Wrench for the RV8 distributor clamp nut
John Dutton (Woodcote Green 1664) from Kent found it impossible to undo the distributor clamp nut with an ordinary spanner and eventually found a special wrench. (Apr 05)

Since having my low mileage RV8 rechipped at RPI, I have wanted to retime the car properly. As many RV8 enthusiasts will have found, I had difficulty getting a spanner on to the distributor clamp bolt. My bolt simply would not shift with a conventional spanner as there is not room to get any leverage. This maintenance task requires a special Rover service too but the good news is there are substiutes available at a fraction of the cost. Well with help from Oz I have finally managed to track down the special tool which I couldn't find it in the UK. It is a special shaped long reach angled distributor clamp nut wrench which makes the job much easier. Once I had the useful angled distributor clamp bolt wrench, I was able to move the clamp bolt and reset the timing.

Distributor clamp bolt wrench is in three parts together with 3/8" ratchet which can be used instead of one of the L shaped spanners. (Photo: John Dutton)

Distributor clamp bolt wrench assembled. (Photo: John Dutton)

The wrench has two L shaped ring spanners, with 3/8" square ends that join together with a connector, or you can use a 3/8" ratchet on either angled spanner. The 9/16" ring fits the V8. It is also much easier to get the spanner onto the bolt, which is all but invisible and pretty inaccessible.

There is a picture of the MECO Distributor Clamp Wrench on the specialist RV8 website run by Jim Dolbel in Australia.

Australian distributor clamp wrench from MECO on the specialist RV8 website run by Jim Dolbel. (Photo: Jim Dolbel)

Distributor clamp bolt is difficult to see
, but the angled spanner enables you to get to it. (Photo: John Dutton)

Where can I get a long reach angled RV8 distributor clamp nut wrench?

Performance Tool & Supply
62 Main Street
PA 16701
Telephone (001) 814 362 3221

It is part number W1189 Offset Distributor Wrench W1189 and costs $22 (about £12) delivered to the UK.

I found you can get the wrench from suppliers in both the US and Australia and eventually got mine on eBay from a supplier in the US called Performance Tool & Supply. I have also seen the same part on other US websites as KD tool number 104.

Source downunder
The same tool is also available from Repco in Australia who say "we have a three piece distributor clamp tool 1/2 & 9/16 with an af 3/8 drive coupler that can be used at any angle or with socket accessories". See www.mgrv8.com/ownerstips.php for details of the MECO Distributor Clamp Wrench.
David Boniface posted a message on the V8BB on 20th April 2005 saying there are lots of US suppliers for this tool - for example:






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