Replacement lenses for the RV8
Stuart Middlemiss (Nightfire Red 1215) from Norfolk had to replace his front indicator and rear fog light lens units as some of the internal reflectors had darkened so he took the opportunity to replace the front indicators with clear lens units. His note will be useful for many RV8 enthusiasts and save money too. (Oct 06)

The original amber units clashed rather with the colour of my RV8, Nightfire Red, and did the same with the side repeaters. So I decided to fit clear lens units with amber bulbs of course. "Chrome" finish amber bulbs are available if you do not wish the see the amber bulbs through the clear lenses, but are more expensive. Front, rear and side indicators must of course show amber when lit. The clear lensed front indicators may well look better on UK cars too, next to the spotlights.

Cheapest sources for the replacements are Land/Range Rover independant parts suppliers on the web and ebay. The various LR/RR part numbers you will need are as follows;

Front indicators/Rear fogs -one-piece, all plastic, manufactured by J E Perei and cost about £7.00 each:
Amber AMR6517
Clear AMR6521
Red AMR6522
The bulbs you need are 21w '382' bulbs, with 180degree opposite (not offset) pins, clear or amber as appropriate. The LR/RR units may come with 24volt bulbs so simply replace with 12volt bulbs.

Side repeaters cost about £2.50 each:
Amber PRC9916
Clear XGB000020
The bulbs you need are 5w T10 '501' wedge bulbs, clear or amber. These are also made with

RV8 side repeater lens

a clear, smoked lens but I have been unable to find a LR/RR part number. They are available, on ebay for instance (try the seller 'zeldautos'), for various Rover saloon models and the MGF.

Also, remember to look at V8 NOTE157 by Brian Moyse available on the V8 website at
http://www.v8register.net for details on how to waterproof the front and rear units. You'll also notice from Brian's RV8NOTE that the old MGRover part cost for the front indicator was over £26 - some suppliers are still charging almost £17 each - quite a profit compared to LR/RR part prices.

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