Keep your back axle breather clear to avoid moisture build up

Ralph Hardwick recently purchased an MGBGTV8 and dropped it off with Brown & Gammons for a check over and service during which Ralph reports "they picked up a few issues, so it will remain there for a while until they are sorted. One issue they found was it appears that the rear axle breather was blocked - the resulting condensation build up together with having only covered 1,000 miles in the last seven years, has caused some corrosion and bearing issues".
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Check your plastic breather pipe is not missing
See V8NOTE498 contributed by Derek Squires on checking your back axle breather is not missing and replacing it with a brass item which is much more durable. V8NOTE498


Condensation has caused corrosion and bearing issues

Replace the fragile plastic breather with a brass one

Comparison of a replacement plastic breather with brass breather valve (part no: 515845) as fitted to Land Rover back axles. On inspection the quality of the plastic part was not very good.

Condensation has caused corrosion and bearing issues

Where is the breather? - check it's not missing

The RV8 Parts Manual shows the Rear Axle Breather (ZKC5726) located on the top of the back axle.
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