Solving a creak from an RV8 dashboard

In a V8BB posting Robert Crowson sought help solving a creak from the dashboard on his RV8. Michael O'Brien in Australia came up with a solution. (Jun 07)

Hugh Boddington's query was "may dashboard creaks like a housmaid's knee when going over even minor bumps. If you push even lightly on the top roll

it does the same. Does anyone have a cure for this?" Mike O'Brien responded saying "this was a problem that annoyed me. However when getting some work done on my RV8 by Gavin Brown in Tasmania, he fixed my problem by inserting some spacer washers onto the bolts holding the steering column to the dash. In my case, and I understand from Gavin, it is a common problem as the dashboard rubs on the top of the steering column causing severe creaks. Inserting the spacer washers completely eliminated the problem and he did the fix in a couple of minutes!"

Footnote: a larger copy of the diagram of the steering column (from page HO2 of the RV8 Parts Manual) is available to enable readers to identify the mounting bracket and fixing bolt. More

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