How do I find useful tips on servicing and spares queries from the RV8 Workshop Notes?
Let's take an example - "where can I find advice on changing the front springs and the bump stops?" Simply call up the online detailed index and work through the pages to the topic that covers your query - which in this case is under section "12. Front suspension" on page 3 - see a copy alongside.

The entry for "Bump stop replacement" lists one note:

254. Replacement RV8 bump stops
Jim Dolbel (Woodcote Green 1705) from Australia has replaced his bump stops and provides a useful note for fellow members. (Oct 06)
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Further down page 3 are entries for "Front springs" and "Spring replacements" with several notes:

59. RV8 Front Coil Springs
Bryan Ditchman (Oxford Blue 0265) compares the front coil springs fitted to the MG RV8 with those on an MGBGTV8. (Feb 00)

98. Front coil springs
Here Bryan Ditchman provides a note on the procedure which is not detailed in the workshop manual, and a follow up to RV8 Workshop Note 59 in Volume 2. (May 01)

194. New uprated RV8 front springs
Gavin Brown (Woodcote Green 1479) at the MG Car Centre at Launceston in Tasmania has obtained a supply of replacement up-rated front springs. (Oct 03) View this note online

Later there are 7 references to RV8NOTES on "shock absorbers" which is a related service item.

Where can I find the link to the online detailed index to the RV8NOTES series?
Just click the RV8NOTES rollover button on the homepage and then the contents webpage pops up (with a complete listing of the RV8NOTES) - at the top of that webpage is a link to the detailed index, a PDF document that is regularly updated and is a free download on the V8 website.
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