RV8 bump stops replacement

Jim Dolbel (Woodcote Green 1705) from Australia has replaced his bump stops and provides a useful note for fellow members. (Oct 06)

The rubber bump stops on my RV8 had started to crumble and disintegrate (see pictures below) and were in need of replacement as the bumps stops are an important part of the suspension. After purchasing a new set of upgraded Polyurethane bump stops from Clive Wheatley, I could find no reference for the removal and replacement procedure, hence this note.


1. Lift front of vehicle and place stands or supports under the vehicle for safety.
2. Remove both front wheels.
3. Unscrew bump stops - I used a pair of multigrips to get them started and then continued by hand.
4. The first bump stop removed easily without any problems. However the second had the nut detached from the base place (poor spot welding) and continued to turn without unscrewing.

5. I then had to cut around the top of the bump stop to reveal the base plate and cut through the rubber penetrating the plate - see pictures above and below.
6. Once this is done, the rubber bump stop removes easily exposing the base plate and securing nut.
7. I then used 14mm socket to remove the nut and base plate.

Fitting New Bump Stop

8. Lightly lubricate exposed stud and screw on new bump stop by hand until firmly in place.
9. Do not use multigrips or pliers to tighten as they will damage the new bump stops.
10. Replace the front wheels.
11. Remove the stands / supports from under the vehicle.
12. Lower the vehicle to ground.
13. Tension the wheel nuts - job complete.

Foot note: Many thanks to Clive Wheatley for reproducing these Bump Stops in an upgraded material as the originals are clearly not up to the task and are NLA.

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