Checking the heater valve turns off

Peter Steyn, an RV8 enthusiast in South Africa, provided a short tip on the V8BB which could help you avoid roasting in the Summer. (10.5.06)

Eventually I got to trying to cure the cockpit heat build-up that fries ones feet and legs on a hot day and on extended trips. Of the various postings on this subject matter, the one remedy that seemed to 'fit the bill' as a start point was the heater control valve staying open even if the control knob is set on cold.

Firstly loosen the pinch bolt that clamps the cable onto the heater valve. Make sure the control knob in the cockpit is set to cold, and then pull the cable by hand as far as it will go and keeping it in tension and at the same time making sure the heater valve lever is fully closed and then re-tighten the pinch bolt that clamps the cable.

Instant cure, the heat build up is now non existent. The overall movement of the cable in it's new clamped position was a shade under 1/4" which now allows full cut-off of hot water through the heater valve in the cold position. A 5 minute job maximum.
If you have a RV8 Repair Manual AKM7154ENG on CD it is page 215 - it's under HEATING AND VENTILATION under the sub-heading HEATER VALVE.

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