Reducing heat from downunder in a V8!

John Hornabrook in Queensland Australia has sent in an idea for insulating the floor of a V8 from heat generated by the exhaust system below. (10.5.06)

John says "today I heard what may be the most efficient way to insulate the floor of an RV8 or MGBGTV8 - or any MG with hot pipes beneath the floor. The job is done with many layers of aluminium foil. First of all remove the carpets, then scrunch the foil into a loose mass and then straighten it out again, flat, but not smooth. A good many layers of this will provide a thin mass of air cells in a

reflective medium of a honeycomb texture. This medium traps the air as does the hair or fur on an animal to insulate itself.

The carpet is replaced over this foil matrix and the
job really works". John adds that the modification has been made on an MGC suffering from the usual hot exhaust in our climate and now the car's floor is cool but the bolts holding down the seats are still hot. John knows a thing or two about heat living in Queensland!

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