruments
Bryan Ditchman
A note with several tips on RV8 door cappings and instruments. RV8NOTE57

58. MG Car Club badge mounting
Bryan Ditchman
A note explaining how to fit an MG Car Club badge to an RV8.

59. MG RV8 front coil springs
Bryan Ditchman
A note comparing the RV8 and MGBGTV8 front coil springs.

60. Advance and retard pipe
Bryan Ditchman & Roger Parker
A note which has proved to be very useful for members with Japan spec cars. See also RV8NOTE258.

61. Insurance for classic MGs
Victor Smith
Insurance is an important consideration for the V8 enthusiast and it is vital to ensure the policy provides sufficient cover in the event of a claim. (Apr 96) RV8NOTE61

62. Water leaks saga - an inherent fault?
Robert Lewis
A useful note on how to cure a water leak which the local MG Rover dealer was unable to remedy. The note explains how Robert solved the problem himself and on notifying the MG Dealer got the reply "oh yes we have started doing that on the MGF". Not so much an inherent fault as poor communication within MG and its local MG Dealer.

63. Replacement tool rolls are available again!
Malcolm Gammons
The answer to the regular question from new members with Japan spec RV8s - "where can I get an RV8 tool roll as the original has gone missing". To view this note see RV8NOTE63.

64. RV8 maintenance schedule
John Barnes
A detailed maintenance and service schedule prepared by John is set out at the back of Volume 2.

65. Replacement headlamps
Bryan Ditchman
A cautionary note and a sequel to the first RV8 Workshop Note.

66. A starting problem solved
Bryan Ditchman
A tale of an investigation into a starting problem and how it was cured.

67. Fuel cut off switch
Bryan Snedker
A useful note to store away in case the non starting gremlins strike your RV8.

68. Removal of door drop glass
Bryan Ditchman
A detailed step by step guide to removing and replacing the glass and a tabulation of the part numbers.

69. Radiator cooling fan switch - a useful modification?
Graham Bartholomew
A note on a non standard but nevertheless useful modification.

70. Wheel arch flares
Bryan Ditchman
A note which saves you puzzling over how the wheel arch flares or blisters are fitted. See also the research by Jim Dolbel into when the front wheel arch flares were discontinued on Japan spec cars.

Volume 3

71. Replacement of crankshaft rear oil seal
John Barnes
This note sets out how to tackle a major maintenance item

72. More on RV8 toolkits
Another note on tool for the RV8 toolkit. To view this note see RV8NOTE72.

73. Battery lifter or carrier
A note on an alternative battery lifter to the Brevette lifter.

74. Door mirror
Bill Wood
A brief note on smartening up the RV8 door mirror.

75. Rear brakes and adjustment
Bryan Ditchman
This note highlights between the rear brake set up on the RV8 and the earlier equipment on the MGBGTV8.

76. FM radio frequency converter
Bryan Ditchman
This note is very useful for enthusiasts with Japan spec cars and avoids the need for a new radio. See RV8NOTE76.

77. More on RV8 gear knob renovation
Ian Cranston
An inexpensive way of renovating a grubby gearknob.

78. Battery lifters or carriers, another source
Brian Jackson
Information on another battery lifter.

79. Radio fascia panel removal
Bill Ratcliffe
A note with amendments to RV8 Workshop Note 12.

80. Bonnet hinge alignment
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note with a useful tip for aligning the bonnet.

81. Wear on wheel lock nuts
Bryan Ditchman
A brief tip on how to avoid wear on the wheel locking nuts.

82. RV8 parts supply update
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note on the growing NLA problem with RV8 parts.

83. Dreams come true!
Peter Garton
A note relating how Peter reimported his RV8 himself.

84. Background note on the RV8 LSD
Roger Parker
A useful note with background information on the LSD fitted to the RV8.

85. Instrument & fascia switch bulbs
Colin Humphrey
A note with part numbers for fascia bulbs.

86. Trim colours
Bryan Ditchman
A note with colour changes on RV8 trim colours.

87. Waxoyling reimported RV8s
Roger Parker
A suggestion for treating reimported RV8s to help offset the effects of a double journey by sea.

88. Oil pump cover & washers
Bryan Ditchman
A note on finding an NLA part.

89. Windscreen glass & VIN number
Bryan Ditchman
A very brief note on how the get the VIN etched on the windscreen glass.

90. Water pump & air-con drive belts
Bryan Ditchman
A note with a changed part number RV8 enthusiasts will need to note.

91. K&N air filters & news of a water pump exchange or repair service
Clive Wheatley
A note with a spares update from the V8 spares guru, Clive Wheatley.

92. Alternative source for the petrol pump & filter
Bryan Ditchman
A note with an alternative source of key parts which will help reduce maintenance costs.

93. More of leaks & wheel corrosion
Bill Ratcliffe
A note with tips on silicone treatment!

94. More on front shock absorbers
Bryan Ditchman
A note on overhauling the RV8 front suspension at a reasonable cost.

95. Fitting the new, smaller V8 Register badge to an RV8
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note which will help you fit the new, smaller badge

96. Brake callipers - inspection for corrosion when carrying out maintenance work
Bryan Ditchman
A note on inspecting and removing the brake callipers.

97. Exhaust clamps - down pipes to cat pipes
Bryan Ditchman
A brief note with a useful tip.

98. Front coil springs
Bryan Ditchman
This note sets out a procedure which is not set out in the RV8 workshop manual.

99. Hang on to your old parts - a plea from the Editor!
Bryan Ditchman
Another plea from the Editor.

100. Catalyser - overheat sensors, overheat ECU & warning light
The first of a series of notes on sensors and RV8 diagnostics. RV8NOTE100

Volume 4

101. Differences between UK & Japanese specification RV8s
- cat overheat sensors
Roger Parker
A useful explanation of some of the key differences. The cat overheat sensors, linked to the ECU, were an addition to the RV8s exported to Japan. A number of members with reimported RV8s have reported difficulties with them (see RV8 Workshop Note 100 in Volume 3). This useful note from Roger Parker (Green V8 4092) provides some background on the subject.

102. Brake servo failure
Victor Smith
Fortunately brake failure because of servo problems is rare but unlike difficulties with slave cylinders early warning signs of potential servo failure are few and the consequences spine chilling! Although this note is from the sixth volume of the original V8 Workshop Notes series, we feel it has important information of concern to MG RV8 enthusiasts. The note is from Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089), with contributions from Roger Parker, Geoff Allen and Jim Gibson, examines a couple of cases of servo failure and considers the options

103. Radiator blanking panel
John Bolt
A practical tip. John Bolt (Nightfire Red RV8 1228) from Buckinghamshire sent in a useful modification to the radiator blanking panel as a solution to the fracturing by the fixing lugs where they are bolted to the slam panel.

104. More on brake servos for the RV8
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan has further thoughts on servos for the RV8as a brief follow up to RV8 Note 102.

105. RV8 spares - looking to the future
Bryan Ditchman
A topic that need some thought. Despite the fact that Clive Wheatley and Brown & Gammons are each putting in a great deal of time and effort to complement the availability of some of the RV8 spares which are no longer available or NLA, they are unable to cover the whole situation which undoubtedly will become more difficult as time goes on. Here Bryan Ditchman sets out his list of twenty items which he considers RV8 enthusiasts are well advised to acquire as soon as possible. The list is in order of priority and in the main indicates the items specific to the RV8.

106. RV8 toolrolls & handbooks - an update
Clive Wheatley
An update which will be of interest to members of Japan spec cars missing their toolkits. This note from Clive Wheatley (Flame Red RV8 0294) reproduces information provided to an Australian member seeking a tool roll and handbook for his Japan spec RV8.

107. Cleaning a coffee stain from an RV8 hood
David Lawler
A note which will be useful if you need to clean the RV8 hood. Whilst David Lawler (Woodcote Green RV8 1920) was having an alarm fitted, unfortunately a fitter at the installation company managed to spill coffee on the soft top. This brief note sets out how he cleaned up the mess.

108. Avoiding the rear window crease
Peter Garton
An imaginative idea from Peter Garton (Woodcote Green RV8 1238) in Germany who has devised a way of avoiding a crease in the rear window of an RV8 soft top. RV8NOTE108

109. Problems with the zip for the rear screen in the RV8 soft
Victor Rodgrigues
A note with some useful tips on RV8 rear screen zips. Victor Rodregues (Oxford Blue RV8 1621) from Switzerland reported a difficulty with the zip around his rear screen. This note explains how he resolved it together with some comments from John Barnes (Woodcote Green RV8 0636) in Wellington New Zealand. RV8NOTE109

110. Using fire extinguishers in V8s
Andrew Brown
Fire prevention in the car is something we should at least think about and hopefully fit an extinguisher. Like life assurance and writing a will, you will probably feel an article on fire extinguishers in cars is not an exciting topic. Few of us think about the possibility of fire in our cars and what we would need to bring it under control. In this useful note Andrew Brown (Flamenco Red V8 2501), from the West Midlands, provides the necessary background information and guidance for selecting a suitable extinguisher so early action with an interior or engine fire is possible.

111. Preventative maintenance on RV8 rubber water hoses
Peter James
A note with a useful check. Peter James (Woodcote Green RV8 1022) from Warwickshire has a brief but useful reminder on checking your rubber water hoses and replacing any which look suspect as preventative maintenance.

112. Reassurance on RV8 reimports following a BBC1 Watchdog
programme in July 2001
Chris Watkins
Members buying a reimported RV8 will find this note reassuring. We contacted Chris Watkins who runs the leading RV8 reimporters, HS Imports, following a BBC1 Watchdog programme on the Great Car Fraud with Quentin Wilson concerning a substantial flow of stolen 4x4s, stolen in Japan, which are turning up in the UK. Most of these reimports are high value vehicles like Toyota Land Cruisers, some involving some imaginative reinventions of vehicle identity at a staging post in Dubai on the way! Chris knows Japan very well and has considerable experience with reimporting RV8s to the UK. In this note explains how the system works in Japan and how the HS Imports team take care with the cars they reimport from Japan. You can view this note on this website as RV8NOTE112.

113. Renovo soft top care products
Victor Smith
Following RV8 Workshop Note 107 from David Lawler, Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089) called Renovo who provided a brochure with details and prices of their useful range of soft top care products. This note is based on the text of Renovo's brochure and provides a summary of that information.

114. Gas struts - an additional danger in vehicle fires
Andrew Brown
A cautionary tale. Andrew Brown (Flamenco Red V8 2501) provides a brief further note following an experience with a gas strut bursting whilst attending a recent vehicle fire

115. Diagnostic plug on an RV8
A fascinating note on RV8 diagnostics from a member who has the full range of hand-held equipment and databooks needed for electrical component testing and fault diagnosis on the MG RV8. He warns that although the RV8 may look like a cosmetically-reworked variant of the MGB with a V8 engine, it is in fact full of modern electronic systems which need training and sophisticated equipment to carry out relatively routine servicing tasks. You can view this note on this website as RV8NOTE115.

116. Reprogramming alarm transmitters on Japan spec RV8s
A note which should be read by all RV8 enthusiasts, especially those in Australia and New Zealand with Japanese-specification RV8s who need either to acquire new immobiliser handset transmitters or have their existing one(s) reprogrammed for some reason.

117. RV8 immobiliser requirements demanded by some insurers
An alarming trend of insurers seeking to escalate their requirements for the retrospective fitting of Thatcham 1 immobilisers on open top sports cars has been noted by our anonymous contributor. Here the contributor provides a briefing on the present situation. This note can be viewed on this website as RV8NOTE117.

118. Meeting the diagnostic challenge with the RV8
On a casual acquaintance, the RV8 can be seen as a car which appears simply a cosmetically-reworked, luxury MGBV8 but on closer inspection it is clearly a product of the modern era. Gone are carburettors, contact breaker points, choke cables and a simple wiring harness - a package the enthusiast can maintain and tune with ease - and instead you find, beneath that classic car body, the RV8 has a sophisticated engine management system. Ordinary test and dwell meters are not enough - you need sophisticated equipment and data to tune the RV8 and check out systems faults. Our anonymous contributor has been beavering away to gain a better understanding of what systems are in the RV8 and what equipment is needed to run the diagnostic checks your MG Rover dealer is required to do when your RV8 goes in for periodic servicing. This note will fascinate you and leave you better able to deal with any "flannel" from the service staff - the moral is find service people who know what they are doing and can handle the very sophisticated diagnostic equipment so your RV8 is serviced correctly!

119. K&N filter check
Godfrey Dance
Another useful tip.

120. Modifications on reimported RV8s
Godfrey Dance
An important note on a key modifications that has to be carried out on RV8s reimported from Japan. You can view this note as RV8NOTE120.

121. Locking wheel nut tip
Godfrey Dance
Godfrey Dance (Woodcote Green RV8 1210) from Surrey provides a useful tip on undoing your locking wheel nuts should you be unable to find the socket.

122. Where can I get the RV8 diagnostic leads?
A key question for members wanting to do diagnostic checks. John Hornabrook (Woodcote Green RV8 1781) from Australia contacted the V8 Register seeking help in finding the "computer leads to connect the RV8 to a Land Rover Discovery test monitor" as he had found there were no garages set up to service the RV8 out on the Gold Coast. The local Land Rover agent had offered to help "if they had the right plug and lead". Well our anonymous contributor has done a great deal of research in this area and provided a reply which is reproduced as this note.

123. More on RV8 electronics and diagnostics
Roger Parker
Roger Parker (Green 4092) from Staffordshire, a well know MGBV8 expert, has provided some useful observations and comments for the reply to John Hornabrook (Woodcote Green 1781) from Australia who contacted the V8 Register in February 2002 seeking help with RV8 diagnostics.

124. More legroom for the air-conditioned!
John Barnes
A modification that can provide real legroom benefits in an RV8 by removing the air-conditioning surround and using a modified cover box. This brief note explains the modification.

125. RV8 paint codes
Graham Burcher
Graham Burcher (Oxford Blue 1729) from Yorkshire had tried to confirm whether the colour of his car was Oxford Blue or Caribbean Blue and found the colour codes difficult to decipher. A call to Bryan Ditchman soon found he had a book with the colour codes listed. Graham has prepared this note as an aid for other RV8 enthusiasts, together with contributions from Bryan Ditchman and Roger Parker.

Volume 5
126. Hot RV8 cockpit
Graeme Renshaw
An Australian V8 enthusiast, Graeme Renshaw (Nightfire Red 0477) from New South Wales, reported hot footwells in his RV8. This note is based on some thoughts from Roger Parker. A copy of this note can be seen as RV8NOTE126.

127. Fitting a windstop to an RV8
Ian Cranston
John Barnes (Woodcote Green 0636) from Wellington New Zealand had devised a windstop for his RV8 which was revealed in a photo sent in from the NZ 50th Anniversary Event. Here Ian Cranston (Flame Red 0342) from Worcestershire describes how he installed a windstop on his RV8.

128. Solving a problem with the RV8 heater control cable
John Hornabrook
John Hornabrook (Woodcote Green 1781) from Queensland in Australia has sent in this useful note on a difficulty which a number of members downunder have faced with their RV8s. John had the help of his chum, Greg Tunstall, who describes how the problem was fixed. A copy of this note can be seen as RV8NOTE128.

129. PAS options for the RV8
Ed Garing
Ed Garing contacted us from Melbourne Australia enquiring whether power assisted steering could be fitted to an RV8. This note is based on the reply with material from Roger Parker.

130. Hunting down a misfire on an RV8
Peter James
Peter James (Woodcote Green 1022) from Warwickshire experienced an intermittent problem, first under acceleration and then on deceleration. In this note Peter describes how the fault was eventually traced and solved by an expert.

131. Play in the RV8 steering rack
Tom Hogan
Play in the RV8 steering is a problem which has been reported on several occasions recently. RV8 enthusiast, Tom Hogan (Nightfire Red 1910), from Cambridgeshire sought help with his steering rack. This note is based on some thoughts from Roger Parker.

132. Tired tyres with warehoused RV8s
Jim Rudgley
A caution which members buying RV8s should note as part of their checklist of things to inspect and check. Jim Rudgley (Woodcote Green 0696) bought his reimported car in December 2001 and has a cautionary tale over tyres of cars which may have been warehoused by speculators believing RV8s were about to rocket in price.

133. Caution with space saver spare wheels
Brian Moyse
Brian Moyse (BRG 1714) from Surrey obtained his UK specification RV8 in May 2002 and just a week later appeared at the Sunday lunchtime V8 Gathering at Hazeley Heath. Shortly after he sent in this workshop note describing an essential check. You can view this note as RV8NOTE133.

134. Check your exhaust hangers, engine mountings & battery
Brian Moyse
Another check made by a member following his purchase of an RV8. Brian also highlights difficulty with his engine mountings. You can view this note as RV8NOTE134.

135. Importing an RV8 to Australia
Bruce Webster
A note for members downunder. Bruce Webster was one of the first overseas members to receive his RV8 Workshop Notes on CD and after a rapid read promptly produced a brief note.

136. A leak down ones right leg!
Bruce Webster
Another water leak note.

137. RV8 hardtop for an RV8
Mike Simmonds
A note reporting on the current situation with RV8 hardtops together with photographs of RV8 hardtops requested by several members. This note can be viewed on this website at RV8NOTE137.

138. Strange noises on the left hand side
Peter Garton
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany heard strange noises from the LHS of his RV8 and in this brief note explains what was found and how it was cured. With all noises it helps if you have heard of the case before so that should your RV8 suffer a similar event, you will be able to identify the cause rapidly. (June 02)

139. Stretching your legs in an RV8
Murray Baber
Murray Baber (Woodcote Green 0886) from New Zealand has a brief note on his experiences with getting a little more legroom in his RV8. (June 02)

140. Erratic idle on an RV8
Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) from Berkshire posted a message on the bulletin board at seeking help with an erratic idle on his RV8. Roger Parker (Green 4092) the well-known MGBV8 guru posted a reply. (Jun 02) RV8NOTE140

141. Take care of your clips!
Colin Shaw
Colin Shaw (Woodcote Green 1397) from Wiltshire had to remove the gearbox tunnel cover on the driver's side and found the clips on the back of the courtesy light were broken. Here Colin explains how he found it is not easy to replace them - so take care when working near those lights. (Jul 02)

142. Retrofitting an alarm & central locking system
Andy Granger
A note of interest to members with little or no MG Rover dealer support nearby.

143. Another windstop installation
Al Barnett
Al Barnett (BRG 1839) is well used to long runs in his RV8 on autoroutes from his base in Luxembourg and competes in the annual Prix des Alpes event. In this note he describes how he had a windstop installed in Holland. (Jul 02)

144. ECU location, removal & refitting
John Barnes
David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589) in Japan contacted the V8 Register for information on fitting an Optimax chip and how to remove the ECU. We put him onto John Barnes (Woodcote Green 0636) in Wellington New Zealand who produced this useful note based on his experiences of fitting an Optimax chip supplied by RPI in the UK. The note provides a step by step guide to removing and refitting the ECU. (Jul 02) A copy of this note is available as RV8NOTE144.

145. RV8 skirt removal
Jim Dolbel
Jim Dolbel (Woodcote Green 1705) from Sydney in Australia has sent in this useful note which may assist other RV8 owners in removing their side skirts for repair, respraying or checking the mountings for corrosion. (Aug 02)

146. What a sweaty business in an RV8 in Tokyo!
David Boniface
David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589) is working in Tokyo and sought the help of the V8 Register in overcoming a sweaty experience with his RV8 in Tokyo this Summer. You will sweat just reading this note but it is a useful message. (Jul 02)

147. Why was the VIN stamped in the RV8 rain channel?
David Boniface
In RV8 Note 23, Bryan Ditchman posed the question "why did they change the position" of the VIN from the offside chassis rail to the offside channel under the boot lid? David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589) in Tokyo has come up with the answer. (Aug 02)

148. Blown a fuse?
Tony Merrygold
Tony Merrygold( Woodcote Green 0551) from Warwickshire who runs a classic car hire company called The Open Road which includes an RV8 in the hire fleet, provides this useful note on fuses. (Aug 02)

149. Boot release
Tony Merrygold
Tony Merrygold (Woodcote Green 0551) from Warwickshire who runs a classic car hire company called The Open Road which includes an RV8 in the hire fleet, provides this useful note on how he solved an intermittent problem with the boot release mechanism. (Aug 02)

150. Plastic plug rot
Keith Rowson
Keith obtained an RV8 and from his checks on the car noticed a difficulty with a plastic plug and posted this useful note on the bulletin board on the bulletin board on the V8 Register website.

151. Three replacements on checking over a reimported RV8
Erik Jeffery
Erik runs Mediterranean Classics in Taragona in Catalunya and on checking over the RV8 he had recently acquired, provided this note on three items he had to replace.

152. RV8 brake hydraulic system and master cylinder
Bryan Ditchman
Another of Bryan's useful notes which highlights another essential part which is reported to be NLA so refurbishing the existing unit is necessary. You can view this note as RV8NOTE152.

153. Have you got a screw loose?
Bryan Ditchman
Workshop notes like screws still come out of the metalwork! Bryan Ditchman has found, during a rebuild of his MGBGTV8, another useful part which is used on the RV8 which can be used equally well on the MGBGTV8. You can view this note as RV8NOTE153.

154. Replacement door cappings
Tony Litchfield
Tony found the surface lacquer on his RV8 door cappings had broken down in several places, with some damage to the veneer too. He sets out how he cured this problem which was posted on the Bulletin Board which attracted some follow up comments from several other members. You can view this note on this website at RV8NOTE154.

155. Dealing with a noisy back axle
Lowell Smith
Lowell from Yorkshire had to get his back axle repaired and in this note he describes how an ominous noise was assessed and a course of action determined - then how the necessary spare parts were tracked down.

156. RV8 back axle reconditioning service
Clive Wheatley
This note is reproduced from the RV8 Spares Update as a sequel to RV8 Workshop Note 155 above. It describes a back axle reconditioning service provided by Clive Wheatley who adds a footnote. You can view this note as RV8NOTE156.

157. RV8 front indicator lamp connector terminal corrosion
Brian Moyse
Brian Moyse had to replace the offside front indicator lamp assembly on his car after it stopped working. The problem was traced to corrosion of one of the connection pins of the bulb holder where the wiring loom connector is plugged in. You can view this note as RV8NOTE157.

158. RV8 coolant filler plug - worth changing to the brass plug
David Boniface
David describes how his plastic plug failed and suggests that preventative maintenance could be a wise step. You can view this note as RV8NOTE158.

159. Got a blown plastic coolant filler plug? - a tip to get you home
Tim Hipwell
Following the posting on the V8 website bulletin board by David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589) from Tokyo on his experiences with a blown plastic RV8 coolant filler plug (see RV8 Workshop Note 158), Tim Hipwell (Oxford Blue 1133) from Devon posted a useful tip on a temporary fix to get you home should you have a similar blow.

160. Replacement tyres for the RV8
Peter Wallis (Nightfire Red 2178) from Hampshire bought a reimported RV8 and shortly after he contacted the V8 Register for information on replacement tyres. As most RV8s seem to be low mileage vehicles, the topic of replacement tyres had not been covered in the RV8 Workshop Notes series, so a request for members' views on tyres was sent out by email and a message posted on the V8 website Bulletin Board. This note is a summary of the feedback received from our RV8 members. You can view this note as RV8NOTE160.

Volume 6
161. Fitting a new glove box locker plunger switch
Peter Garton
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) in Germany posted a note on the V8 website bulletin board describing his marathon job to replace his glove box switch. Clearly his copies of the earlier volumes of the RV8 Workshop Notes were essential!

162. Check your replacement brake shoes
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis (Oxford Blue 1343) from Lincolnshire has a brief snippet which could save you a wasted journey to your local MG Dealer to return a box of replacement RV8 brake shoes.

163. R380 gearbox lubrication
Nigel Steward
Nigel Steward (Red 1038) from Hampshire posted a note on the Bulletin Board on the V8 website concerning lubrication for an R380 gearbox he has fitted to his Factory MGBGTV8. A copy is available on this website as RV8NOTE163.

164. Exchange Lucas Alternator
Tony Merrygold & others
Tony Merrygold (Woodcote Green 0551) from Warwick had a problem with his alternator and replaced it with a Lucas one instead of Magnetti Marelli. (Dec 02)

165. Ghostly lights in the footwells
Tony Merrygold
Tony Merrygold (Woodcote Green 0551) from Warwick had a problem with his interior lights. And describes how he found the cause and traced replacement

166. RV8 spares checklist
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) from Hampshire sets out a checklist of a further twenty or so items RV8 owners should consider ensuring they have in their stock of spares. This note is a supplement to RV8 Workshop Note 105.

167. Removing the RV8 headlamp cowl
Andy Klava & Gavin Brown
Andy Klava (Woodcote Green 0532) from Yorkshire posted a brief note on the V8 Website bulletin board seeking advice on how to remove the headlamps cowls on an RV8 with air-conditioning. Within two hours Gavin Brown at the MG Car Centre in Tasmania posted this useful note on how to go about the job. As this note is of interest to members with Japan spec cars, you can view the note on this website as RV8NOTE167. (Jan 03)

168. Thatcham immobilisers
Richard Groves
Richard Groves (Blaze 1898) from Kent has some interesting comments on the effectiveness of these immobilisers which underlines the need to select an insurance policy that does not require a system to be fitted to your RV8.

169. Replacement RV8 rear brakes
Brian Perry
Brian Perry (Woodcote Green 1938) from Staffordshire provides a useful confirmation of a source of replacement RV8 rear brakes and a special offer for V8 Register members following a brief posting on the V8 Website bulletin board.

170. Solving RV8 overheating problems
John Hornabrook
John Hornabrook (Woodcote Green 1781) from Australia has solved serious overheating problems with his RV8 which will be of interest to other members operating an RV8 in high ambient temperatures. (Jan 03)

171. Why does the red "No Charge" warning light stay on?
Brian Moyse
Dr Andy Klava (Woodcote Green 0532) from Yorkshire was puzzled why his warning light was staying on after a cold start and posted a query on the V8 Website bulletin board. Brian Moyse posted a reassuring reply. (Feb 03). See the note as RV8NOTE171.

172. Choose where you have your RV8 serviced with care!
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) from Hampshire suggests you need to choose where you take your RV8 for servicing and maintenance work with some care. (Feb 03)

173. Sorting out an air conditioning fan that has rusted up
Gavin Brown
A chance inspection of the fans mounted on the air conditioning condenser resulted in Gavin Brown at the MG Car Centre in Launceston, Tasmania finding rust and a way of cleaning it up. This note will be useful for members with the Japanese specification A/C system and it includes a couple of tips to help reduce future rusting difficulties. (Feb 03) See this note as RV8NOTE173.

174. Are your shock absorbers working for you?
John Barnes
John Barnes (Woodcote Green 0636) from Wellington New Zealand has owned his RV8 for six years and had always felt it was a little soft and did not perform as a sports car should, so he set about finding an improvement. (Mar 03)

175. Insulated air cleaner on an RV8
John Hornabrook
John Hornabrook (Woodcote Green 1781) from Australia has had serious cooling problems with his RV8 and describes a modification to insulate the air filter. (Mar 03)

176. Changing indicator lenses from amber to clear on an RV8
Mike Price
Mike Price (Nightfire Red 1708) from Staffordshire posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board with details of the part numbers for members who wish to make this change. (Mar 03)

177. RV8 bottom hose problem
Al Barnett
Al Barnett (BRG 1839) from Luxembourg highlights a problem that all RV8 owners should check. Al raised the matter on the V8 Bulletin Board and a number of useful tips were posted by fellow members.

178. RV8 radiator blanking panel radiator check
Peter James
Peter James (Woodcote Green 1022) from Warwickshire highlights a problem that all RV8 owners should check. He would not have spotted if he had not had to change a water pump.

179. More on replacement tyres and savings
Joe Gibson
Joe Gibson (BRG 0442) from Gwynedd had read the earlier RV8 Workshop Note on replacement tyres for the RV8 based on a survey of our members (Note 160 in Volume 5) and relates how he found a replacement tyres and a good discount too!

180. Steering wheel locks
Brian Marshall & V8 Bulletin Board postings
Brian Marshall has an MGBV8 Roadster and posted a message on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking views on steering locks for the V8. This note sweeps up the responses and provides a useful guide.

181. Replacement RV8 shroud stickers
Gavin Bailey
DR Gavin Bailey (BRG 0777) from Surrey sent in this brief report of the availability of a useful spares item. RV8NOTE181.

182. Recommended tyre supplier
Peter Kilmister
Peter Kilmister (Woodcote Green 0320) from Hampshire recently changed the tyres on his RV8 and his posting on the V8 Bulletin Board recommended a good tyre supplier for their excellent service. (Jul 03)

183. Replacing the MG badges - care
Gerard Jansen
Gerard Jansen (Woodcote Green 1240) from Belgium posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with the removal of the MG badges on his RV8 as he needed to replace them. Several members provided some useful tips. (Aug 03)

184. Should I keep the air-con system on a reimported RV8?
Graham Bartholomew
Graham Bartholomew (Woodcote Green 0810) from Bartholomew posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board concerning a fault and wondered whether to remove the system. The key routine for members with RV8 aircon systems is you must run the system regularly, even when the car is tucked away during the winter months! (Aug 03)

185. RV8 water hoses
Keith Rowson
Keith Rowson (Oxford Blue 1764) from Hertfordshire reported difficulty in getting replacement water hoses as a posting on the V8 Bulletin Board. The situation was soon clarified. (Aug 03)

186. Spasmodic idle failure with an RV8
Ray Ganderton and others
Ray Ganderton (Woodcote Green 1826) from Hertfordshire put a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with an idle problem. Useful postings followed shortly after. (Aug 03)

187. Off-side underbody knock on an RV8
Ray Ganderton
Ray Ganderton (Woodcote Green 1826) from Hertfordshire posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board concerning an underbody knocking noise. Useful postings in response followed. (Aug 03)

188. RV8 starting and running problems
Tim Whitely and others
Tim Whitely (Oxford Blue 0935) from Lancashire posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with this difficulty. A brief response followed. (Sep 03)

189. Where does the air conditioned air enter the RV8 cockpit?
Peter Tothill
Following Graham Bartholomew's queries regarding his RV8's air-conditioning system, he requested clarification on where the conditioned air is supplied to the RV8 cockpit. Peter Tothill (Woodcote Green 1636) from Oxfordshire has supplied a brief note which covers this point. (Oct 03)

190. Warning - an unusual RV8 fire risk
Lowell Smith
A cautionary note from Lowell Smith (Woodcote Green 0384) from Yorkshire based on an unexpected hot moment! (Oct 03) RV8NOTE190

191. RV8 alarm ECU - suspected vulnerability
Brian Moyse
Brian Moyse (BRG 1714) from Surrey posted a caution on the V8 Bulletin Board concerning the risk of damage to the alarm ECU if the battery runs down if the car is not used, typically during the Winter months. (Oct 03) RV8NOTE191

192. Reimporting an RV8 - what are the options?
Victor Smith and Chris Watkins
Many MG enthusiasts are buying reimported RV8s and the flow returning to the UK is substantial - but what options are available to prospective purchasers of reimported RV8s and what prudent concerns should they have in buying from either a local agent in Japan or from a UK based specialist RV8 trader? This note by Victor Smith provides a guide to the options together with a footnote with the views of Chris Watkins, who runs the specialist RV8 reimporter HS Imports in Somerset. (Oct 03) RV8NOTE192

193. New mobile phone law in the UK
Victor Smith
From 1st December 2003 a new law is coming out in the UK that will make it a specific offence to hold and use a mobile phone whilst driving. This is in addition to the current laws governing safe driving. (Oct 03) RV8NOTE193

194. New up-rated RV8 front springs
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown at the MG Car Centre at Launceston in Tasmania has obtained a supply of replacement up-rated front springs. (Oct 03) RV8NOTE194

195. Factors causing Japanese RV8 owners to send their cars to auctions
Colin Shea
Colin Shea explains some of the economic and social factors which influence Japanese owners of classic cars like the RV8 to send their "ageing" car to auction from which they are generally exported to the UK or Australia. The flow of RV8s to auction in Japan is a key factor in the supply and demand balance in the RV8 markets in the UK and Australia so is inevitably of interest to RV8 enthusiasts there. (Nov 03)

196. Lowering the RV8 back end
John Barnes
Lawrie Steere (Oxford Blue 0933) who runs the MG Service Centre in Christchurch New Zealand races his RV8 and has been trying to get better handling. Here John Barnes (Woodcote Green 0636) from Wellington reports on progress so far. (Nov 03)

197. RV8 clutch slave cylinder repair kit
Clive Wheatley
Although repair kits are not available for the RV8 clutch slave cylinder, it is possible to use the kit available for the MGBGTV8. Here Clive Wheatley explains how. (DEC 03)

198. RV8 tyres - Michelin Pilots are available
Bryan Ditchman
Brian provides a workshop note update on the availability of suitable "V" rated replacement tyres for the RV8. (DEC 03)

199. RV8 front foglights - an alternative source of replacement units
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan provides a note on alternative source of replacement front foglights to help owners of UK specification cars (and owners of Japan specification RV8s wishing to convert them to UK spec) who are unfortunate enough to suffer stone damage. (DEC 03)

Volume 7
200. Timing adjustment on reimported RV8s
Chris Hunt Cooke
Chris Hunt Cooke (Woodcote Green 2038) posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board with a useful reminder to have the timing checked on reimported RV8s, even after the modification to the vacuum advance mentioned in RV8 Workshop Note 60 has been done. (Aug 03)

201. Unichip connector problems
John Hornabrook
John Hornabrook (Woodcote Green 1781) has prepared this note on the improved performance achieved by fitting of Unichip to his RV8. (Jan 04)

202. Velcro pads on RV8 trim panels
Colin Shaw
Colin Shaw (Woodcote Green 1397) from Lancashire, provides an account of how he solved a problem by sourcing an elusive spare part from another Register member. (Jan 04)

203. Removing an RV8 nose cone
Gavin Bailey
Peter Kilmister (BRG 0320) from Hampshire posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board for help in removing the RV8 nose cone and Gavin Bailey promptly responded! (Feb 04) RV8NOTE203

204. Hot feet!
Nick Grant
Nick Grant (Woodcote Green 0388) from Tyne & Wear was concerned that the legwell air vents were permanently blowing hot air onto his feet. - fine in winter but with the approach of Summer he was wondering how to cure it! Fellow members provided help. (May 04) RV8NOTE204

205. Folding windstop for an RV8
John Bolt (Nightfire Red 1228) from Buckinghamshire arrived at the V8 Gathering at Hazeley Heath with his new wind stop which is a particularly neat installation. It even folds down and allows the tonneau to cover the cockpit without the need to remove the wind stop first. This note is illustrated by John's sketches. (May 04) RV8NOTE205

206. Redlining an RV8 tachometer
Stefan Matthaei
Stefan Matthaei (Woodcote Green 1250) from Munich in Germany provides the VDO contact for servicing a tachometer and adding a "redline". (Jun 04)

207. Your RV8 temperature gauge is lying!
Stefan Matthaei
Stefan Matthaei (Woodcote Green 1250) from Munich in Germany suggests a simple modification on the wiring of the temperature gauge to allow for correct readings of the engine temperature. (Jun 04)

208. Hoyle suspension upgrade kits - a step change in improved handling
Victor Smith
The improved handling and ride characteristics provided by fitting the front and rear upgrade kits supplied by Hoyle Engineering are reported by V8 enthusiasts as a "marked change" and "handling more like a modern car". So Victor Smith has taken a closer look and gathered comments from V8 members. (Jun 04) RV8NOTE208

209. To lift or not to lift, that is the question
Gavin Bailey
DR Gavin Bailey (RV8 BRG 0766 and V8 Glacier White 0199) from Surrey describes how he tracked down a hydraulic lift and has found it very useful. (Jun 04) RV8NOTE209

210. Fitting a set of uprated Konis
Gavin Bailey
DR Gavin Bailey (BRG 0766) from Surrey provides a note on fitting a set of the uprated Konis supplied by Clive Wheatley. (Aug 04) RV8NOTE210

211. Uprated RV8 Koni shock absorbers
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson (Nightfire Red 1865) from the West Midlands has given his new Konis a real test on the Prix Des Alpes Rally and reports complete satisfaction. (Jul 04)

212. Replacing the reversing light switch
Martin Selwyn
Martin Selwyn (Woodcote Green 0664) from London N provides a useful note on how to replace the reversing light switch on an R380 gearbox. (Jul 04)

213. Checking the gearbox oil level and/or replacing oil
Martin Selwyn
Marton Selwyn (Woodcote Green 0664) from London N provides a useful note on how to check the oil level on an R380 gearbox and top up or replace the oil. (Jul 04)

214. RV8 suspension damper adjustment
Peter Tothill
Peter Tothill (Woodcote Green 1636) from Oxfordshire has been working on his front suspension set up for some time and has produced a useful note with his views on settings for the shock absorbers. (Jul 04) RV8NOTE214

215. Australian RAWS update
Gavin Brown
In May 2003 we first reported that a new set of regulations had been introduced in Australia which had effectively stopped Aussie enthusiasts importing RV8s. Gavin Brown, who runs the MG Car Centre in Launceston Tasmania, provides an update. (Sep 04) RV8NOTE215

216. How many RV8s were there and in what colour?
John Bolt
John Bolt (Nightfire Red 1218) from Buckingamshire has been doing some research at the Heritage Museum at Gaydon and has produced an interesting chart which will interest RV8 enthusiasts. (Oct 04) RV8NOTE216

217. Removing a number plate mounting panel from a Japan spec RV8

David Allen
David Allen (Oxford Blue (1629) from Cambridgeshire provides a useful note with a step by step guide on how to convert the number plate mounting on a Japan spec RV8 to the UK or European style. (Nov 04) RV8NOTE217

218. No longer a period of grace on motor insurance renewals
Victor Smith
An important change was introduced during 2004 requiring insurers to send up-to-the-minute data to the central Motor Insurance Database, or risk penalties for late submission. There is no longer any period of grace with renewals with insurers. (Jan 05) RV8NOTE218

219. Curing an RV8 which is reluctant to start
David Allen
David Allen (Oxford Blue 1629) was on the V8 Shropshire Tour 2004 and found his RV8 would not start on the Monday morning. (Oct 04)

220. Frequency band expanders for reimported RV8s
Roger Aldridge & Chris Watkins
This note is based on information from Chris Watkins at HS Imports, Protech, and Roger Aldridge. (Jan 05) RV8NOTE220

221. Changing the radio on a reimported RV8
Mike Simmonds
We noticed in an advert Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) from Berkshire posted on the V8 Website offering his car for sale, that he had fitted a "new" UK market radio rather than the alternative a frequency band expander on the original Japan market radio. (Jan 05) RV8NOTE221

222. Emergency flares on reimported RV8s
Gavin Bailey, David Bonniface, Jim Dolbel, Brian Moyse & Chris Watkins
Paul Mascal (Nightfire Red 1473) from NSW Australia posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board over the safety of the RV8 flare in his Japan spec RV8. (Jan 05) RV8NOTE222

223. First RAWS approval granted to an RV8 importer in Australia
Stuart Ratcliff
Stuart Ratcliff of RV8 Cars Australia has completed the RAWS process so will soon be able to carry out necessary works on imported RV8s to comply them for the Australian market. (Jan 05) RV8NOTE223

224. Another windstop which looks good and works well
Mike Simmonds
Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) from Berkshire fitted a windstop supplied by Tij-Power in Germany. (Feb 05) RV8NOTE224

225. Windscreen surround removal and the rust problem
Jeff Swann
Jeff Swann (Woodcote Green 0519) has sent in a correction to RV8 Workshop Note 22 in Volume 1of the series. Future issues of the CD will note this correction in RV8NOTE22. (Feb 05) RV8NOTE225

226. Rechipping an RV8
Gavin Bailey
Pete Wallis posted a query on the V8BB in February 2005 seeking information on re-chipping an RV8. Here Gavin Bailey (BRG 0766) from Surrey describes his experience of having a chip fitted at RPI in Norfolk together with a V8BB posting from David Farrer-Brown and an earlier note from Chris Hunt Cooke (Woodcote Green 2038). (Feb 05) RV8NOTE226

227. More on curing heat in an RV8 cockpit
David Boniface, Gavin Brown & John Hornabrook
A thread of V8BB postings in February 2005 returned to the difficulty of finding a cure for excessive heat in an RV8 cockpit. (Mar 05) RV8NOTE227

228. Windstop bracket modification to enable the hood to be raised
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson (Woodcote Green 0929) from Yorkshire purchased a windstop for his RV8 but found he could not raise the hood with the windstop brackets in place. He set about modifying them to overcome the problem. (APR 03) RV8NOTE228

229. Wrench for the RV8 distributor clamp nut
John Dutton
John Dutton (Woodcote Green 1664) from Kent found it impossible to undo the distributor clamp nut with an ordinary spanner and eventually found a special long reach angled wrench. (APR 05) RV8NOTE229

230. Rechipping an RV8 at RPI
John Dutton
John Dutton (Woodcote Green 1664) from Kent had his RV8 rechipped recently and provides some photos. (APR 05) RV8NOTE230

231. Is castor reduction a wise modification for an RV8?
Victor Smith
Over the last 12 months a castor correction kit has become available which offers lighter steering for the MGB Roadster, MGBGT, MGBGTV8 and RV8 models. Essentially the kit uses wedges which look like tuning forks as a packing under the front mountings between the crossmember and chassis legs which rotates the crossmember forwards, thereby reducing the castor angle. This note highlights several concerns over the kit and its use on the RV8 model. (Jan 06) RV8NOTE231

232. Review of the B&G Castor Reduction Kit
Chris Hunt Cooke & Victor Smith
Although this note was prepared as part of the V8NOTES series, it is included as an RV8NOTE to provide additional information not available in RV8NOTE231. An improved castor angle reduction kit has been produced for chrome and rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 and MGB models by Brown & Gammons, the MG specialists at Baldock. This note from Chris Hunt Cooke and Victor Smith describes how fitting the kit rotates the crossmember forwards thereby reducing the castor angle, reviews the engineering improvements, provides some useful background information on the need for positive castor to self-centre the steering at speed and give good steering response, and describes how reduced castor with modern radial tyres gives a reduced steering load. (Jan 06) RV8NOTE232

233. Lowering an RV8 seat
Roger Davies
If you are tall in the body like Roger Davies (Woodcote Green 1800) from Berkshire then finding a way of lowering the driving seat is essential. Roger posted a useful note on how he did the job. (Jan 06) RV8NOTE233

234. RV8 alarm resynchronization - not alarm ECU damage
Peter Steyn
A posting on the V8BB by Peter Steyn (Woodcote Green 1678) from South Africa is a useful tip solving a "damaged" Alarm ECU unit. (Jan 06) RV8NOTE234

235. Power assisted steering for an RV8
Peter Garton
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany has had a PAS system fitted to his RV8 and explains how the process went. (Jan 06) RV8NOTE235

236. Care with doublesided tape fixings
Peter Garton
Following DR Gavin Bailey's RV8NOTE183 on removing MG badges and David Allen's RV8NOTE217 on removing Japan spec number plate mountings, and later a thread of postings on the V8BB about badge fixings, Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) has contributed a useful note on doublesided tapes. (Jan 06)

237. Storing an RV8 over winter
Postings from the V8BB
An interesting thread on keeping moisture off a V8 when stored in a garage during the Winter months ran on the V8BB in January. It was started by Peter Garton from Germany and attracted many interesting contributions. This note captures them for the series and illustrates how useful the V8BB can be - compiled by Victor Smith. (Jan 06)

238. RV8 Bosch starter motor
Peter Garton
After experiencing some difficulties with his starter motor, Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany has produced a useful note. (DEC 05) RV8NOTE238

239. Fitting a "modern CD stacker" in an RV8
David Boniface
One of our members in Japan, David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589), provides a useful ICE tip for both V8 and RV8 enthusiasts. (Mar 06) RV8NOTE239

240. Replacement windscreen glass
Al Barnett
Sigge Redhe contacted the V8 Webmaster for help in tracking down a source of supply for a replacement RV8 windscreen glass and Al Barnett provided a useful note. (Mar 06)

Volume 8
241. Warning for all RV8s
Brown & Gammons
Inspections at Brown & Gammons of the steering rack mountings on a V8 Roadster built from a LHD rubber bumper MGB roadster reimported from the US and on an RV8 have revealed serious cracks in the steering rack mounts on the crossmember. As the consequences of a complete failure would be serious, members with both chrome and rubber MGBGTV8s, V8 Roadsters or GT conversions built from Factory rubber bumpered shells or RV8s need to have the mounts inspected as a matter of urgency. (Mar 06) RV8NOTE241

242. Strengthening the RV8 steering rack mounts

Brown & Gammons
Photos of the cracks in the V8 steering rack mounts have been sent in by Brown & Gammons which show the extent of the crack very clearly. Details of the repairs and strengthening of the mounts have also been provided. (Mar 06) RV8NOTE242

243. Cracked RV8 steering rack mounts
John Dutton
A notice was posted onto the website a week or two back that followed finding cracked steering rack mounts on John Dutton's RV8. Here John provides a fuller report. Unfortunately no photos were taken of the mounts before repair but earlier photos of a fractured mount on Chris Hunt Cooke's V8 Roadster in RV8NOTE241 illustrate the problem. (Mar 06) RV8NOTE243

244. RV8 recall details
Dave Batten & David Boniface
Dave Batten posted a note on the V8BB of a recall notice issued in Japan back in 1996. David Boniface in Tokyo has provided a translation of the diagram. (APR 06) RV8NOTE244

245. RV8 hardtop wiring loom
Gavin Bailey
Peter Steyn from South Africa posted a note on the V8BB seeking help with wiring up an RV8 hardtop. DR Gavin Bailey provides this useful note. (APR 06) RV8NOTE245

246. Replacing an RV8 windscreen surround

David Reid
David Reid (Nightfire Red 0299) from West Lothian recently visited Clive Wheatley for one of his carbon fibre replacement windscreen surrounds. (APR 06) RV8NOTE246

247. Checking the heater valve turns off
Peter Steyn
Peter Steyn, an RV8 enthusiast in South Africa, provided a short tip on the V8BB which could help you avoid roasting in the Summer. (May 06) RV8NOTE247

248. Reducing heat from downunder in a V8!
John Hornabrook
John Hornabrook in Queensland Australia has sent in an idea for insulating the floor of a V8 from heat generated by the exhaust system below. (May 06) RV8NOTE248

Checking the PCV air intake is clear
Stuart Middlemiss
Stuart Middlemiss (Nightfire Red 1215) in Norfolk posted a brief note on the V8BB which is a useful tip. (June 06)

Badge bar for an RV8
John Cumming
John Cumming (Woodcote Green 0721) from Suffolk recently has made a badge bar for the RV8 and describes how it is fitted. (Jul 06) RV8NOTE250

251. Optimax chip upgrade
Derek Squires (Woodcote Green 1262) from Hampshire is another member who reports satisfaction with the Optimax chip upgrade supplied and fitted by V8 specialists Rpi in Norfolk. (Jul 06) RV8NOTE251

252. RV8 towing caution
V8BB postings
Peter Doughty (Woodcote Green) from Hampshire posted a note on the VBB seeking clarification of a towing caution posted on the V8BB. (Aug 06) RV8NOTE252

253. Replacement lenses for the RV8
Stuart Middlemiss
Stuart Middlemiss (Nightfire Red 1215) from Norfolk had to replace his front indicator and rear fog light lens units as some of the internal reflectors had darkened so he took the opportunity to replace the front indicators with clear lens units. His note will be useful for many RV8 enthusiasts and save money too. (Oct 06) RV8NOTE253

254. RV8 bump stops replacement

Jim Dolbel
Jim Dolbel (Woodcote Green 1705) from Australia has replaced his bump stops and provides a useful note for fellow members. (Oct 06) RV8NOTE254

255. Adjusting the engine mounts
Stuart Middlemiss
Stuart Middlemiss (Nightfire Red 1215) from Norfolk provides a useful tip on curing contact between the offside exhaust manifold and the inner wing aperture or steering pinion based on some hard work done by fellow RV8 enthusiast, Max Porter. (Oct 06) RV8NOTE255

256. Replacement elm burr gearknobs

Terry Starkey
Terry Starkey (Le Mans Green 0786) from Norfolk made a replacement gearknob on elm burr for himself and then a few friends, and found they were a very popular replacement for the standard leather knob. (Nov 06)

257. Batteries with an increased capacity
Bob Owen
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany posted a query on the V8BB seeking advice on whether it was wise to fit a replacement battery with an increased capacity. Bob Owen's helpful response is reproduced for this RV8NOTE. (Jan 07)

258. Converting the Japanese advance & retard setup to UK spec
Dave Batten popped a note on the V8BB noting he has had his RV8 (a Japanese reimport) for some years now and when he first brought it back from Japan he changed over the vacuum advance to UK spec as recommended in RV8 Workshop Note 60, and thought nothing more of it. "Recently I accidentally stumbled across Steve Newton's note of 9 December 2004 in the V8BB archives and thought I would check the plenum. Sure enough the male intake on the upper side of the plenum chamber has never been drilled out, and for the last few years, without knowing it, I have been driving around with no vacuum at all! Just thought I would post this note in case anyone else out there might be in the same boat. RV8NOTE60 needs a footnote to bring this to members' attention". (May 07) RV8NOTE258

259. RV8 boot gas struts
Mick Watkins
Mick Watkins posted a note on the V8BB asking if any member had managed to source a supply of the struts, other than from Clive Wheatley V8parts? He felt £60 seemed a lot to pay for a replacement. Searching the internet had not revealed an obvious supplier, so he wondered if a member knew more? (May 07)

260. Reprogramming an RV8 alarm fob to the ECU
Jeff Swann
Jeff Swann (Woodcote Green 0519) from Leicestershire describes the do-it-yourself method for programming the RV8 alarm fob to the car's ECU. (May 07) RV8NOTE260

261. RV8 alloy wheel refurb tip
Jeff Swann
Jeff Swann (Woodcote Green 0519) from Leicestershire, describes a useful tip which could avoid damage to the dummy wheel studs on an RV8. (May 07)

262. Replacing an RV8 hood
Mike Lane
Mike Lane (Oxford Blue 0855) from Andover Hampshire recently had a number of new hoods fitted.Here he highlights a problem - there are two types of hood frame! (May 07) RV8NOTE262

263. Update on rear axle oil for the RV8 Quaife torque bias differential
Stuart Middlemiss
Stuart Middlemiss (Nightfire Red 1215) from Norfolk has obtained a confirmation from Shell of an improved oil for the RV8 differential. He also provides an important reminder regarding the Quaife differential. First published in the May 2007 issue of Safety Fast!. (May 07) RV8NOTE263

264. Experience with RV8 gearbox and back axle oils
Stuart Middlemiss
It has been a while now since Stuart Middlemiss (Nightfire Red 1215) from Norfolk changed the oils in both the gearbox (his has the R380 which was fitted to RV8s from VIN 0644 onwards) and the back axle. He thought it might be useful to circulate the results. (Jun 07) RV8NOTE264

265. Refurbishing RV8 wheels
Jeff Swann
Jeff Swann (Woodcote Green 0519) from Leicestershire, posted a note on the V8BB on how he refurbished his RV8 wheels. (Jun 07)

266. Solving a creak from an RV8 dashboard
Robert Crowson and Michael O'Brien
In a V8BB posting Hugh Boddington sought help solving a creak from the dashboard on his RV8. Michael O'Brien in Australia came up with a solution. (Jun 07) RV8NOTE266

267. New RV8 mats
Roger Aldridge
Roger Aldridge (Oxford Blue 1722) from Berkshire needed some new mats but found they were NLA so he found a source for remanufactured mats. (July 07) RV8NOTE267

268. More on replacement RV8 hoods
Mike Lane
Mike Lane (Oxford Blue 0855) from Andover recently had a number of replacement hoods fitted and found discrepancies. (July 07) RV8NOTE268 and RV8 hood mini survey

269. Clutch master and slave cylinder repair kits
Peter Garton
Peter Garton found getting the right repair kits took time. (Aug 07) RV8NOTE269

270. Fuel gauge not reading correctly
Bob Owen
Ian Fowler posted a message on the V8BB saying "the fuel gauge on my RV8 will only register a little over half full when the tank is full, and reads a quarter full when the tank is actually at half full. Has anybody else had this problem? How do I test the gauge and sender unit? (Aug 07)

271. Changing the oil on a type R380 gearbox
Peter Garton
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany provides a useful guide to a gearbox oil change. (Aug 07) RV8NOTE271

. R380 gearbox oil change
Barry Martin
Barry Martin posted a note on the V8BB saying he found changing the gearbox oil on his RV8's R380 gearbox a much less arduous task. Here he explains how. (Aug 07) RV8NOTE272

273. RV8 windscreen VIN etch template
Gavin Bailey
DR Gavin Bailey (BRG 0766) from Surrey has provided a short note on the VIN etch template. (Sep 07) RV8NOTE273

274. RV8 remote instruction card

Gavin Bailey
DR Gavin Bailey (BRG 0766) from Surrey has provided a short note on the RV8 remote instruction card. (Sep 07) RV8NOTE273

275. Photos of an RV8 gearbox oil change
Chris Yates
As a sequel to RV8NOTE272, Chris Yates has had his gearbox oil change done at B&G at Baldock and provides a set of photos of the work. (Oct 07) RV8NOTE275

276. Removing the Wee Nuisance
Robbie Stewart
Robbie Stewart (Woodcote Green 1626) explains how he replaced the MG badges on his RV8. (Oct 07) RV8NOTE276

Refurbishing the elm burr veneer on an RV8 glovebox lid
Peter Garton
Peter Garton posted a message on the V8BB concerning the refurbishment of his glove box lid on the dashboard of his RV8. (Nov 07)

278. Fitting a set of Spax Krypton Gas Shocks
Rob Collier
Rob Collier (Woodcote Green 1147) from Lancashire recently bought a set of the new Spax shock absorbers developed for the RV8 and describes fitting them and the pleasure driving an RV8 with much better handling and ride. (Jan 08)

279. Where can I get a set of clean number plates?
Robert Crowson
Robert Crowson (Woodcote Green 1147) from Yorkshire posted a query on the V8BB "needing new registration plates for my RV8 I asked my local garage to sort me out a new pair. When they arrived they had the maker's name across the bottom. I don't want 'ABC Autoparts Ltd.' across the bottom of the plates but my garage says that is the law now. Are they correct? (Jan 08)

280. Why is there a glimmer from my ignition warning light?
Dave Hedger
Dave Hedger posted a query on the V8BB about a glimmer from the non charging light on the dashboard of his RV8 and sought fellow members' help. (Jan 08)

281. Replacing RV8 speaker grilles
Robbie Stewart
Robbie Stewart (Woodcote Green 1626) provides a useful guide on how to source replacement speaker grilles for the rear quarter panel on an RV8. (Mar 08)

282. Relacquering timber trim on an RV8
Robbie Stewart
Robbie Stewart (Woodcote Green 1626) provides a useful guide
to re-lacquering timber trim. (Mar 08)

Cleaning the stepper motor
Paul Clark posted a query on the V8BB seeking help on erratic running and how to clean the stepper motor. Here Geoff King sets out how to clean the stepper motor and points to other causes of erratic running that might need investigation. (APR 08)

284. Replacement oil filters and sump gaskets for the RV8

Peter Garton
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) in Germany posted a query on the V8BB concerning replacement part numbers. The responses will be a useful resource for fellow members. (APR 08)

285. Caution with fuel pipe on an RV8

Max Porter
Max Porter was replacing the fuel filters on his RV8 recently and spotted a split in what appeared to be an "as-new" length of rubber fuel hose. This note highlights a useful safety check. (May 08)

286. Caution with the RV8 hood catches

Clive Wheatley
Clive Wheatley was returning from the Historic Le Mans and became aware the windscreen frame toggle catches securing the front rail of the hood were showing signs of coming loose! (Jul 08)

287. Rally plaque for an RV8

Hugh Boddington
Hugh Boddington has provided details of the plaque he has made up for his RV8 which looks very good. No more cable ties for Hugh! (Jul 08)

288. Essential spares when touring abroad
V8BB postings
Bob Grieves (Black 2778) from Kent posted a query for ideas from fellow members of the essential spares anyone should carry when touring overseas. Responses came from Geoff King, Bob Owen, Victor Smith, Jim Gibson, Rob Lewis, Rob Collier and Mike Lane. So the combined list below will probably cover most reasonable spares needs. (Jul 08)

289. Fitting a door pockets to an RV8
Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan (Woodcote Green 1703) from SW France has made door pockets for the drivers and passenger doors from Connolly leather to provide more storage space in his RV8. (Jul 08) RV8NOTE289

290. No charge light stays on
Adrian Brook
Adrian Brook (Woodcote 1823) from East Yorkshire posted a note on the V8BB about a difficulty he had with his no charge light and a few weeks later reported the solution. (Aug 08)

291. RV8 handbrake modification
Hugh Boddington
Hugh Boddington found the position of the handbrake grip in the off position on his RV8 was too high and uncomfortably close to the bottom edge of the steering wheel. So he began thinking of how it might be modified so that it was lower. Hugh decided the only way to lower the grip was to re-profile the handbrake lever. (Oct 08) RV8NOTE291

292. Performance gains from removing the CATs
Matt Jones
Matt Jones posted a query on the V8BB and some useful responses followed as guidance for fellow members. (Nov 08)

293. Brake systems and servos on the MGBGTV8 and RV8
Bob Owen
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany started a thread on the V8BB in August 2007 by posting a message wondering what would happen if the brake servo on his RV8 were to fail. This note brings together the responses to that thread, particularly from Bob Owen. (Jan 08)

294. Which brake fluid?
Bob Owen
Bob Owen has produced an excellent article which sets out the facts with a dispassionate assessment of the issues so fellow members can understand the DOT categories, the DOT fluid performance tests and the benefits and disadvantages of each fluid. He has also highlighted some concerns - key variables where there is uncertainty. In essence they are the lack of information on the composition of the replacement rubber seals and the effect of various formulations of glycol fluid available in the market on those different types of rubber seal - and the effect of silicone fluid on them too. They are being examined and a further report will follow. (Jan 09)

295. Cooling hoses layout
V8 Bulletin Board thread
Mike Howlett posted a query on the V8BB seeking help with the cooling pipes on his conversion. (Feb 09)

296. Where can I get replacement ignition keys
V8 Bulletin Board thread
Mike Giblenn posted a V8BB message asking fellow members where he could get a replacement RV8 key with the pivoting fob? (Feb 09)

297. Space saver tyre for the RV8
Gavin Bailey
Gavin Bailey (BRG 0766) from Surrey obtained an RV8 spacesaver tyre and as they are not readily available, he has provided some photos. (Feb 09)

298. Tyre sealants
V8BB posting
Roger Parker mentioned tyre sealants in V8NOTE247 as a way of coping with the removal of a spare tyre to make more room for luggage in an MGV8. (Feb 02)

299. Check the steel connecting pipe between the lower cooling hoses
John Holmes
John Holmes has a brief note but it is nonetheless a useful reminder of a check you should make when you change the rubber cooling hoses on your RV8. (APR 09)

300. Where can I get a touch up!
Angus Munro
Angus Munro posed this question on the V8BB and the response was most helpful. Surprisingly Miss Whiplash from Milton Keynes did not respond! (Jun 09) RV8NOTE300

Volume 9
301. Replacement boot bulkhead clips
Hugh Boddington
Hugh Boddington was looking for spare clips for his RV8 but had been unable to get them
and then saw them in a magazine. (Jun 09) RV8NOTE301

302. RV8 windstop for the taller driver
Angus Munro
Angus Munro wanted a windstop but as he is quite tall had to think of ways of adapting the standard windstop. Here he describes the project and in a copy of this note, illustrated with photos, available on the V8 Website he provides a detailed guide to fitting a windstop plus provides a drawing of the new rail too. (Jul 09) RV8NOTE302

303. Renovo's plastic window polish works!

Angus Munro
Angus Munro posted a note on the V8BB of his experience with Renovo's product. (Jul 09) RV8NOTE303

304. Spacesaver wheel and tyre for an RV8
John Bolt
Following a V8BB posting by Alan Spence, John Bolt provides details of the spacesaver wheel and tyre he has used on his RV8. (Jul 09) RV8NOTE304

305. Take care with adverts for RV8 brake discs on eBay!
Julian Holmes
Julian Holmes spotted an advert on eBay for RV8 replacement front brake discs at bargain prices but discovered they were not RV8 discs. Later he spotted an advert on eBay from MG Services Heathrow offering genuine RV8 discs which included a warning for RV8 enthusiasts to avoid discs offered on eBay by some traders. They are not RV8 discs but quite probably Rover 800 discs. (Jul 09) RV8NOTE305

306. Curing RV8 speedometer faults
Peter Garton
Peter Garton, an RV8 enthusiast in Germany, posted a VBB note reporting he had a faulty kph speedo. The responses were very interesting and highlighted some concerns for UK enthusiasts who still have a kph speedo on their reimported RV8. (Aug 09) RV8NOTE306

307. Critical views on spacesaver wheels
Ian Quarrington & Bob Owen
Some of the feedback on the spacesaver thread on the V8BB was critical of the idea of a spacesaver following the release of RV8NOTE304 on Tuesday 4th August . (Aug 09)

308. Converting RV8 headlamps to LHD
Peter Garton
Normally the RV8 reimports from Japan, apart from being originally equipped with the speedometer in kilometres, also have the headlamps fitted which are suitable for the UK - the Japanese also drive on the left! – so will need changing if you keep your RV8 in Mainland Europe or other countries where they drive on the righthand side of the road. (Aug 09)

309. Finding replacement RV8 cats
Barry Martin
Barry Martin started to hear the dreaded death rattle from the underside of his RV8 and he knew he had to find some replacement cats. Here he tells us where he found a good supplier. (Aug 09)

310. What is a Hoyle rear suspension upgrade like?
Robert Crowson
This is a question owners consider when they consider whether the handling and ride of the standard suspension package on their RV8. Nigel Hylands-White posted a message on the V8BB seeking fellow RV8 members' views. Here Robert Crowson relates his experiences of a Hoyle set up. (Nov 09)

311. Fitting a Hoyle independent rear suspension upgrade on an RV8
Steve Newton
Steve Newton at Clive Wheatley mgv8parts has fitted a number of Hoyle rear suspension upgrade kits and provides an outline of what is involved. (Nov 09)

312. Not all suspension mods on an RV8 are a good idea
Angus Munro
Angus Munro bought an RV8 that was advertised with various suspension modifications supplied by a reputable company. He found the handling of the car was alarming. Here he describes what he found and how he cured the problems. (Nov 09)

313. LHD headlamp conversion on an RV8
Frank Labruier
Most RV8s were produced in right hand drive (RHD) form as the major markets were Japan and the UK, both of whom drive on the left However, many of the Japanese RV8s have been put up for sale in recent years due to the cost of passing the very stringent tests their regulations impose on older cars. Moreover, the recession in the UK has increased the number of RV8s for sale in the UK and the strong state of the Euro and has made them attractive to continental buyers. So as more continental buyers want to register their RHD RV8s in mainland Europe a key requirement for compliance is that the headlights should dip to the right and meet the various cut-off and light scatter regulations. Frank Labruier of Luxembourg has an RV8 he bought in the UK and has come up with an economical and elegant solution. Frank apologises for his 35 year old school English but in fact it is very good, so the following is Frank's explanation, with a few very minor amendments from Bob Owen. (Nov 09) RV8NOTE313

314. Refurbishing RV8 wheels
V8BB postings
Hugh Boddington set a V8BB thread running with the question "has anybody had any experience of stripping the lacquer from an RV8 wheel using Nitro Mors water based paint and varnish remover?" It soon became an active thread and finally David Sutcliffe from Australia posted details of how he had refurbished his RV8 wheels. (DEC 09) RV8NOTE314

315. Water pump overhaul
V8BB postings
Ross Boyd posted a query on the V8BB seeking help with his water pump overhaul. (DEC 09) RV8NOTE315

316. Space saver wheel
David Sutcliffe
David sent in a set of photos of his modified SAAB 900 spacesaver spare wheel he uses with his RV8 when he needs boot space. He had a local engineering shop to make a spacer ring which is permanently fitted to the inside wheel centre. His photos show the improved boot space. (Photos: David Sutcliffe) RV8NOTE316

317. RV8 wheel refurbishment sequel
Hugh Boddington
Following the contributions to a V8BB thread on refurbishing RV8 wheels launched as a query by Hugh Boddington, he set about cleaning his wheels and replacing the removable studs. In this sequel he provides a photo record of how he refurbished his wheels. (Jan 10) RV8NOTE317

318. RV8 tacho removal and wiring
Gavin Bown, John Brown and Hugh Boddington
Ross Boyd posted a query on the V8BB saying could someone please tell me how to remove the tacho without removing the whole dash? (Jan 10)

319. Fitting a tow bar to an RV8
Tim Hipwell
Nigel Ricardo posted a query on the V8BB seeking advice on fitting a tow bar to an RV8. Tim Hipwell responded with some photos of the tow bar he had fitted to the RV8 he used to own. (Jan 10)

320. What are the differences between the two types of drive - Phillips and Posidriv®?
George Wilder
The front of George Wilder's RV8 was hit by a pigeon as he was driving along a single carriageway. Fortunately on inspection he found no damage to the paintwork, but needed to remove and adjust the position of a headlight cowl on his RV8. He discovered the fixing screws were not Phillips but Posidriv®. This may not be a distinction which someone without an engineering background may be aware so this note explains the differences between the two types of drive so you will be able to make sure you have the correct screwdriver for the job. (Jan 10)

Wipers failed? - test the relay as well as the fuse
Simon Austin
Simon Austin recently imported RV8 (Woodcote Green 0590) to Canada from Japan and during the process of having the car MOT'd for licensing had run into a small snag. His wiper/washer system was not working. He thought he had isolated it to the relay/control unit on the back-side of the fuse-box. Unfortunately he found that this relay was not available in Canada so he ordered a new one from Rimmer Bros. Simon posted a message on the V8BB to see if any other RV8 owners had had their wipers fail and found the relay at fault. If not the relay, were there any other areas to check out? (Jan 10)

Concerns with modern antifreeze formulations for classic MG enthusiasts
Victor Smith
Concerns over the suitability of current antifreeze formulations for use in classic cars were raised in a recent newsletter from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). When you refer back to the handbook for the RV8 published it recommends using an ethylene glycol based antifreeze, but on visiting the Bluecol website a small footnote states their Bluecol 5 Year product is "not suitable for classic cars". So what does an RV8 enthusiast use for antifreeze today, what are the issues behind the changes to an iconic motoring product like Bluecol and what are the concerns for a classic car enthusiast? (9.3.10)

323. RV8 boot lid struts
Peter Wallis
Peter Wallis from Hampshire posted a note on the V8BB with a useful, moneysaving tip on sourcing replacement struts at a competitive price. (Mar 10)

324. RV8 Engine mounts orientation?
[note is being drafted]
Replacing his engine mounts, Darren Jones wanted clarification on which way round to fit them, so he posted a request for help on the V8BB. (APR 10) RV8NOTE324 & Extract

325. RV8 rear bumper alignment
Peter Garton
Peter Garton in Germany posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board and later sent in a set of photos which help explain how he got his nearside rear bumper correctly aligned. (APR 10) RV8NOTE325

326. Blocked fuel filters - an essential check for RV8 enthusiasts
Brian Kitching and Peter Garton
Useful threads appear on the V8BB regularly and recently two threads clearly have a link producing a useful reminder for fellow RV8 enthusiasts on the need to check the fuel filter and a possible cause for the rust particles that can accumulate there! (Jun 10)

327. RV8 oil pressure switch
John Bolt
Geoff Day, a new member from Suffolk, contacted Club Office with a query - "my car is an early one, number 13 made. I need a new Oil Pressure Switch, but have been supplied with part number GPS 181 twice, which does not fit. Can you help?" (APR 10)

328. Fitting a Classic Additions' windstop
Richard Wood posted a note on the V8BB seeking help as he has just purchased the classic additions windstop, but had found the instructions consist of some very grainy photos. Could someone tell me how to connect the windstop to the brackets and which way up the side brackets go. Also the bolts that connect the actual windstop to its side brackets seem far too long. Classic Additions sent us a useful photo.(Jun 10)

329. Unlocking a seat belt inertia reel
Erik Persson
When removing the seat the belt on his RV8, Erik Persson in Sweden found the belt completely rewound back onto the reel. Extending the belt proved impossible as the inertial lock appeared to have engaged and the belt could not be rewound further to get the lock to release. How did Erik solve the problem? (Jun 10)

330. Understanding and maintaining RV8 brakes
Christopher Allan posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help understanding how the Rv8 brakes work and can be adjusted. This note provides links to copies of the sections on the brakes in the RV8 Technical Reveal and the RV8 Repair Manual. (Aug 10) RV8NOTE330

331. How safe is the jack in your RV8?
Chris Allan
Shortly after Chris Allan purchased his 1994 RV8 (Flame Red 1192) he decided to check the contents of the tool tray located within the spare wheel centre. What he found was not reassuring. (Aug 10)

332. Make sure your hood toggle catches are fixed correctly
Michael Bernhard
Michael Bernhard (Woodcote Green 1169) in Switzerland posted a useful caution on the V8 Bulletin Board. (Aug 10)

333. RV8 gear lever rubber gaiter replacement
Richard Wood
Richard Wood (Caribbean Blue 0370) from Lancashire found help from a fellow member via the V8 Bulletin Board on this occasional service item. (Sep 10) RV8NOTE333

334. Should the ashtray have an insert, metal or plastic?
Richard Wood
Richard Wood posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board noting "as the RV8 is still new to me, but should the ashtray have an insert, metal or plastic?" (Nov 10)

335. Windstop installation from Holland
Leo Schetters
Leo Schetters has provided a set of photos and drawings of his neat windstop. (Nov 10)

336. Heater blower not working?
Richard Wood
Richard Wood posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with a heater blower that would not work. An RV8 enthusiast in Germany, Peter Garton, spotted a possible solution which solved the problem. (DEC 10) RV8NOTE336

337. What pressures do you use for modern tyres on an RV8?
Ron Gammons
Julian Holmes posted a message on the V8BB saying although much has been written about tyres on the V8BB, I haven't seen anything about tyre pressures used by other MGV8 members and wonder what they use?" (DEC 10) RV8NOTE337

338. Identifying the RV8 replacement cooling hoses
Steve Newton
Simon Austin in Canada posted a V8BB query seeking help in identifying a couple of hoses in the set of eleven in the replacement hose kit. So we have prepared a note identifying each one. (Jan 11)

339. Take care with excessive use of sump sealant
Steve Newton
On checking an RV8 for a sump oil leak, Steve Newton at Clive Wheatley mgv8parts was surprised by what he found! It could easily have lead to an expensive engine rebuild. (Jan 11)

340. Fitting central locking to an MGV8
Martin Ashby
Martin Ashby (Bracken 1346) from Coventry says after owning many modern cars all fitted with remote central locking, he decided to retro fit remote central locking to his MGBGTV8. He had fitted the same style of kit to other classic cars he had owned including a previous MGB with great success. Here he describes the kit you will need to get and how to carry out the conversion. (Feb 11)

341. Fitting cruise control to an MGV8
Ralph Coulson
Ralph Coulson acquired his V8 Roadster in 2007 and has enjoyed it a great deal including a memorable MGOT track day at Castle Coombe in 2009. Here he describes how he installed a cruise control system to his V8. (Feb 11)

342. RV8 "badge"
Chris Allan
Michael Gledstone posted a query on the V8BB saying "I note with some surprise that the RV8 does not display a badge, which says 'RV8'. I realise this is a matter of opinion or personal taste, however I feel a car of this class should have a visible identity. My car only displays ROVER - has any member fitted an RV8 badge? If so please could you say from where it was obtained?" (Mar 11) RV8NOTE342

343. RV8 rear window zip
Peter Wallis
Peter Wallis
sought help on the V8BB with sticking zip and some useful tips followed. (Mar 11)

344. RV8 instrument bezels

Dominic Scott
Dominic Scott from New Zealand posted a query over instrument bezels. (Mar 11)
Intro. (Mar 11)

345. Folding windstopper design for an RV8
Leo Schetters
Dutch RV8 enthusiast, Leo Schetters, has generously provided a useful set of drawings for making folding brackets for an RV8 windstopper. (Mar 11)

346. Luggage rack options for an RV8
Chris Yates
Richard Woods posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with a replacement luggage rack. Chris Yates responded with photos of both a fixed and a removable rack. Peter Beadle provides several footnotes. (Mar 11)

347. Where does the coolant go?
Graham Cornford
Simon Austin in Canada posted a query on a cooling difficulty. Graham Cornford in the USA suggested a possible cause and a way of avoiding coolant loss. (APR 11)

348. Useful tool for fitting a hood press stud
Richard Wood
Richard Wood posted a useful tip on the V8BB on hood studs. (APR 11)

349. Heater rail modification to avoid a heavy indentation on a rubber heater hose
Steve Newton
Steve Newton has come across a number of RV8s with an indentation on an elbow shaped rubber heater hose on the end of the heater rail near the alternator. He suggests a cure. (APR 11)

350. RV8 driver's footwell water leak
Dominic Scott
Dominic Scott, an RV8 enthusiast in New Zealand, highlights how he solved a water leak around the pedals. (Jul 11)

351. Fitted luggage for an RV8
Peter Wallis and Ken Clayton
Peter Wallis and Ken Clayton have found some fitted luggage from a specialist supplier, Hillsalive, is an efficient way of packing for a weekend or a longer tour in an MGV8. (Aug 11)

352. Refurbishing a seat frame on an RV8
Olav Jansen
Olav Jansen found the seats on the ex Japanese spec RV8 he bought were rather dirty and the iron frame was somewhat rusty, so he took out the seats to carry out a refurbishment. (Sep 11) RV8NOTE352

353. Cautionary tale with a socket ratchet set
Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip provides a word of warning to those of you who use socket set ratchet handles that you need to push the spindle through and turn over to reverse the direction of operation. (Jan 12)

354. Power steering options
Victor Smith
Fitting power steering to a classic MG is a topic often raised, particularly in relation to the RV8 which many people find heavy to steer. Hydraulic power assisted steering (PAS) systems have been available for a while, and some RV8s reimported from Japan have been retrofitted there with the MGF EPAS (electric power assisted steering) system. With a new EPAS conversion available in the UK, how do these systems compare? Victor Smith reviews the available options. (DEC 11) RV8NOTE354

355. Official type approval for the EZ EPAS system in Switzerland
Michael Bernhard
A Swiss RV8 enthusiast, Michael A. R. Bernhard, has been working hard with his local classic car specialist and EZ Power Steering in Holland to get official type approval for the retrofitted EZ EPAS system in Switzerland. Here he describes how they have successfully obtained official approval for the retrofit. (Jan 12) RV8NOTE355

Volume 10
356. First impressions of an EZ EPAS system

Mike Lane
Fitting power steering to an older MG is a topic often raised, particularly in relation to the RV8 which many people find heavy to steer. Mike Lane gives his first impressions of the pleasure of driving his RV8 fitted with an EZ EPAS retrofit from Clive Wheatley mgv8parts. (APR 12)

357. Draining and refilling the RV8 coolant system
Peter Garton
Following a query raised on the V8 Bulletin Board, Peter Garton sets out the procedure he uses to drain and refill the coolant system on his RV8.. (APR 12) RV8NOTE357

Replacement RV8 radiator cover

Peter Garton
The plastic radiator cover often breaks at the offside mounting point. Here Peter Garton describes his experience with the problem and how he fitted an upgraded replacement. (APR 12)

359. Refurbishing an RV8 brake master cylinder
Paul Ireland
As the hydraulic fluid in the brake master cylinder looked like old engine oil, Paul Ireland felt it looked as if the fluid had not been changed since his RV8 was built. So he decided to rebuild the master cylinder and the wheel cylinders. The master cylinder proved to be challenging because, not helped by an error in the RV8 repair manual - hence the reason for this note. (May 12) RV8NOTE359

360. Rechipping an RV8
Victor Smith
It's a topic often raised by RV8 enthusiasts and in a V8BB thread in May 2012 Peter Garton sought a clarification of the difference between the the Optimax and Tornado chips supplied by the rechipping specialist Mark Adams.
(May 12) RV8NOTE360

361. Replacing clutch and brake return springs
Peter Garton
A useful note from a V8 Bulletin Board thread launched by Peter Garton. (June 12) RV8NOTE361

362. RV8 wheel refurbishment
Angus Munro
From time to time a discussion opens on the V8 Bulletin Board regarding refurbishment of the wheels fitted as original equipment to the RV8. Angus Munro has followed these threads for some time and with the information gained had planned to do the work himself, but then found a first class specialist providing a good wheel refurbishment service. Angus relates his experiences. (July 12) RV8NOTE362

363. Setting up a Hoyle IRS upgrade on an RV8
Angus Munro
When Angus Munro was considering the idea of putting the Hoyle Engineering IRS upgrade onto his RV8 he did as much research as possible before deciding to go ahead. He found the excellent article on fitting the upgrade by Steve Newton of Clive Wheatley mgv8parts published in Safety Fast! December 2009 was helpful but felt there was a distinct lack of information regarding the set-up of the system and moreover, what to expect of it. Here Angus describes his experience with setting up his Hoyle IRS. (Jul 12)

364. Spax shock absorber settings on an RV8
Angus Munro
Shortly after bespoke Spax Krypton replacement shock absorbers were made available by Clive Wheatley in late 2007, Rob Collier reported his experience with fitting them and the pleasure driving an RV8 with much better handling and ride. In a V8BB thread in July 2012, Angus Munro reported his experience with softer settings on his replacement Spax shockers. It proved an interesting topic as Angus relates. (Jul 12) RV8NOTE364

365. Bonnet gas struts upgrade
Simon Austin
In an effort to improve on the RV8 design, Simon Austin wanted to install gas struts to the bonnet on his RV8. He'd always wondered why MG Rover didn't use struts but it may have just come down to cost. As Simon has had previous experience installing the struts on two other MGBs he has owned, he felt this task could easily be accomplished. Here he describes how he fitted a pair of gas struts. (Aug 12)

366. RV8 boot lid lock and boot light switch
During a recent thread on the V8 Bulletin Board, Godfrey Dennis was able to solve two problems: first solving a problem with the switch forming part of the boot lock and second solving a missing tell-tale lamp on the dashboard switch for the boot lock. (Aug 12) RV8NOTE366

367. Radiator pressure caps
Tony Lake
The V8 cooling system just about copes with modern motoring so here Tony Lake provides this useful note on cooling, what is so "hot" it could be regarded as overheating and the importance of a correctly pressurised cooling system. (Aug 12) RV8NOTE367

368. Changing the small bulb in the RV8 dashboard boot release switch
Godfrey Dennis
During the discussion of how to solve a faulty luggage compartment lamp switch in the boot lock, Godfrey Dennis also checked the tell-tale light in the dashboard switch which opensthe boot. Here he describes how he tracked down a source of the small replacement bulbs and fitted one to his switch. (Aug 12)

369. Remote ignition module installation
Simon Austin
Simon Austin offers this modification saying you're not likely to find any reference to the remote ignition module kit in any RV8 manuals as the kit is actually intended for use on Land Rover vehicles. Since the RV8 uses the same ignition system as the mid-90s Land Rovers, this remote kit can be added to an RV8. The main reason for the kit is to extend the life of the ignition module by getting it away from heat. (Aug 12)

370. RV8 cooling fan modification
Peter Garton
Peter decided that a modification which allowed the cooling fan to run after the ignition was turned off would be a useful improvement. This note describes this modification. (Aug 12)

371. How to deactivate or disable the RV8 volumetric alarm
Peter Garton
Peter Garton explains how this adjustment to the burglar or anti-theft system can be made. (Aug 12)

372. Dealing with tyre punctures - a personal view
Peter Varley
Peter Varely responded to a V8 Bulletin Board thread discussing spacesaver wheels for the RV8 as a way of making more room for luggage when touring, with this personal view on his approach to the issue. (Sep 12) RV8NOTE372

373. RV8 cooling fan override switch
John Anthistle
Peter Ferguson posted a V8BB note seeking help making this useful modification saying “looking at the wiring diagram it looks to me that a switched, earthed wire to "85" on the cooling fan relay would bypass the cooling fan switch when required. However I am no auto electrician and would appreciate guidance from someone who has done it with success”. Helpful replies provided the answer. (Feb 12) RV8NOTE373

374. Tracing an engine misfire on an RV8
Oliver Libuda and Peter Garton
After a lengthy and expensive series of tests and replacement parts by a local distributor, the problem was traced to a failure of the RV8 mass airflow sensor resulting in negative exhaust emission values when the engine was at normal operating temperature and causing misfiring when accelerating. Here Oliver and Peter explain how the problem was solved. (Oct 12)

375. Fitting electric wing mirrors to an RV8
John Taylor & John Cumming
John Taylor made this reversible modification to his RV8 so he now has electrically adjustable wing mirrors with a heated element to remove condensation or frost from the face of the mirror. (Oct 12)

376. Preventative maintenance with the RV8 aircon condenser fan and motor
John Cumming
John Cumming found that when he took off the air conditioning condenser brackets and fans to repaint the metal work, the fan blades are mounted upside down and trap water in the closed part of the fan. This trapped water then rusts the fan motor case. He outlines a useful modification. (Jan 13)

377. More on electric wing mirrors
Tim Smith
Following RV8NOTE375 contributed by John Taylor and John Cumming, which described how the RV8 can have electrically controlled and heated mirrors, Tim Smith owner of Nightfire Red 1218 has added notes from his experience of fitting the mirrors. (Apr 13)

378. Aircon recharge on an RV8
David Allen
After 16 years good use his with ex Japan 1996 RV8, David Allen found the air conditioning system failed to produce cool air. Here he explains how he found a convenient way to have the system checked and recharged. (Jun 13)

379. Replacing a yellow brake fluid warning label
Richard Wood
Richard Wood posted a V8BB note saying he had been cleaning the engine bay of his RV8 and noticed that 18 years of brake fluid has not been too kind to the "little yellow flexible plastic warning label" that sits under the brake fluid filler cap which is on top of the brake fluid reservoir. He traced a supplier. (Jul 13)

380. Scratch reduction on an RV8 rear window
Philip Irving
Philip Irving in Germany posted a note on the V8BB of his experience with a useful product for removing scratches from an RV8 rear screen. (Sep 13)

381. Solving crunching gears with an RV8 gearbox
Peter Varley
A query posted on the V8BB touched on a topic that will increasingly become an issue for RV8 owners as the mileage builds up on their LT77S or R380 gearboxes. (Feb 12)

382. Cures for a notchy gear change
V8 Bulletin Board thread
New RV8 member, Michael Burnside, posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "I don't know if all RV8s are the same, but with my car when changing into 2nd from 1st or 3rd it is a tad notchy. It is not crunching, it just is not smooth going in. My car is chassis 951 so has the later R380 gearbox with reverse to the right and back. Are there any adjustments or cures I could try?" The note provides useful information on lubricants for LT77 and R380 gearboxes. (Oct 13)

383. Rear spring shackle
George Wilder
When changing the rear spring shackle bushes on his 1965 MGB Roadster on one of the rear shackles, one of the pins separated from the shackle. Here George Wilder provides an advisory note suggesting that careful inspection of the shackle is required when changing the bushes and if there is any doubt over the condition of the shackle it should be replaced on a preventative basis. (Oct 13)

384. How to grease your gear lever and remote
Steve Newton
Steve Newton describes how the grease the gear lever cup on the remote on an LT77 or R380 gearbox fitted to an RV8. Access is tight and particular care needs to be taken with a spring loaded nylon plunger which holds the gear lever both when removing it and when replacing the gear lever - if you are not careful it can fly off and then you will need to spend time scrabbling around under the car hunting for the spring and plunger! Steve says "let's begin". (Nov 13)

385. Replacing the bush in a drop link eye at the end of the anti-roll bar
Replacing the bushes in the drop link eyes at the end of the bar and the bushes under the clamps securing the anti-roll bar to the main frame rails will necessary from time to time. Over time the bushes degenerate and allow some movement of the bar and drop link fixing which will reduce the effectiveness of antiroll bar as part of the suspension system. Replacing the bushes in the drop link eyes (1 right) at the end of the bar and the bushes (5) under the clamps (4) securing the anti-roll bar to the main frame rails will necessary from time to time. Over time the bushes degenerate and allow some movement of the bar and drop link fixing which will reduce the effectiveness of antiroll bar as part of the suspension system. (Jan 14)

386. LED lights upgrade
Victor Smith
Fitting LED bulbs as a direct replacement for the original filament bulbs results in a brighter more intense light than a filament bulb and a significantly lower power consumption too, a useful benefit with an ageing wiring loom. The bulbs use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and most of the bulbs supplied by Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions use an LED called an SMD (surface mount diode) to emit a brighter more intense light than a filament bulb. They light instantly and have no filament to "blow". They are also good with vibration. (Apr 14) Published in the V8 Newsletter April 2014 issue of Safety Fast!

LED sidelight bulb upgrade
John Cumming
Following the article on LED bulbs published in the April 2014 V8 Newsletter in Safety Fast!, John Cumming provides additional information on an LED side light upgrade. (Apr 14)

388. How does a Quaife differ from a limited slip differential?

Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip explains how they differ. (Apr 14)

389. RV8 wheel refurbishment

Al Barnett
Wheel refurbishment has been a regular topic over for RV8 enthusiasts over the years and in a V8 Bulletin Board Al Barnett reported how he had his wheels refurbished by a specialist in Kent. (May 14)

390. Coolant loss? - it could be a crack in the expansion tank neck
Chris Yates
His RV8 was examined and it was found the expansion tank was losing fluid and this was because, over time, the pressure cap had been over tightened creating a hardly discernable hole at the mouth of the expansion tank. This crack was just enough to create the conditions for a reduced pressure on the cooling system and the loss of coolant. (Jun 14)

391. RV8 seatbelt repair or replacement
Andrew Jeyarajah
Wear on seatbelts can be an MOT failure, so what can you do if you need to repair or replace a worn or damaged seatbelt? (Jun 14)

392. Gaiters to cover cracked RV8 seatbelt belt stalk covers
Mike Lane
Mike found a way of repairing his cracked seat belt stalk plastic covers. (Jun 14)

393. RV8 aircon saga - round 2
David Allen
David Allen contributed a useful RV8NOTE378 in June 2013 based on his experience of having his aircon system checked and recharged by Kwikfit. Here he provides an update. (Jun 14)

394. RV8 rear screen zip repair
Mike Lane and Peter Wallis
When the zip for the rear window on his RV8 failed, Peter Wallis sought help from fellow members on the V8 Bulletin Board. (Jun 14)

395. What are the key issues to consider when deciding whether to fit 175 or 185 tyres on an MGBGTV8?
Victor Smith
A question often posed by V8 members is "I need to fit some new tyres shortly and had a look around at what fellow members have on their cars. Currently I have 185s but am considering going back to 175s. Are there any strong views on what is best?" (Jul 14)

396. Avoiding a fine for incorrect registration plates
George Wilder
With the end of paper tax discs on 1st October the DVLA will be relying on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to check vehicles have a current vehicle excise duty, even a NIL value VED for a Historic tax class vehicle. Using ANPR cameras will also give the police the opportunity of spotting other offences such as incorrect registration plates for which there is a potential fine of £1,000. George Wilder highlights how to check your classic MG built on or after 1st January 1973 has the correct plates and avoid a heavy fine. (Oct 14)

397. Getting an MG that has been stored back on the road
Mike Howlett, Malcolm Venables, Gavin Brown & Bob Owen
David Conte recently bought a Factory MGBGTV8 and as he had always been a classic Mini enthusiast he felt working on a V8 was a departure. He mentioned the car has been stored for the last 14 years and as a consequence needed a little work to get it back on the road. The car was in great condition body wise and mechanically seems strong. As the car only done a genuine 49,000 miles with evidence to prove it, David was not anticipating an engine rebuild but he had some questions and sought fellow members help in a V8BB posting. (Nov 14)

398. Retrofitting daytime driving lights to a classic car
Vic Todman
So how can a classic car enthusiast improve the relative visibility of their car particularly at night and in adverse conditions but also during the daytime? This note examines the case for DRLs and Vic Todman describes a modest DRL modification he has made on his MGV8. (Nov 14)

399. Alarm not working on an RV8
Gavin Brown, Simon Austin, Peter Garton, Alan Rennie and Richard Withington
A note was posted on the V8BB by Terence Carney seeking help with solving a problem with an alarm not working. Terence asked "is there a relay that could need replacing, where it and where is the alarm fitted? He added "is the relay colour coded? I can only think that it can be this because everything was working as normal when I last left the car." In the end Richard Withington met up with Terence and solved the problem - a defective electronic key fob. (Nov 14)

Volume 11
400. Headrest upgrade for the RV8
Ian Cranston
Ian Cranston describes a useful upgrade for the headrests in his RV8. (Jan 15) RV8NOTE400

401. Lubricating an RV8 steering rack
Gerald Wright & Clive Wheatley
Gerald Wright has an RV8 in Zimbabwe and has provided some interesting feedback on his experience with maintenance on his steering rack. (Feb 15)

402. ECU upgrade caution
Paul Baker
Paul Baker is pleased with the Optimax chip upgrade but has an important caution. (Feb 15)

403. What does an ignition amplifier do and what is the benefit of having one?
Chris Ho, Alan Rennie, Mike Howlett & Simon Austin
This question was raised on a V8BB thread on rechipping an RV8. Fellow members responded. (Feb 15)

404. Which gearbox fo you have - an LT77S or an R380?
An LT77S gearbox was fitted to RV8s until VIN 0643 and from 0644 an R380 was used for the rest of the production run. How can you check which gearbox you have? (Apr 15) RV8NOTE404

405. Repairing the gear lever dust cap on the RV8 LT77 gearbox
Nic Houslip
The gearbox dust cap on the LT77 and R380 gearboxes fitted to RV8s and many other Rover products is a little weak in its design, relying on a single screw to hold it in place. Often you will see that the small bracket on the side has broken or the spot-welds holding the bracket on to the cup have detached. Nic Houslip explains how to do the repair. (Jun 15)

406. Routine checks on brakes are worthwhile
Steve Newton
Thankfully classic cars continue to have an annual MOT test but not every problem with an ageing car is revealed by that test as a note from Steve Newton highlights. (Jul 15) RV8NOTE406

407. Caution with the interior light control

Roger Glover
Roger Glover has owned two RV8s over the last twelve years and says "I have only just discovered a peculiarity with the interior light control and thought that it might be of interest to fellow RV8 owners". (Sep 15)

408. FilterMag magnetic oil filter wrap

John Hale, Ian Haynes, Bob Owen, Victor Smith and Victor Todman
In a V8BB thread John Hale sought information on where he could get a magnetic engine sump drain plug but as the thread developed another neat alternative appeared - the FilterMag wrap for the oil filter. (Aug 15)

409. RV8 coolant bleed insert
Stuart McGuigan
Anyone who has done the job will know what a pain it is to refill the RV8 cooling system when changing the coolant or following work on the system. Here Stuart McGuigan describes a modification he has made which makes the job far easier. (Nov 15)

410. Check your antiroll bar drop links
Nic Houslip
Recently there have been some failures of the front antiroll drop links. These connect the outer ends of the antiroll bar to their respective lower suspension arm. Nic Houslip feels it is probably worth spending time checking the condition of the drop links. Failure of the link will affect handling, by allowing much more body roll in corners. (Nov 15)

411. Improving your MG RV8
Roger Moran
Recently Roger Moran had some 'under the bonnet' changes made to his RV8 which have resulted in improved performance and lower fuel consumption. In addition, the engine now runs even more smoothly, and, in Roger's opinion, results in a greater enjoyment of the car. Here Roger explains why and how the changes were made. (Nov 15)

412. Where can I get replacement drop links?
Peter Beadle
Following the note on drop links contributed by Nic Houslip, Peter Beadle provides a useful update of where you can get replacement parts. (Dec 15) RV8NOTE412

413. Check your plastic breather pipe is not missing on the back axle
Derek Squires
Derek Squires highlights a check worth making on your RV8 back axle. (Dec 15) RV8NOTE413

414. Curing a leaking heater matrix
Barry West
Barry West sought help with a V8BB posting with a heater matrix leak on his Japanese spec RV8 and Paul Atkinson responded explaining how he had replaced the heater matrix on his RV8. (Jan 16)

415. RV8 thermostat - drilled vent or undrilled?
Nic Houslip
In a V8BB posting Morris sought clarification on whether the thermostat is vented. (Feb 16)

416. Wrapping or coating exhaust manifolds
Gavin Brown, Peter Ferguson, Geoff King, Mike Haughton & Alan Reeling
Barry West posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking the views of fellow members on covering his RV8 manifolds with an insulating wrap but wondered whether it was worthwhile. The thread provided a range of views some based on some useful practical experience. (Mar 16)

417. Removing and replacing the cowl on an RV8 headlight

Mike Haughton posted a query on the V8 Facebook Group page saying "bit of advice please - the headlamp cowl on my RV8 has mysteriously acquired a split. If I take it off would it be repairable from inside? And how does the cowl come off?" Useful comments and information came from Godfrey Dennis, Derek Squires and Victor Smith and then Mike provided a note on RV8 headlamp cowl removal. (Sep 15)

418. Thread compatibility with replacement back axle breathers
Stuart McGuigan and Nic Houslip
Following Derek Squires highlighting a useful check worth making on RV8s to ensure the original plastic back axle breather has not broken or vanished, an alternative breather was identified by several members - a Land Rover part no. 515485 - and generally regarded as a far better quality replacement part. The key concern is whether the thread on the brass breather is compatible with the thread on the recess on the top of the back axle. This topic has a wider interest as plastic back axle breathers were fitted as original equipment on MGBs and MGBGTV8s. This note aims to clarify some of the compatibility concerns. (May 15) RV8NOTE418

419. Touch up for RV8 leather trim
David Knowles
David Knowles has found a useful, low cost way of touching up the Stone Beige leather trim in an RV8. (May 16)

420. V8 sump gaskets
Tony Lake
A thread on the V8 Bulletin Board in May 2016 discussed the suitability of several sump gaskets for the RV8. One contributor, Tony Lake, mentioned how a problem with the pressed steel sump is the light steel section used. He noted "the V8 sump is one of the best candidates I've seen for leakage, along with the valley cover". He then mentioned he had some sketches of the stiffening pieces he had made to overcome the problem and solve the leaks. (Jun 16)

421. Solving an RV8 alternator problem
Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip enjoys track days and sprints with his RV8 and V8 Roadster and here relates a tale of how a problem developed with his alternator on the RV8 at a sprint. Nic's article provides useful information on solving the problem for fellow members. (Jul 16)

422. Advance or Retard the spark?
Nic Houslip
Go forward or go back? That is an interesting question and when investigated it turns out that it isn't at all what you thought it might be. Nic Houslip, who prepares his RV8 and V8 Roadster for use in sprints and hillclimbs, explains what's involved. (Jul 16)

423. Timing the V8 engine in an RV8 and MGBGTV8
Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip explains how to set the timing on an MGV8. (Aug 16)

424. Changing seatbelts in an RV8
Nic Houslip
Nic describes the task of fitting the seatbelts and an alternatives of getting new belts or having the existing belts refurbished. (Aug 16)

425. How to connect up a battery conditioner in an MGV8
Nic Houslip
During a call from an enthusiast who had just bought an RV8, he enquired whether a battery conditioner like an Accumate could be connected to the power socket in an MGV8 as a simple and convenient way of maintaining the battery condition and charge when the car is parked in a garage for a while. This note shows it can be done easily. (Aug 16) RV8NOTE425

426. How to clean your RV8 to almost concours standard
Howard Guiney
So you want to revive your RV8s appearance from a dirty but sound car to nearer a concours finish? Concours winner Howard Guiney explains what you need. (Aug 16)

427. Using a trolley jack on an RV8
Nic Houslip and George Wilder
They set out useful guide on how to use a trolley jack and highlight a caution with the torque control bar on the rear suspension. (Aug 16) RV8NOTE427

RV8 ECU - what is it and what does it do?
Nic Houslip
At a quick glance the RV8 has the retro MGB Roadster appearance but, developed and produced three decades after the original MGB, it's a substantially re-engineered car in many ways, not least with an engine management system. Many members without the technical knowledge are keen to try an understand how that engine management system works so here Nic Houslip explains what the ECU is and what it does in the RV8's engine management system.
(Aug 16)

429. Understanding the RV8 Engine Management System
Dave Morris, John Anthistle, John Hale and Nic Houslip
A detailed note on the operation and maintenance of the 'brain' behind their fuel injection system. Their article delves into some of the details of the engine management system, fault detection and diagnosis. They also explore the options for owners who want to upgrade by 'chipping' or 'remapping' their engines. (Sep 16) RV8NOTE429

430. Collapsible steering column
Mike Macartney
In one of his V8 Roadster Rebuild reports, Mike Macartney described how he refurbished the collapsible steering column. An expanded illustrated note was then produced. (Nov 16)

431. Checking the air filter on your RV8
Robin Plumley describes here how he checked the air filter on his RV8 and decided to replace the green filter with a new replacement K&N part. (Dec 16) RV8NOTE431

Changing a speedometer when an RV8 is reimported from Japan
Contributors to a V8BB thread
Japanese specification RV8s were exported to Japan with a speedometer incorporating an odometer, both calibrated in kilometres. Many RV8s have returned to the UK as reimports so what is the position with regard to the need for a speedometer change from kilometres to miles and retaining evidence of the mileage before that change so the owner of the vehicle can provide an indication of the total mileage when the car is subsequently offered for sale?
This note explains the options, sources of dials or specialist conversions and costs. (Dec 16)

g information on your car from DVLA
David Worthington
After contacting the V8 Register for information about previous owners for his MGBGTV8, David Worthington made an application to DVLA under their V888 procedure. Here he describes how it works, what it costs and what information he received. (Jan 17) RV8NOTE433

434. RV8 self purging top hose insert
Stuart McGuigan
Stuart has devised an improved solution to filling an RV8 cooling system in the form of a self purging top hose insert. (Mar 17)

435. Correction to ignition timing guide in RV8 repair manual
Mike Macartney & Nic Houslip
Following a discussion between Mike Macartney and Nic Houslip they believe the description of setting the distributor in the manual (copy alongside) is not correct. Nic Houslip sets out the correction. (Jun 17) RV8NOTE435

436. RV8 aircon heater cut-off flap vacuum actuator

Derek Squires & Gavin Brown

A query posted on the V8 Bulletin Board by Derek Squires said "the rubber diaphragm on my RV8 has perished and split in the heater cut-off flap vacuum actuator. Does anyone have one that they've removed while taking the aircon system out of their car and would be willing to sell to me? Alternatively, has anyone had and solved this problem, as the actuators are no longer obtainable. It's the black unit that sits in front of the heater box under the bonnet and moves a lever to shut off the normal airflow when aircon is selected, with 'ACTS Ltd 01685' moulded on it". (Jul 17)

437. Solving an RV8 hot start problem
Tim Volker

In July 2016 Tim Volker launched a thread on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking fellow members' advice on a hot start problem he had with his RV8. Almost exactly a year later Tim posted a note saying he had discovered the cause of the problem and a fix. (Jul 17)

438. Why does a starter motor not turn over?
Nic Houslip
Turn the ignition key to start the engine and all you get is a "Clack" from the solenoid, or perhaps even a "clac-clac-clac-clac" sound. As you realize that the starter motor won't turn over you get that sinking feeling, wondering what is going on. The answer is not as easy to explain as to describe but here Nic Houslip explains the checks you can make and some of the background information you will need. (Aug 17) RV8NOTE438

439. Where to get touch up paint
Barry Kelly
Picking up on the advice in a previous workshop note by Angus Munro - RV8NOTE300 - for supplies of paint for the odd touch up job, Barry Kelly says "I have previously bought Oxford Blue (BLVC1203) from Halfords and been happy with the blend match to the existing paintwork. Having recently obtained some more cans at the end of May earlier this year which I had used up, I went to Halfords again to get a couple of cans of Oxford Blue. On visiting them on 6th July I was told that all Halfords stores have stopped doing paint mixing in branch". Here Barry relates how he solved this problem. (Aug 17)

440.Road speed sensor for the RV8
Nic Houslip

Responding to a member searching for a road speed sensor for his RV8, Nic Houslip agreed it is difficult finding one but added "when I first had my RV8 it had some issues with idling at strange speeds, so I thought I had narrowed it down to the sensor. I then dissembled it and checked the operation. His note describes how the sensor works. (Oct 17) RV8NOTE440

Volume 12
441. Changes to the availability of information on vehicles from DVLA
It's clear that the procedures for applying for information on a vehicle and current and former keepers under the DVLA V888 procedure have been changed since an article was released on the V8 Website in January 2017 and added to the RV8 Workshop Notes series as RV8NOTE433. This note sets out the current DVLA approach and procedure.
(Oct 17) RV8NOTE441

442. Ever broken a stud removing parts from your engine?
Nic Houslip
It happens, particularly on studs that are exposed to the elements and to heat, as exhaust manifold studs invariably are. Here Nic Houslip recalls having the front most stud holding the exhaust manifold shear off just below the nut on a car that he was working on and was able to remove the residue with a stud remover. (Nov 17)

443. Why doesn't the boot open remotely via the switch on the dash?
A useful reminder from Peter Garton. (May 18)

444. Basic windscreen wiper maintenance
Nic Houslip
A useful check of the condition of the wiper blades. (Jun 18)

445. Dealing with an RV8 Ignition module overheating
Nic Houslip & John Cumming
Doug Bush reported a difficulty with an RV8 at a mid-week run in Australia with three RV8s when the temperature was 28C plus and one of the RV8s developed Ignition module overheating and ta failure to run. Nic Houslip and John Cumming responded with some useful information. (Nov 18)

Waterless coolant concerns
Nic Houslip and Tony Lake
Chris Danner sought advice or information on replacing the standard antifreeze/water coolant in an MGBGTV8 with the waterless type? Here we have some useful information and views on waterless coolants in an MGV8.
(Nov 18)

447. RV8 alloy wheels and plastic rivets

Clive Wheatley & David Knowles

Who made the original alloy wheels for the RV8 was a question raised by John Brown in a post on the V8BB and later John Stevenson asked "is there a supplier for replacement plastic rivets" Useful clarifications came from David Knowles and Clive Wheatley. (Nov 18)

448. Wheel centre fixings on an RV8
John Anthistle
RV8 owner John Anthistle was concerned about the ease with which wheel-centre-caps could be removed on the majority of RV8s. He found a source for improved fixings and Clive Wheatley agreed to stock and supply these items for owners. (Dec 18)

449. Rear parking sensor

John Gay

Finding a way to fit rear parking sensors on his rubber bumper MGBGTV8 was something John Gay wanted to do, so he set about researching the options and the practical ways of undertaking an installation. As an early step he posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking fellow members' views. Here he explains what he found and the trial fittings he has undertaken. (Dec 18)

450. Improving the air con flow to RV8 driver's feet
John Anthistle
RV8 owner John Anthistle had always been unimpressed with the airflow from the Air Conditioning to the driver's footwall and decided to investigate further. He has devised a simple improvement that can be easily reversed. (Feb 19)

451. Solving the the second gear problem with an LT77 or R380
Andy Leondiou
Andy reported in a V8BB post that he thinks "we have sorted out the 2nd gear problem with the RV8s thanks to Stuart Ratcliff of The MG Centre of Sydney." His note explains how it done. (Aug 19)

452. Cure for “sloppy” gear lever
Martin Cridford and Graham Vickers
Tony Smith found the gear lever on his RV8 had suddenly become very 'sloppy' with a lot of movement and that it was never like this before. He sought fellow members’ ideas as to why this should have happened. Some useful tips came from fellow members including Martin Cridford and Graham Vickers. (Aug 19)

Solving the second gear problem with an LT77 or R380
Andy Leondiou and Graham Vickers
Andy Leondiou reported in a V8BB post that he thinks we have sorted out the 2nd gear problem with the RV8s thanks to Stuart Ratcliff of The MG Centre of
Sydney. (Sep 19)

454. Next note

Expansion tank corrosion
Jim Dolbel
On removing the bracket for a closer inspection, I was alarmed at the amount of corrosion that was hidden from view by the expansion tank and behind the retaining bracket at the base of the windscreen washer tank. I would strongly advise all RV8 owners to inspect the base of the bracket as both my RV8s had corrosion. (Nov 19) RV8NOTE454

455. Concerns with relative visibility of classic cars
Victor Smith
Classic car enthusiasts are increasingly aware that with the growth of bright Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) on modern cars which have become much larger, not least from the growth in new SUVs and 4x4s, the relative visibility of a car like an MGBGTV8 is becoming a real concern. They are also aware that when you drive on UK roads today you sense that MGV8 is much smaller than many modern cars which seem to get larger and larger - not to mention the explosion of even larger SUVs and 4x4s. (Feb 20) RV8NOTE455

456. Keep your back axle breather clear to avoid moisture build up
Ralph Hardwick
Ralph found it appears that the rear axle breather was blocked - the resulting condensation build up together with having only covered 1,000 miles in the last seven years, has caused some corrosion and bearing issues. Checking your back axle breather is not missing and replacing it with a brass item which is much more durable is a good upgrade. (Feb 20) RV8NOTE456

457. Are LED headlights upgrades legal in the UK?
Chris Hunt Cooke highlights a useful website which has clear information on the current legal position with LED bulbs used as an upgrade on classic cars. The ABD website covers the key areas of concern. (Mar 20)

458. Fuel filter change needed even on a low mileage car
Jeff Shaw
Jeff has a reminder for fellow RV8 owners of the need to change their fuel filters regularly, even on an exceptionally low mileage RV8. (Apr 20).

459. Replacement radio amplifier
Julian Drew
Julian Drew needed a replacement for his faulty amplifier and placed a wanted advert on the V8 Spares for Sale webpage on the V8 Website. Here he reports how he made the replacement. (May 20)

460. RV8 real lamp repair
Aidan Pavey
With a dmaged rear lamp but fortunately the parts still there, Aidan describes how he made a repair. (August 20)

461. Strategy for dealing with a sheared engine fastener
Jim Livingstone
It is every engine dismantler's nightmare. The fracture of a fastener and the realisation that what started as a simple job has just become complicated and time consuming. Threaded fasteners in aluminium tappings have a disconcerting tendency to seize through electrochemical reaction between the metals and this seizure is frequently enough to prevent normal removal of the fastener. When planning the overhaul of the V8 engine in an MGBGT the prudent dismantler will consider a recovery strategy for such eventualities. The purpose of this note is to outline some of the available options. (August 2020)

462. Checklist of manuals for the V8 engine in the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 models
As the V8 engine underwent a series of developments over the 30 years and more it was an important engine for MG-BL-Rover Group and Land Rover, it's helpful to see a checklist of the many manuals with information from various sources on the V8 engine produced by the Rover Group. (August 2020)

463. What's causing a rattling sound in an RV8 engine?

Andreas Gloor, Nic Houslip & Tony Lake
Andreas Gloor in Switzerland raised the question: "Are there members who experienced valve problems? More precisely who has experienced valve rattling as soon as the engine is heating up a bit? Nic Houslip and Tony Lake offered some explanations. (October 2020)

464. Routine engine oil and filter change
Jim Livingstone
Useful note recommending an oil change before a winter layup. (October 2020) RV8NOTE464

465. Fitting an MG Car Club 90th Anniversary grille badge to an RV8
Marion Quarrington
Marion Quarrington explains how she fitted a Club 90th Anniversary grille badge to her RV8. (November 2020)

466. Fitting a V8 Register grille badge to an RV8
John Anthistle
John explains how he carried out the task on his RV8. (November 2020)

467. Fitting a heat shield to a starter motor
Paul Taylor
This illustrated note shows how to fix a heat shield. (November 2020)

468. Avoiding a dashcam drop
Victor Smith
A simple way of avoiding a dashcam falling from the windscreen if the suction pad fails. (December 2020) RV8NOTE468

469. Wall mounting a battery conditioner

Peter Spurrs
The general principle is to mount the unit in a safe, ventilated place where any heat that might be generated in or around a conditioner can be dissipated. Peter Spurrs feels a wall mounting is the obvious place. (December 2020)

470. Prudent safety measures with electrical devices during a lay-up
Nic Houslip
One protective device is the use of an RCD(Residual Current Device),or as they are technically termed a Residual Current Circuit Breakeror RCCB. Nic Houslip feels any protection is better than none and the more thebetter. Here he provides information on how an RCDcould be useful and how it works. (December 2020) RV8NOTE470

471. Care when using battery charger rather than a battery conditioner
Nic Huslip
Many classic car enthusiasts keep their vehicle connected toa modern battery conditioner to maintain the battery charge level and conditionwhilst others do periodic charges of the battery using a battery charger. Here Nic Houslip highlights the differences between a battery conditioner and a more traditional battery charger and the care you need to take with a charger. (December 2020) RV8NOTE471

472. What are the popular battery conditioners for a classic car?
Peter Spurrs
A survey of V8 owners indicated the two mostpopular brands of battery conditioners are the CTEK and Accumate. (December 2020) RV8NOTE472

473. Confirming the position of TDC identification
Jim Livingstone
Jim Livingstone has been preparing instructions for his when he inherits the car and one useful guide is how to confirm the position of Top Dead Centre Identification. Here Jim sets out his useful guide. (May 2021)

474. Priming the oil system in a V8 engine after a prolonged layup
Jim Livingstone
Jim Livingstone has been preparing instructions for his son when he inherits the car and one useful guide is priming the oil system when a Rover V8 engine is unused for extended periods. Here Jim sets out his useful guide. (May 2021)

475. Replacement aluminium radiator for an RV8
Julian Drew
Here Julian Drew explains that he purchased an aluminium Radtec radiator for his RV8 last September because he was a little concerned that the relevant standard replacements available were probably units that had been refurbished a number of times already and having experienced a couple of poor examples, He felt a new fabricated unit the way to go. (February 2022)

Volume 13
476. Replacing spacer fixing pads on a number plate
Victor Smith
This simple but useful maintenance item could then save an MGV8 or MGRV8 owner the inconvenience and expense of replacing a number plate that had fallen off. Over time the adhesive pads holding the plastic number plate to the back plate can begin to fail. It's easy to replace all three pads. Replacement pads are available from Halfords. (August 2022)

477. Dealing with RV8 sump gasket oil leaks

John Brown, Graham Vickers, Chris Beauclerk & Martin Cridford
RV8 owner John Brown posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board on how he approached dealing with an oil leak from the sump gasket. There V8BB thread was active with interesting contributions. (August 2022)

478. Polybushes disintergrating on an MGBGTV8
Gavid Bailey
In a V8 Bulletin Board post Gavin Bailey in the US reported problems with polybushes fitted to his MGBGTV8 disintegrating. His photos illustrate the problem. (August 2022)

479. Re-gassing an aircon system

Peter Cutting & Simon Williams
At a gathering of RV8 enthusiasts in the southwest of England organised by Peter Cutting, an aircon regassing exercise was included using a DIY kit supplied by Thompsons. This note has been prepared with the contribution provided by Simon Williams. (August 2022)

480. RV8 exhaust downpipe and clamp safety issue
Peter Berry
Peter Berry believes all RV8 owners need to be made aware of this safety risk and carry out an inspection to check if a non-original replacement exhaust pipe with a clamp has been fitted to their car to ensure they will not face similar serious damage to the wall of their tyre. (November 2022)

481. Getting heat out of an MG engine bay
Victor Smith, Mike Howlett, John Brown, Peter Varley, Nic Houslip, Tony Lake & Peter Ellis
A V8 Bulletin Board thread launched by Mike Howlett mentioned the twin Factory style cooling fans on his MGBGT conversion with a fuel injected 3.9 engine from a 1991 Range Rover and using a Clive Wheatley uprated radiator really struggle to keep things at a sensible temperature. He sought fellow members’ views. (November 2022)

482. Earthing issues with an RV8 Temperature Gauge

Julian Drew & Paul Atkinson
Paul Atkinson experienced a puzzling issue when driving his RV8. When he switched on the dipped headlights the needle on the temperature gauge climbed and went off the scale! In a post on the V8 Bulletin Board he sought fellow members’ views on how to solve the problem. Paul carried out a procedure suggested by Julian Drew and a proving run did confirm the earthing problem had been resolved and the temperature gauge works well with no sudden rises of the needle.
(January 2023)

483. Improved front side lights
John Brown's note on LED replacement front side light bulbs followed his looking at increasing the quality of his front side lights as from time to time he felt other car drivers do not appear to see his Woodcote Green RV8. He replaced the original bulbs with ‘Daylight White LED bulbs which give a whiter light closer to other running lights. (June 2023)
John Brown

484. Replacement numberplate bulbs
John Brown

John Brown sent in this note on fitting LED replacement rear number plate light bulbs. (June 2023)

485. Thin wall spark plug sockets
Victor Smith
Note on the availability of thin wall spark plug sockets for MGV8s. (July 2023)

486. Worn Prop shaft Universal Joints

David Sell, Andrew Noble, Peter Ellis, Clive Wheatley
In a V8BB post David Sell in the USA said “I'm in need of replacing the drive shaft universal joints. I have yet to find part numbers for them. Does anyone have experience replacing them? If so, are they the same as another vehicle?" (March 2024)

487. Headlamp Dust Cover
Jeffrey Lister, Paul Atkinson, Andreas Adam

The dust cover at the back of the headlamp on Jeffrey Lister’s RV8 fell off whilst he was driving home and in a V8BB post he asked if “anyone has a screw on dust cover/access cap for the rear of the head lamp casing or know of an alternative solution”. (March 2024)

488. Importing a vehicle to France
John Upton, (Franck Morand)

Bracken 1322) a few years ago and his V8 reverted to its former UK registration. He subsequently retired to France and was able to get the V8 registered there without difficulty. Here he provides an update on the current procedure. (March 2024)

489. Insurance write-off categories
Victor Smith

Occasionally classic cars are seen offered for sale mentioning a Cat C write off classification. In some cases the disclosure of Cat C is not clear and in any case a potential buyer will need to understand what that classification means and the consequent effect on the value of the car and its attraction to any future buyers. (March 2024)

490. Next note

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