Understanding and maintaining RV8 brakes

Christopher Allan posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help understanding how the Rv8 brakes work and can be adjusted. This note provides links to copies of the sections on the brakes in the RV8 Technical Reveal and the RV8 Repair Manual. (Aug 10)

A full set of manuals for the RV8 model is available on a convenient CD supplied by Brown & Gammons. The contents of the CD are:

MG RV8 Owner's Handbook
AKM7144ENG 131 pages

MG RV8 Technical Reveal
Released in 1993 20 pages

MG RV8 Repair Manual
AKM7153ENG 2nd Edition 333 pages

V8 Engine Overhaul Manual
AKM7154ENG 35 pages

R380 Gearbox Overhaul Manual
AKM7154ENG 37 pages

LT77S Gearbox Overhaul Manual
AKM7155ENG 69 pages

Full details of the content of each manual and how to get a copy of the CD from Brown & Gammons are available on the V8 Website. More
Extracts from the Technical Reveal and Repair Manual covering the RV8 brakes are available as a PDF.

RV8 braking system - extract from the RV8 Technical Reveal
This three page extract explains how the brakes work and can be adjusted. More

RV8 braking system - extract from the RV8 Repair Manual
This 17 pages extract covers all the maintenance routines. More

The copyright of MG Rover is acknowledged. These extracts are made available on the strict understanding they will be for the sole personal use of the individual V8 Register members downloading them and shall not be copied or sold to any third parties. The extracts demonstrate the content and value of the manuals provided on the commercial CD and the V8 Register urges you to purchase an RV8 Technical Information CD as a valuable information resource.

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