Modifications on reimported RV8s
Godfrey Dance (Woodcote Green 1210) from Surrey provides a useful brief note setting out a check members with reimported RV8s might prudently make to ensure the necessary advance/retard modifications have been made. (Oct 01)

If you have bought or are planning to get an RV8 reimported from Japan, it is a good idea to double check that the reimporter has correctly carried out the small modification that is required to the advance/retard pipework. My vehicle was incorrectly modified - the vacuum pipe to the heater control was left open and the vacuum pipe went direct from the plenum chamber to the advance/retard unit on the distributor. It only takes a couple of minutes to check this and modify it if required. RV8 Workshop Note 60 in Volume 2 clearly details the required modification.

On ex Japanese RV8s that have been running for some years with a high degree of vacuum to the advance/retard unit on the distributor, there is a risk that the vacuum/advance unit no longer works due to a faulty diaphragm. This is easy to check by removing the distributor cap and internal shield and sucking on
the end of the vacuum pipe, any movement of the back plate can be seen. If there is no, or very little movement, the advance/retard unit has most probably failed. A new unit (part number RSTC 1185A) is available from MG Rover dealers at a cost of around 55 including VAT.
Godfrey Dance attended the V8 Gathering at the Shoulder of Mutton on Hazeley Heath in August 2002
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