Hardtop for the RV8

Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) contacted the V8 Register for help with finding a supplier who has good quality RV8 hardtops. This note sets out the current position. (Oct 02)

Original RV8 hardtop

The original "works" RV8 hardtop was manufactured and supplied by K&H Assemblies, formerly known as Krafthaus, near Tamworth but we understand they are no longer doing so. It seems the moulds have, or may have passed, to another company in the Coventry area called QCR which is understood to have manufactured and supplied some RV8 hardtops over the last few years.

A number of RV8 members have made attempts to contact the supplier for information with mixed results - some report a reasonably helpful response whilst others have found difficulty in getting information, and one or two could get none. One report from a member who had purchased an RV8 hardtop indicated he was not happy with the experience. Another member reports the side window on his RV8 misalingned along the top edge with his Krafthaus hardtop

Over the last year or so, a small but growing number of enthusiasts has contacted the V8 Register seeking information on where they can obtain an RV8 hardtop - it seems the substantial flow of RV8s from Japan to the UK and Australia is contributing to this interest. So we have made further enquiries to assess the situation and have found that the availability of RV8 hardtops is not clear at present. Any additional reports from other members who have had contacts or attempted contacts with any RV8 hardtop supplier will be very welcome.

Alternative RV8 hardtop supplier

We are also checking whether an alternative hardtop supplier might be found, particularly one of the V8 specialists in our V8 LIFELINE who might feel able to arrange for the manufacture and supply of good quality RV8 hardtops. Further reports will follow when or if progress is made.
What does an RV8 hardtop look like?

In the meantime, a number of members have asked to see what an RV8 hardtop looks like. Well we have obtained a copy of the original Krafthaus brochure which is reproduced below. Tony Merrygold has sent in some photos of a hardtop fitted to an RV8 that he looked at during his search for an RV8. From Jim Dolbel's website at www.mgrv8.com we have a couple of photos of an RV8 hardtop off the car and in its storage rack.

Original Krafthaus brochure showing the RV8 hardtop they were able to supply at that time.

RV8 hardtop finished in the body colour really looks part of the car with its smooth, rounded lines.

RV8 hardtop looks very neat from the front and certainly suits the car.

RV8 hardtop viewed from the back shows the wrap-round rear window and the rounded shape of the unit.

RV8 hardtop viewed from the inside - the headlining and interior light.

RV8 hardtop in its storage rack - clearly you will need space for this in your garage!

Now for more of the photographs of the hardtop fitted to an RV8 taken from other angles and of the hardtop in its storage rack.

Assessing the likely demand for RV8 hardtops
In an attempt to assess the likely interest of our members in obtaining an RV8 hardtop, we have recently sent out an RV8 hardtop questionnaire to all our RV8 members for whom we have an email address. There has been a high response which is an example of the interest RV8 enthusiasts have in supporting the V8 Register - we had forms back from members even in cases where they have indicated no interest in buying a hardtop as well as those who have varying degrees of desire to get one. We hope to have the results of the RV8 hardtop survey available soon so we can provide them to one or more of the V8 specialists to help them assess whether it will be viable to manufacture them for our RV8 members at reasonable prices.

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