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MGBGTV8 rebuilds and restorations
See our photo reports of rebuilds and restorations including the series of 32 reports on the restoration of an MGBGTV8 by Barrie Jones and another by Bryan Ditchman. More

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Antifreeze coolants and their use in MGBGTV8 engines
Concerns over the effects new types of antifreeze have on older engines have been raised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. Tony Lake provides a useful guide to the key issues.
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Was the profile of an MGB bonnet chnaged for the MGBGTV8?
T wo members have measured the curvature of an early MGB bonnet and that of an MGBGTV8 bonnet and report their findings.
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Bio ethanol fuel topics

Information Gateway on biofuel topics

E10 resistant plastic fuel sender floats
A recent update from Burlen, who produce and supply replacement parts for SU fuel systems, reports "we are still continuously developing our thoughts and products to help combat the negative effects of ethanol in motor fuel. 110213 More

Additives for use with biofuels may be available soon containing corrosion inhibitor, stability improver and biocide products
Update. 101105 More

Biofuels summary
This webpage has an index of biofuel articles. 110209 More

E10 resistant plastic fuel sender floats
Update on effect of biofuel on plastic sender floats. 130211 More

Modern fuels damaging classic MG fuel system components?
This is very much a topical issue for many classic car enthusiasts, not least MGV8 enthusiasts. We are following this topic with articles from fellow members, news items in the press and feedback from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). 110209 More

Modern fuels damaging rubber components?
Barrie Jones set out his concern that modern fuels containing bio ethanol appear to be attacking the rubber components in the carburetters and fuel pumps of our MGs. He urges V8 members to inspect the carburetters and fuel pump on their V8 for leaks as a regular safety check.
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Modern fuels damaging rubber components?
Following the release of a note setting out his concern that modern fuels containing bio ethanol appear to be attacking the rubber components in the carburetters and fuel pumps of our MGs, Barrie Jones has provided the briefing note below with useful background information and reports of known problems on this topic. 080111 More

Modern fuels damaging rubber components?
John Targett, an English auto plastics specialist and V8 enthusiast in the US, has sent in a contribution to the bio fuels debate started by Barrie Jones. 080105 More

Update on the current topic: are modern fuels damaging rubber components?
Barrie Jones,TD/TF Technical Specialist with the T Register, provides an update on the biofuels concern for classic MGs. 080427 More

Cooling fans

Twin fan upgrade from Revotec
When a cooling airstream is not surging through the radiator matrix then cooling has to be assisted with cooling fans. The original fans are very basic by modern standards and of limited effect as the spillage over the ends of the blades is considerable. But the good news is a twin fan kit is available as a cooling upgrade which has been custom engineered to fit and cool your MGBV8. 120803 More

Cooling fan motor
A V8BB query posted by Nick Gray said "one of my fan motors seized on re-commissioning the car for summer. 130512


RV8 indicators relay
The RV8 relay for the indicators YFU2208 (often called the flasher unit) which has been NLA for a while is now available again. CliveWheatley mgv8parts has had a batch made by a specialist manufacturer in the West Midlands and they are in stock now. 140212 More

Getting a key fob repaired
Finding your electronic key fob has developed a fault can leave you puzzling where to get it fixed. The answer is go to the Automobile Locksmith in Peterborough. They do an excellent service. 160223 More

Electronic ignition

Electronic ignition
Chris Hunt Cooke has had a difficult experience with a new electronic ignition installation on his MGBV8 Roadster - here he explains how it was solved. 121216 More

Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems for an MG RV8
In a V8BB thread "Time for a new exhaust" launched by an RV8 enthusiast in Canada, Simon Austin, he was seeking fellow members' views on the alternative replacement exhaust systems available from the leading RV8 spares specialists. 120717 More

Front suspension - drop link failure

Drop link failure on an MGBGTV8
Alan McLean launched a V8BB thread saying "the drop link on the driver's side of my V8 snapped clean off at the joint were the rod meets the U shaped bracket. I have ordered a replacement pair which should arrive before the weekend. My question is, I seem to remember reading an article somewhere about this as been a known weak point on the drop link and that some additional welding around this joint solves the issue. More

MGBGTV8 maintenance tips

Engine oil information for the MGBGTV8 and RV8
See the lubrication information from the RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153ENG and the recommended engine oils from Castrol. 140204 More & More

Checking the oil level in an MGBGTV8

Marcus Schopen posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "just a simple question: my oil level on the oil dipstick of my V8 is exactly in the middle between low and high. Is that enough or should it be more? 221010 More

Overdrive unit

Laycock LH Type overdrive unit fitted as standard equipment to the Factory MGBGTV8 model. 110330 More

Penetrating oil

Penetrating oils - how do they compare?
The classic car fraternity is often faced with bolts that are difficult to release with the consequent fear that increasing effort will result in the bolt shearing which then leaves many DIY enthusiasts with a major difficulty - extracting a thread.
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Rear springs

Dealing with parabolic springs winding up under torque
Michael Beswick contacted the V8 Register in 2011 for advice with parabolic springs winding up under torque. Here he provides useful feedback on how he has got on. 101008 & 120323 More & More

Replacement tyres

Index to replacement tyres acticle
Checklist of articles. 131024 More

Wiring loom

Tracing a puzzling misfire on a Factory MGBGTV8 and finding replacement wiring harness clips

Ian Ailes had experienced a misfire on his MGBGTV8 which he eventually put down to a crushed fuel line above the filter on the bulkhead. However the problem came back. So he decided to replace the Newtronic electronic ignition with an Accuspark unit. This seemed to transform the engine on a test drive until he pulled up in his drive and it promptly and conveniently cut out! I got it to start again, but then the same old problem again - as he shut the bonnet the engine cut ou - that was a clue. 130513 More