RV8 remote - central locking and alarm
Reminder - replace your batteries regularly!
The alarm system on the RV8 needs watching. Unlike the system in, say, the Rover 800, there is no central locking system deactivated with a key, so if you lose the transmitter or it stops working, you can only deactivate with another one. So do remember to renew the batteries in the transmitter annually and keep a spare pair of batteries in the glove box just in case. You may even wish to lash out £45 for a spare transmitter and get it programmed for your car, but note it is possible to programme only one additional spare transmitter.

You may wonder why? Well each MG Dealer has a CD from which it can re-programme replacement or additional transmitters. First the dealer has to re-programme the equipment in the car and then it is necessary to re-programme your transmitter(s) to suit. Note only two transmitters can be programmed at any time - so that means either the original or a replacement plus one additional spare. But do note that if the transmitter fails away from the dealer, then the car has to be physically transported to the dealer to be re-programmed or even started!! So take care of your transmitter(s) and renew the batteries in good time!

Replacement or additional transmitter units were reported to be available under part number YWX10007 despite reports from a member that his local Rover dealer had told him they were unavailable for the RV8.

New RV8 remote is a very convenient size
But in May 2003 the enthusiastic spares manager at Ames MG Rover in Bury St Edmunds, Keith Baylis, reported in a V8 Bulletin Board posting that the old unit was "banned by the EU" - something to do with its frequency. So he set about locating and obtaining supplies of a new remote for the RV8.

New RV8 remote units are available

Keith Baylis reported in July 2003 that he had traced some new RV8 remotes under part number YWX000320 which are now available from Ames MG Rover at £38.70 plus VAT. The new unit looks completely different to the original remote and is smaller. Do remember if you do get a new remote, it will need to be reprogrammed to the car - to do that, you will need to take both the remote and the car to an MG Rover dealer like Ames MG Rover.

New remote for the RV8 supplied by
Ames MG at Bury St Edmunds

New remotes YWX000320 have been succesfully programmed to RV8s by Ames MG Rover

Keith Baylis reported in late September 2003 that they have successfully programmed two more of their new remotes or "plips" to an RV8 so they can now offer a complete supply and programme service.

We understand Ames MG is no longer an MG dealer and we are not sure if they still offer an RV8 spares service. Keith Baylis, their enthusiastic former Parts Manager, has left Ames.