Where can I get a touch up!
Angus Munro posed this question on the V8BB and the response was most helpful. Surprisingly Miss Whiplash from Milton Keynes did not respond! (Jun 09)

Angus Munro asked "does anybody know where I can get a touch up paint tin for my Oxford Blue RV8? I have tried a few of the better known suppliers, some of whom carry the paint sticks only. I also typed in "Touch up paint tin" on the V8 website search box, without a hit. I want the type of tin that has the screw off lid with a little brush inside it. That way I can access the paint with a cocktail stick to apply very small amounts of paint at a time to stone chips and scratches."

Rob Lewis posted a response only 48 minutes later saying "I have just bought one of the same from Halfords. Just take your VIN number with you and they will colour match it. They also do spray cans."

Angus Munro shortly after lunch saying "what an amazing result. Following Rob's tip I nipped out to my local Halfords and met, by absolute fluke, the visiting manager of Body Care, the company that supplies the paints to Halfords. VIN number? "No sir, I need the paint code." As I had no idea what that was, he and I went out to the car - and he instantly fell in love with and became very enthusiastic about it. The paint code for my car is on a plate just in front of the radiator, and it is JSJ. Sure enough his computer found the car and the colour and the paint components required for the mix, all nine of them . . . including white.

So for less than £9 I now possess a little bottle of Oxford Blue touch up paint. Thank you so very much for the quick reply and tip Rob. I am very grateful to you."

Editor's note
At the front of each volume of the RV8 Workshop Notes series we have a section on MG RV8 bodywork colours. The standard and optional colours and the paint codes are set out below. Please note each paint code shown below is prefixed by "BLVC":

Standard colours:
Black 0644
BRG (Metallic) 0617
Caribbean Blue (Pearlescent) 0911
Flame Red 0818
Nightfire Red (Pearlescent) 0916
White Gold (Metallic) 0933

Optional colours at extra cost:
Le Mans Green (Pearlescent) 1202
Old English White 1205
Oxford Blue (Pearlescent) 1203
Woodcote Green (Pearlescent) 1204

RV8 Workshop Note 125 contributed by Graham Burcher (Oxford Blue 1729) from Yorkshire in October 2002 provided more information on RV8 paint colours and codes.

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