Rechipping an RV8
It's a topic often raised by RV8 enthusiasts and in a V8BB thread in May 2012 Peter Garton sought a clarification of the difference between the the Optimax and Tornado chips supplied by the rechipping specialist Mark Adams. (May 12)

Rechipping an RV8 engine is a topic which has come up regularly on the V8BB and in RV8 Workshop Notes and an interesting thread popped up in May 2012 launched by a query from Peter Garton, an RV8 enthusiast in Germany. As Mark Adams has been very helpful with our enquires on previous occasions, the V8 Webmaster got in touch with him again for some clarification and obtained his permission to publish some of his useful notes and guides on his chip upgrades for the V8 engine in an RV8.

Whilst the Optimax chip is very similar to a Tornado, it is a slightly cut-down version that is designed to get the most out of a completely standard 3.9 RV8 installation. The Tornado is intended more for lightly modified engines or simply for drivers who like to work the engine a bit harder, especially at higher revs. Whilst the Optimax is only mapped to the standard 5500 rpm, the Tornado map extends to 6500 rpm, or more where appropriate.

Useful information and guides from Mark Adams
The following documents are reproduced on the V8 Website with a permission granted to the V8 Register on 24th May 2012:

Brief notes on the chips supplied by Mark Adams and the benefits (copyright Mark Adams). More

Lucas 14CUX fuel injection system - installation & diagnostic notes (copyright Mark Adams 061106). More

Notes on fitting a new EPROM chip to a Lucas CUX ECU (copyright Mark Adams 2000). More
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