Avoiding a dashcan drop

What dashcam?
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so the power feed cable coming up from under the dash is then tucked into the rubber seal around the side and top edge of the windscreen. It is only exposed for about 4 inches as it connects to the dashcam mounted on a suction pad to the left of the rear view mirror.
Posted: 201213

Avoiding a dashcam drop
Most dashcams are attached to the windscreen with a suction pad fixing just to the side of the rear view mirror, so from the driver's position only the bottom edge of the dashcam may be visible. That suction pad is usually very reliable but just occasionally, when the external temperature and/or humidity changes, the suction mount that holds the dashcam on the windscreen can fail and the dashcam then falls to the floor in your car. There is a risk the dashcam can be damaged as it falls.

A simple fix devised by Victor Smith is to cut a length of grey cotton thread from a reel in his wife's needle box and then create a loop round both the dashcam and the arm of the rear view mirror alongside so then if the suction pad fails the dashcam will drop only a matter of an inch or so before it is held in suspense below the rear view mirror by the cotton loop.
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