Replacement windscreen glass

Sigge Redhe contacted the V8 Webmaster for help in tracking down a source of supply for a replacement RV8 windscreen glass. Al Barnett provides the information. (Mar 06)

Unfortunately during the restoration of the windscreen of his RV8, he removed the glass from the windscreen surround and placed it on its "back" on the table where it remained for a couple of months while he restored his rusted windscreen surround. Unfortunately it cracked in the middle, so needed a new one. Sigge enquired whether we knew if that glass is the similar to the glass used in another MG or any other Rover model? If not, what do other owners do in a similar situation?

Al Barnett responded with some useful help: There is a firm called Uroglas advertising new RV8 screens on Ebay, price £157 including delivery. They are a stock item and he purchased one for a spare. It arrived in the most elaborate packing Al had ever seen, a wooden frame about 6 feet by 4 feet. It took him a day to dismantle it, remove literally dozens of nails and then convert it to firewood! The firm operate out of Redditch in the south west Midlands and gave me very good service. I have also purchased a rubber screen seal and top of screen seal from Brown & Gammons at Baldock costing £139.00 with postage and packing.

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