Rechipping an RV8 at RPI

John Dutton
(Woodcote Green 1664) from Kent had his RV8 rechipped recently and provides some photos. (Apr 05)

Chip that has to be replaced in the RV8 ECU is highlighted with a green dot. (Photo: Gavin Bailey)

RPI replacing the chip in the ECU box - note the earthing strap. (Photo: John Dutton)

I recently went to RPI in Norfolk to have my low mileage RV8 rechipped and the plug leads replaced. Since then I haven't driven far enough to produce a detailed log of the petrol consumption, but there is no doubt the engine is much more responsive and doesn't stall when hot started.

Plug leads were replaced by a set of Magnecor leads. (Photo: John Dutton)

Peter Wallis has also had his RV8 rechipped at RPI recently and comments "I have to say I could not have found RPI more helpful and whilst they do have limited resources - as Chris Crane mentioned to me their own website needs updating - they are a great little company who will welcome you with a "cuppa" and exceeded my expectations!"

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