MG RV8 Performance Upgrade
For those RV8 enthusiasts who wish for a smoother response, improved torque and economy, Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) suggests you contact RPI International Limited in Norwich. Their kit is available without the need for a single spanner inside the engine compartment. (Oct 99)

The emphasis of the RPI Engineering kit is not only placed on top-end bhp but more importantly on the mid-range throttle response, 1,000-4,500 rpm which is the area where most, if not all, power and efficiency gains are appreciated - unless of course you are using the RV8 only for racing. RPI Engineering have developed many Eproms (chips), particularly for sports car applications where the EFi Range Rover engine has been used as the basic power unit. Now they have produced one for the RV8 which results in lower possible emissions, not just at idle where the MOT is applied, but throughout the rev and engine load range, thus producing

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ultimate economy, efficiency and overall smoother power gains throughout. The cost is from only £250 plus VAT and the installation and setting up takes around an hour.

The contact at RPI Engineering is Chris Crane on 01603 891209 or by e-mail at chris@rpi-engineering.co.uk. The company specialises in Rover V8 engines and has much advice to give on the MGRV8 and MGBV8 power units, together with a supply of spare parts. Note it was RPI who discovered the ineffective vacuum advance and retard set up on one of the Japanese spec cars reimported by Cox & Perry, MG specialists in nearby Horsted, Norwich.

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